It has been said that the greatest step to take is that into mastery. It is not that, in itself, it is a difficult step, but when one has become accustomed to life in a 3rd dimensional plane and to then be required to remember who they really are  - and that this is not their natural habitat, can take a giant leap of consciousness. Most cannot – and that is OK and expected. So, life is arranged through a series of events that help to bring the Being to this understanding. Everyone is being helped continually with signs that confirm each movement into mastery. Many of you notice and acknowledge many of these signs. They all assist you to move closer to the truth of who you are.

Many feel they deserve more and that it should all be happening quicker. That’s OK as it can help push us onwards. But we also need to be aware there’s always a higher perspective. At times we think nothing is happening, may be full of unseen events. Growth and learning is always occurring. Even when we take an action that’s not the most ideal for our evolution, there’s still a growth and learning involved that ultimately teaches us to surrender more. This one concept of surrendering, in the end, will be the one basic and total truth that will help carry us across all lines. Surrendering to Divine Will, which is actually our own Higher will, is what we truly want for ourselves as a higher Being of Light, is truth.

When we reach a point where we allow ourselves to respond to Divine order in each moment, the effort and strain departs from life. This is generally done in stages by most beings incarnated into the human plane. Bit by bit, we let go and begin to trust – realising we do not need to control from our lower will. We can control from the Higher will. This doesn’t mean we let go of the 3rd dimensional plane. It doesn’t mean we stop planning or doing actions that are required to live our life and achieve the goals we planned for the incarnation. All that is a part of Divine Order. The difference is that ‘control’ from a lower incarnated level generally involves thousands of unnecessary actions. This causes a stressful environment and brings to the surface a myriad of emotions and thought patterns that would probably otherwise never need to be brought to the surface. The fact that they surfaced means we are then required to take even more time and energy in handling the fallout that occurs from them, as well as expend energy in bringing ourselves back into a centred place of equilibrium.

We need to learn what surrender means. There is an exercise one can do that may assist understand that concept better. Go out into nature, sit quietly - call in the higher realms of light and also your Higher Self. Then get up and start to walk. Then YOU STOP taking the steps. Remain standing but let the body go. Just stand there and allow yourself to be led, to go where you are moved. Don’t resist. Let go of any idea (thought patterns) that you will walk a certain way/or in a straight line/ or anything. You are being shown something. Therefore there may be an unexpected motion to help you see ‘it is NOT you’ doing it. You may only need a few minutes but do it until you get it! Do it until you can feel there is a higher force at work. That force is YOU – on a higher level! This exercise can help you grasp a greater understanding of trust and surrender. If it doesn’t happen, it’s because you are not letting go yet.

This exercise doesn’t mean you are now expected to now surrender your life to this degree. It is simply to show you how it can all function just fine, even when ‘we’ get out of the way.

What being intuitive and surrendering will do is to cut out unnecessary actions to achieving your goals on Earth. Without actions directed from our mind or ego we are placed in a greater space of peace (as well as it helping those around us); more time to reflect; connect to nature; time to allow the universe to bring greater moments of awareness; time to be more yourself; time to love more; time to interact with those who assist you learn; more time to see the signs you are being constantly shown from above and time to be more yourself.

For many of us, our time on Earth is ending and our return home is approaching. It’s time to step free of the chains that bind and hand each moment of our life to our Higher Self, bringing our life into the beauty, serenity and peace that comes with us moving in the flow of Divine Order.

Love in Surrender,

Sandy Stevenson

Feb 2019