The world may look confusing at the moment and a bit hard to figure out. Lots of change is occurring very quickly and much of it seems illogical.


But the universe is actually very consistent. It operates with a format that continually offers learning and growth. If we look at events in our life from the perspective of it teaching us something, we see a rhythm and purpose to it. The universe has its own laws that govern the wellbeing of the universe, the planets and life on them. The universe is too big for most of us to even comprehend, but it has incredible order, laws and precise mathematics that govern that order.


Luckily we don’t need to understand all about the universe in order to advance our evolution.  The universe helps with that by acting as a mirror that constantly reflects our next right step for soul growth. We only need to have our attention in the moment so we see the signs we are given. If we manage to stay free of the constant parades of thoughts, emotions or ego dictation, we can see the messages and hopefully act on them. Various technique and vibrational essences can help us quieten overactive thought processes. Some achieve this in mediation or walking in nature. If we are aware of what is going on around us, we can more easily spot the signs that help us learn and evolve. But we need to see beyond the limited 3D picture (matrix) life presents us to get the bigger picture.  When we see the messages and follow through by acting on them, we start to experience a completely different life with greater ease, increased awareness and lots of fun.


It definitely helps to realise the universe always has our back and gives us what we need for our highest good. That can be a lot different to what we think we need! The universe may have different plans because it sees what is really needed from a higher soul growth perspective.


And this brings us to the current Earth situation. Even those awake, who understand the events on Earth are not as portrayed, are probably still feeling the chaos and pending war. With all the confusion going on with information, misinformation and no information, we can think we have no idea what is really going on.  People vary in opinions from wishing it was all back to normal or would hurry up and be over.


But we can know what is going to happen. Or at least know it in relation to the end goal. We have a great capacity as spiritual beings to know things. It comes from an inner place of soul knowing and we all have it. If we listened to our inner voice and trusted it, miracles would happen. We can tap into it more easily when we get ourselves past the limited view of how things appear to be and leave our mind full of thoughts, emotions of impatience, disappointment, loss, anger and frustration, and push beyond the ego that manages to always have plans for everything and everyone all the time and would love to make all the disbelievers eat their words. Even having a basic understanding that the universe acts as a mirror for our learning can help us make sense of what is happening? Maybe not specifics of how each part will unfold but certainly the overall goal. If we look at currents events we can easily see the goal. Everything rotten is coming up to be viewed. As we see it unfold and refuse to allow it to continue, we step into mastery.


The Goal


 Humanity is in the process of clearing Earth of its entire dark shadow of dense frequency energy. To achieve this, everything with a dense (dark) energy has to be exposed. The universal mirror continues to reflect to humanity all areas of corruption and dense energy for people to recognise its existence, reject it and choose to release it as a reality and as a structure of society. The releasing raises the light frequency of everyone and everything (the collective consciousness) allowing Earth and all life to proceed on its evolutionary path to a higher dimensional existence.


We already see that taking place. Every particle of darkness and dense energy, no matter its location, is surfacing to be removed. The universe will continue doing what it has been doing; unfolding, unravelling and exposing at the right pace to allow a continual increasing of light on Earth. It will ensure there is no sudden major release of negative energy triggered by humanity going into emotional shock from hearing more than they can comfortably assimilate and process. The universal process will carry on working in Divine order to bring about the best result for humanity’s learning and growth toward greater wisdom and unconditional love.


So what do we need to do?


1. Maintain the light stability and keep raising our frequency

2. Fully understand, surrender and accept the unfolding pace

3. Speak and act when it feels right. Be silent or stop when that feels right.

4. Pass on information when it feels right. We are exposing, enlightening and awakening.

5. Maintain a balance of positive information to offset the negative.

6. Let go of impatience and what you think should happen.

7. Keep ego and judgements at bay. People are asleep, not sheep!  YOU don’t really want to make your family feel stupid or apologize to you for being right. That would be ego. Judgements are a dense vibration and do not serve you or the planet.

8. Don’t blindly accept any information from anyone, no matter who they are. Run it by your own truth barometer and make sure it feels right. Be your own master.

9. Only accept what deeply resonates as truth or at least research it.

10. Start to release all beliefs and realities connected with 3D. The illusion is over.

11. Begin to detach from all of it, while at the same time remaining real to others.

12. You cannot help if you are off in fairy land.

13. It is not possible to help if you are so focused on exposing and the drama of it all that you become unreal to others. 

14. Avoid a roller coaster of emotions and loss by staying detached and intuitive.

15. Trust the universal process. Trust Divine order. Trust  you. You came here to be a part of this and you know what you are doing.




Sandy Stevenson


16th April 2022