Durov, founder of Telegram, said 70 million people joined Telegram during the 6 hours Facebook and others were down. And we guess more people will join, having discovered the precarious nature of Facebook and similar platforms that many rely on for work. Telegram remained up, except for briefly in a just a few places when people tried to join at once.

Telegram won’t go down as it is already a light operation. There seems to more confirmation coming in since that takedown period that confirms my feeling the takedown of Facebook was a white hat operation. There are already many areas around the world now in the hands of the Light (despite appearances) so taking over social platforms was the next major step. And it may well have been more way more than just the obvious social platforms that were taken over then! Will be interesting to see the changes that  edge in as the new platform technology establishes itself. Hopefully, more big moves follow during October.

Maybe we were not thinking outside the box in assuming corrupt social platforms and internet would disappear. I think the consensus was that once the corrupt platforms were out of the way, new ideas would replace them. But as we now see, this way is much better! In fact, it is perfect. Huge social platforms and works were already in place and if they had not been corrupted with ill intent, control, subversion, censorship, tracking, brainwashing, etc. they would have been great. How clever to use the existing global social structures such as Facebook and simply replace them all ‘without their dark elements,’ using a higher light frequency program from Space Command.

To ensure the future evolution of humanity, I think we can now see people need to experience for themselves what life is like under dark control, in order to ‘get it’. We have to realize the importance of taking responsibility for what goes on around us and what we allow, to ensure our future freedom.

I think those who are awake have been very surprised at how much it is taking to wake people up. There are thousands of signs, strange happenings, unacceptable behaviour and massively conflicting data from governments, plus ever changing instructions from the WHO, all of which should have shown people something serious was amiss. Last month the WHO announced the nasal PCR test was being withdrawn in December 2021 because it was giving incorrect results! Why wait 3 months? The reason given was many authorities still had lots of supplies! Seriously!

I think we can probably agree there has been no alternative than to proceed with actions that will wake people up. It is certainly not pleasant to experience, but definitely needed.  I guess the entire event is about love; love of humanity and being in this together to get everyone through (even if we do have a moan about that sometimes!) Many assumed all we needed to do was tell people the truth (EBS) and they would get it! But we see clearly that is not happening. Even some friends and family won’t listen and are not ‘getting it.’ So, we need to continue with the awakening plan, even with white hats in control (more than we think). At last we are seeing people wake up in their millions, so the plan is working. Perhaps it will turn out to be as the slogan says, WWGOWGA - ‘Where we go one, we go all.

So many now gather together on this one platform and are able to access new information and hear viewpoints not subjected to the censorship we have seen on many other social platforms. This will help with energy and momentum of us all being more on the same page with mutual understanding and perhaps will offer a more comprehensive view of current Earth events and higher perspective of them.

Of course, many who just joined will be unawakened, having joined Telegram as a substitute for Facebook or other social platforms. But hopefully, the energy of Telegram will reach those ready to wake up and help them with new concepts. We need to be aware of new people and be patient, as some may know nothing at all or a little.

Even though Telegram is a truth platform, naturally it attracts disinformation and attempts to reduce positivity and light. We would expect that and we need to be alert at all times. However, it does give us a great opportunity to become more intuitive and trust what is true for us. It can teach us to let go of blind acceptance of people, regardless of their position, apparent wisdom or how much we hold them in esteem. We can trust ourselves to know truth and that knowing is imperative for our personal evolution. We need to stand back and view all information via our gut instinct and dismiss anything we feel is not true.

Once we establish what is true for us, we can add our power and energy to that outcome and create the future we desire on a personal and planetary level. We really can save lots of time and energy when we act intuitively and do what feels right in each moment.

It is time for us to detach from the old corrupt 3D patterns and illusions of how we thought the world was. Talk about a 360 swing around! Phew! Is any area as we believed it to be?  As we let go of the old, it creates the void necessary to allow new concepts to enter. We are heading into a new world where we are free to embrace new ideas given to us by people who have held the keys to humanitarian projects, awaiting the time they could offer healing and new ways to run a society based on integrity and truth.

We are now heading into the most amazing and brightest future we could ever have imagined. Be in your heart and enjoy this incredible journey of dark to full light.

Sandy  Stevenson

8th October 2021