Hi all,

Just a quick note. As I receive my email with different comments, I thought I’d mention a couple of things that may help.

1.   My understanding of the role of Lightworker’s on Earth is that around half the light force are HEART based and the other half are based in LOGIC. That part of the Divine plan was to help maintain the balance of energy on Earth (plus to allow for a moment for it to shift to all heart base) AND to allow the Lightworkers to align, share a reality and reach BOTH sections of humanity.

Important. We ALL are capable of being both heart and logic based, we have both - it is the whole of who we are. What I am saying is that half of us LEAD from the heart and the other half lead from a place of logic.

In looking around our friends, and family, I think we can easily see who is mainly coming from a heart place and who is coming from the more logical examining place of the mind. The ‘heart based’ people often only need to experience the energy of something, in order to understand it. And they can find it hard to explain ‘how’ they know something. They just feel it. The logic based people need to examine and get all the information about an area so as to come to a conclusion and answer they are satisfied with. Both of these groups can find it difficult to understand the other. I would like to point out that is normal, expected, planned and necessary.

We HAD to represent both sides of humanity. We had to be REAL to all of humanity. Someone purely based in love, often does not make sense to someone who requires a more practical logic in order to understand. Someone who needs logic and information in order to mentally make sense of an area, can find it unreal and frustrating when interacting with people they may see as ignoring important issues and information  - in what can seem like a ‘love and light,’ ‘airy fairy’ approach to life. I hope that helps clarify that BOTH ARE PERFECT and meant to be. Please ponder on this.  

2. Another quick point is regarding Lightworkers, who are very excited about the current planetary happenings (and it is truly amazing and incredible) but are also getting frustrated as they want it all to happen now - quickly.

I mentioned in a recent article that people need to adjust to ‘change’ on a gradient so they don’t get overwhelmed. Humanity becoming overwhelmed serves no-one. You can inadvertently slam people into the ground by creating too much shock with them being unable to handle such a big change.  

The changes to our life made by Covid restrictions have actually helped this overall acceptance of change take place. The information concerning the election is also filtering out slowly – for exactly the same reason. It is helping humanity process and accept change. Huge change on Earth is on the doorstep. Evolution has knocked and the door is opening – actually quite quickly – but not fast enough for some it seems. Of course, we understand the excitement and the desire to have it all ‘out there’. Yes, the Light force are impatient – but we need to wait. For the sake of the evolution of humanity, the breakdown of the old systems and the input of new ideas has to arrive in a time frame ‘they’ can comfortably handle. And after all, we are doing it for them, not for us!!  The slower delivery and realization of truth being processed at a comfortable rate by humanity, also allows time for people to understand the truth and offers them the chance to stand up for right action, bringing wisdom and enlightenment. It is called People Power.

Love and blessings,



5th December 2020