Our physical universe.

The physical universe is composed of matter, energy, space and time. It is in constant state of movement in a cycle of start, change and stop. The creation and destruction of all patterns, civilizations, structures and ideas allows further understanding and development to occur in souls. Its purpose is to provide experience and growth through multi dimensional levels of learning, each band offering different methods that allows growth, bringing higher wisdom and unconditional love to each soul.

Evolution - us and Earth.

All planets and people evolve. That is the order of the universe. Earth is currently evolving to a new higher band of light frequency. For this to happen, Earth has to completely dismantle and dissolve all its old stagnant energy by removing many existing structures and established systems. We see this occurring now all over the world. The breaking down of old systems offers individuals the chance to break free of fixed ideas and entrenched patterns and dream of better ways to run a society.

How much of life is really true?

Everything we see now occurring on Earth is the breaking down of old systems of corruption and greed, necessary for us to begin to live new better ways, based in truth, harmony and integrity. You may think it is impossible to have a world without corrupt people. After all, we’ve been led to believe evil is a part of human behaviour. But is it? Is that who we really are? Or is that belief a result of a society that has been deliberately undermined through bad education; controlled negative brainwashing media; thousands of freedom reducing laws; long working hours that leaves us no time. energy or desire to seek a broader understanding of the purpose of life; high taxes and living costs keeping people in debt; ideologies that promote division and segregation between religions and cultures; chemicalised food and water; fast food made without love or nutrients; intense chemical spraying of crops; a medical profession who ignores holistic treatments and instead give drugs that suppress the physical symptoms without providing healing and so and creates a sick society.

Are we all at the same place of evolution?

When a planet is evolving to a higher place of evolution, is everyone ready for that move in their own evolution? We are able to learn many things by incarnating into a third dimension and it can take time. What if there are people who feel they still have a lot more to gain from 3D life and don’t want to rush ahead when it doesn’t feel right to do so? 

What if we are all choosing the right path for us?

1. People who feel they have gained all the learning possible from living in 3D may now wish to move to higher frequencies of light currently being offered by the evolution of Earth. If someone wishes to experience lessons offered in 5D (fifth dimension), then a right action for them would be to wake up and begin working on increasing their light. The act of standing up for their rights and freedoms will increase self empowerment and their personal vibrational level of light.

2. People who feel they have more to gain by continuing their 3D experience would remain asleep and be oblivious to the breaking down of society around them. It would be in their best interests to remain ignorant because awareness of the current situation would interrupt the sequence in their path of learning.

Perhaps we need to recognise and respect people for their choices made for their own evolution and destiny, whatever their choice may be. We often think we know what is best for others. When we are intuitive, it is easier to assess what is best for another person, and keep out of what we think is best for us. Then we can see if it feels right to give some facts to assist people make a more informed decision. It is not always easy to detach from choices others make and even more difficult when it concerns our loved ones and our own needs and emotions. And it’s also not always possible to know the real reason people makes decisions, as there are many variables.

I recently spoke with a girl upset her husband intended being vaccinated. She said there was no real reason to do it and was not connected to his job. She was trying hard to persuade him otherwise, but felt she was hitting a brick wall. He refused to listen, even to facts of deaths and adverse reactions on government websites. We could easily assume he was choosing further 3D incarnations to gain more experience, but actually this was not the case. He was quite an evolved soul (as was she) and he had originally arranged to leave after a short incarnation. He had always planned to use this vax opportunity to leave (yes, it was known before entering here from higher realms) as he had important work planned ahead in the higher realms.

Time to know when to stand back and allow

It is important for us to sustain our own light and energy for us as well as the planet. Energy can be depleted when we step outside the flow of Divine Order and concentrate on areas we are led to by our ego, mind or emotions. This particularly applies when we get caught up in long and frustrating exchanges with friends and family who obviously, despite all our efforts, refuse to accept anything we say about the vaccine or the world situation.

