Sometimes we reach a point in our life where we think we’ve got it all worked out. We feel satisfied with our progress and our overall understanding of life. Many can recall such moments. It’s a good feeling! We know we have progressed on our spiritual path.

Sometimes we see someone who reaches such a point who mistakenly believes they’ve become more evolved and superior. We know how such an attitude will work out for them.

The best way to view these situations when they happen to us is to give ourselves a pat on the back and realise we’ve reached a new level. Then acknowledge there are more steps to take for our evolution and keep moving forward.

The worst way to view such an experience is to see it as a final destination and become comfortable and stay there. That just blocks new truths from entering and stops us moving forward. We really need to be aware that such a feeling of satisfaction can, and often does, result in us becoming complacent with a false sense of security. This is similar to what happens when we hang onto old ideas, old patterns and material things like houses, clothing, furniture, etc.

As we know, our guides are always helping us achieve our higher goals. If it’s seen we’ve made a choice that results in us becoming stuck, especially if it seems it will be for a long time, then the universe will act. Of course, it’s really us – as our Higher Self – who creates the circumstances necessary to shake us out of our complacency.

The action taken may be mild and even be quite forceful. Whatever it is, it makes sure we keep progressing.

So, how does the universe manage to unstick us from the concrete block our thoughts have created?  Basically, it shakes us out of our comfort zone. If we haven’t created it too solidly, then we’ll only get a subtle nudge from the universe. But if we’re really stuck, it may need a full blown event for us to shift.

We may run into a concept that shatters our existing reality. And it can happen suddenly. It might be a communication or an action taken by others, but whatever it is, it can cause us to doubt even our strongest beliefs. It may totally shock us when it is something so completely different than our current understanding. We may feel upset, dejected or even apathetic. At that moment, we may decide we don’t know anything and have wasted all our time. We may even feel we need to start all over again and have a million miles to go.

Sometimes people even need to almost lose their life before they let themselves shift and to kick start into a new reality. We hear of some people who, when told they are dying, experience a rebirth and they restructure everything important to them. They make changes about how their life should be from this point on.

This sort of event also happens on a planetary level when society becomes stuck. One example was 9.11. At the time, most of the western world had their main focus on the latest technology, what computer to buy next and had a focus on making money. Much of western society had allowed a technological focus to surpass their care for humanity. As we saw, 9.11 swiftly brought about a change of reality as to what is really important. People’s attention was suddenly shifted to caring for humanity. Of course, any situation like this that shifts us, then requires a free will decision to not backslide, but to remain in our heart.

This is exactly what is meant to happen. It is a normal and necessary part of our growth and the growth of humanity.

When we have experienced one of these points, we’ve reached a new plateau. It is a new level of awareness.  It is time to let go of the old to allow a rebirth.

When this occurs, and it may happen several times in our lives, don’t treat it as a negative and become dejected. And certainly don’t give up. Just be aware you are entering an even higher vibration and a higher dimension of understanding. Move forward with joy, following your intuition, trusting the universal and feeling unbounded gratitude to all those around you who help you in your quest. Because of your new perception, other new concepts will now enter and now you’ll be able to assimilate and understand them much faster than before. 

You are on the most exciting, rewarding and delightful path one could ever follow. You are putting together the whole picture. Your inner feeling of excitement is the key! Just follow it, make corrections as needed when they present, trust yourself and trust the process of Divine Order.


Sandy Stevenson

8th March 2019