Together - Earth’s Light Force



The term ‘144,000’ applies to the first group who responded to a call from the Earth Mother - the Being whose has Earth as her physical body. This happened around the time of Atlantis and was a call for help to assist with Earth’s evolutionary goal to ascend from a 3rd dimensional planet to a 5th dimensional planet of Light. The call went out across the Universe, initially requesting 144,000 committed and evolved beings who would be capable of withstanding the dense energy on Earth and were willing to perform a series of incarnations on Earth to teach and focus Light to help shift the existing imbalance of energy on Earth from a negative to positive.

The requirement for the exact number of 144,000 involved mathematics as that figure represented the number of soul families on Earth. By becoming inhabitants of Earth, the 144,000 starseeds would then be allowed to make decisions on behalf of their soul families. The 144,000 came from different galaxies and planes of existence across the universe, meeting up and signing contracts.At the time the Earth Mother asked for help, she did not know if other Beings would also answer her call for assistance. So, to ensure the success of the goal, the 144,000 needed to cover all bases.

At that time, there was no blueprint in existence for a planet with the same level of dense energy as Earth. So, without a workable blueprint, no path existed that humanity could use to take them to the higher vibrations needed for ascension. So, a pathway had to be created to help move people from the lower dense bands of 3D. To be able to create such a blueprint, every 3D pattern that existed on Earth had to be absorbed into the etheric energy field of all Starseeds. The Starseeds had to adopt every ailment, condition, sickness, disease, mental state, pattern and belief system that existed in humanity and all life on Earth. The blueprint had to contain everything, so as to create a full pathway. It had to include the lowest common denominator, which meant the heaviest condition a person might experience, such as a Catatonia (acute psychiatric illnesses).

As the conditions were worked through and released by the Starseeds, it made a pathway that would allow a way for people with those conditions to ascend. This was done over a long period of time, many incarnations. It was just one aspect of the overall blueprint requirements. The result was a Divine Blueprint that all humanity and all life forms could access.


The term Lightworkers also includes the Starseeds, but was originally used to define the millions of evolved individuals who came from all planets and parts of the galaxy to help the Earth Mother. They began arriving shortly after Atlantis and have been doing so ever since. They come from both realms, so include many from the Elementals/Angelic Kingdom.

Together, all of us form the Light Force on Earth.

Most Lightworkers on Earth work in teams, whether they realize this or not. All of us work closely with our ‘off world’ guides, angels and the Galactic Federation of Worlds and Ascended and Cosmic Being of higher levels of light.

Together, all of us, incarnated and non incarnated, form a vast Alliance of Light that stretches across galaxies and worlds.


Sandy Stevenson