So, instead of blindly carrying on alienating people, maybe it’s time we stand back. To let go of any fixed idea of being right and ‘having’ to make them see sense. Detach from all your previous thoughts and emotions concerning this area. Tune into your heart and own sense of rightness, and check if perhaps this person has chosen a way that suits them. It may not be your way or a way you would prefer, but everyone has a right to choose their evolution.

When you stand back and detach from your emotions and desperateness, you are able to TRULY sense when it is in Divine Order for you to be a catalyst to help show someone the truth (don’t cheat by not really detaching!), then proceed. But do it calmly, giving a few simple pertinent facts such as it being ‘experimental’ and  figures from the official government health websites like Vaers USA, Yellow Card UK and Eudra Europe. Don’t bombard them with lots of stuff. Often, less is more. Maybe print out one page of official info, with a big headline, and leave it lying around where they can see it. This is a handy tactic, especially if the person is no longer speaking to you! And please leave out disjointed ‘way over the top’ theories! They don’t work so well in this instance! So, no stuff about tunnels, kids, creepy crawlies in vaccine, royalty, aliens, etc! 

All this comes down to the fact that everything evolves. Right now it is Earth’s turn for a major shift in evolution. And the fact that humanity is on Earth means they get a chance to see if they want this. Some will and some won’t. It is hard to get our heads around the idea that people we know might want to leave, but actually evolution of the soul is a priority for the individual. It can take precedence over how much they love us (we all meet again anyway). We are all at different places in our learning and growth. It can happen that some people in a family have been through more experiences, had more lifetimes and learnt more during their incarnations in a 3D world and are now ready to move on. Others in the same group may see it is better to gain more experience that can only be offered in a 3D environment. That learning would not be done on Earth. There is only one Earth and that will be in 5D. So, the person would need to discard their body and be born on another 3D planet. Neither choice is better or worse that the other. It is all equal. Does it really matter if it takes us once or twice or three times before we get it? Some people prefer to make sure they gain everything possible from a specific experience, while another may be satisfied learning one aspect and moving on. It’s a choice. We need to get out of judging and stop ‘thinking’ about everything. It’s a killer of intuition and takes us from living in the flow. Whatever does it matter if one person has 10 lifetimes, hundreds or thousands. Who cares! And there is no such thing as time anyway! The apparency of linear time enables us to learn in 3D and 4D environments. There is no time in 5D. And a really important point is incarnating into physical form is not only about learning! There are other reasons to stay for lifetimes. We are in that situation now, where many lightworkers have been here since Atlantis, helping prepare for this time as Earth evolves to 5D.

It is time to step free of the many patterns, beliefs, illusions, indoctrinations and ideas we have accepted as real life. Time to focus our energy and intent into the creation of a new world, free of corruption, where all are equal and of good intent. As long as we are spending time and energy separating ourselves from the natural flow of Universal energy by investing in things dictated to by our emotions and needs, we will feel drained and frustrated. Examine your life to see if you are doing anything that does not resonate as right for you to do. Check if you are getting caught up emotionally by trying to ‘save’ someone or are doing things out of a sense of commitment to friends, family, club, group, school or cause. If you are not operating in Divine Order, then you are ‘out of the flow’ and have stepped into ‘lesson mode’ and will be shown why it was not a good idea to do what you thought you ‘should’ do, instead of what your gut told you.

Being in the Flow aligns us to Divine energy

Always and forever, the things you are genuinely committed to do that are truly a part of your Divine role will not drain your energy. It will not be something you have to force yourself to tackle or address. It will resonate on a deep level that this action is right for you. It will bring you excitement (if you haven’t suppressed that feeling over time) and be something that helps you get out of bed each day. A groan and rolling over to sleep more would not be the indication you are looking for to show your true path! We get continual signs that show us our path. Pay attention! Our angels have enough to do without having to show us over and over, things we know but keep choosing to ignore.

Come on guys. Let us be who we really are NOW. Cosmic Light Bearers with mighty wings and swords that sweep across vast distances of the universe and touch the mighty Excalibur, sword of Michael, the Defender.

Let’s Go ……


Sandy Stevenson