The Divine Goal

The Divine goal is to increase the vibrational frequency on Earth to raise it to a new level of existence as a 5th dimensional planet. To achieve that, all old corrupt systems on Earth must be revealed, changed or removed. Part of the plan is also to help humanity awaken and give them an opportunity for individual ascension. They need to wake up, tap into the increasing light frequency of Earth and let go of 3D. Lightworkers are also letting go of attachments and reality of a 3D existence, to complete their own ascension.

Waking up humanity

For maybe a year, many Lightworkers have felt drawn to uncovering and disseminating truth about corrupt, negative organizations and systems. It is showing people that the world they thought was real is not as they believed. We have produced great results and have woken many. Even lightworkers not normally into networking or interested in world politics and events have felt a rightness and importance of helping this way

Everything hidden, secretive, negative and corrupt has to come to the surface. The revealing of truth is being greatly assisted by many new alternative media outlets such as Telegram. Lightworkers have had to internally process all these revelations as they arise. I am sure many have been shocked as details emerged that showed the extent of the dark forces reset plan. Perhaps few realized the foothold the dark side had in so many areas. They are being weeded out fast now. The Divine Plan, involving a multi dimensional Cosmic Light Force, is in full operation. There is no force greater than Light.

I think a lot has been happening while we are sleeping and we are being given details of corrupted areas before we consciously discover them. Generally, I think we have been handling things we find out very well, and I think it is because we already knew it on another level. The reason the higher realms let us know what is coming, would be to prevent  us going into total shock and collapsing our light. Some of it is not pleasant and I think we are taking it quite well, considering the details. Incidentally, I don’t think we all need all the details. It may be good however, to have a general idea of what is going on. When anyone learns the truth about anything – they are able to release it. Truth removes dense energy. Things only stick when they contain a lie. Having some understanding of what has really been going on, can also assist us help a confused population as it awakes. We can help with their questions. Don’t worry if none of it interests you. If that is your intuitive response, it's fine. Not everyone is meant to be involved in this way. Some Lightworkers are 100% concentrating on emanating the vibration of love and holding a steady flow of Light for Earth. That is essential. Everyone only needs to follow their own interest and feeling of rightness and to trust it. You will be led to what you need to do.


There is something we need to address. We have to emotionally and mentally detach from everything that is being revealed. At present, too many Lightworkers are way too attached and emotional about the events being revealed!

We get initial shocks and that is quite understandable. But we have to get over it quickly and rise into our personal mastery. We are evolved lightworkers and each needs to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Flood your aura with light, meditate, swim, use essences, make love in the moonlight,  have  a hot tub, walk in nature, laugh, sit in an ice bath, whatever it takes to release dense energy. When we continue to let our negative emotions and thought patterns persist around these events, we are not adding light to Earth.

It may be an idea to check how attached you are to 3D reality. How surprised or shocked are you when faced with a whole different reality in any area? How fast do you handle your own reaction? That can show how much you are holding on to old realities. We don’t have to 100% let go of 3D reality. If we wish to stay here and see this fun play out, then 78% will do.

Are we holding onto old paradigms and emotions or we are being intuitive? Let us look at Surrender, Creatorship, Divine Order and Parallel Worlds.

Surrendering to Divine Order

Definition 1.  To Surrender means to ‘let go to the flow of Divine Order’. To be guided by our intuition to make right moves for our highest good in forwarding our evolution. And to ensure we don’t make our decisions from thoughts, ego or emotions. For most people, ‘letting go’ contains the idea of finding out their next right move on their path.

There is actually a higher level of surrender. I am not suggesting for one minute anyone needs to do this. It is only information for people who like to understand a bit more. The level of surrender I previously mentioned has a limitation attached to it but it is possible to also surrender without limiting our ‘surrender’ with a condition or intention.  

We can also fully surrender to Source/Divine Order on a much higher scale. At that level of surrender, the person would let go to the degree they are completely willing to be instantly placed anywhere in the universe that serves the Highest Service of Divine Order. I have surrendered to this degree and found (so far) that I remained where I was. By remaining where I was, showed me I was already where I could best help. So, I figured I must be acting relatively intuitively. By letting go to that degree, I was (and anyone else would need to be) fully prepared in that moment to be ‘moved’ to any galaxy, dimension, place, non place, universe, etc.

Definition 2. To some people, ‘Surrender’ means to just Be and do nothing. To stand back, create nothing and let life play out as Divine Order directs. In this meaning of ‘surrender’ we would be choosing not to play an active role as a creator, but to be content to experience whatever the Collective decides Earth (and us) will experience. People choosing this route may not be aware that their choice means they are allowing others to determine their future.

How does Divine Order work

Let us look at how Divine Order functions?  This is one possible way to view it. The Source of All Creation chooses to ‘Experience’. It does not matter what that experience is. From a higher perspective - everything is neutral. There is no good or bad experience, only experience. So, Source sends forth a zillion (ha! number unknown) parts of itself (souls) and allows them each to choose their own experiences, without limitation, reservation or containment and so they create their own destiny. The intention of Source is that the vast expanse of wisdom, love and understanding gained from the experiences of all the parts of itself (souls) ends up enhancing the Whole (Source).

So, this allows each individual soul to choose its own destiny and the world it will live in. Each soul gets to experience whatever they create. Choices can be made intuitively or from our mind, emotions or ego. Whichever way is chosen, we are saying ‘this is the way I choose to experience.’ Most souls have a mixture of choosing intuitively and sometimes through fears, emotions and beliefs.

Parallel worlds

Here is where parallel worlds come in. Many can be created. Parallel worlds run in different vibrational bands from each other.

Depending on the choices you make and the beliefs you adopt – you decide the type of world you will live in.

Let’s say a percentage of people are fearful about life with many negative thoughts and beliefs, e.g. ‘people get robbed.’ They will all gravitate to a similar band of vibration that supports their reality and creation and they will then experience scenarios they have decided are real and possible. A different group of people love people and trust them and are overall quite positive in thought and action. That group will attract a higher vibrational band of energy. This is how we end up with people around us in life who generally think and act as we do. Of course, there are variances of reality within any group but one group still has a similar band of realities. Groups rarely encounter events outside of their own thought creations. If they do, it’s usually at a distance (such as hearing of it) and it doesn’t really enter their life or affect them. You can have two people living on Earth but in totally different levels of reality, with one never encountering the other.

Shift of focus

There seems to be a subtle shift in planetary energy. Up to now, millions of Lightworkers have been focusing on getting out information of the ever unfolding details of deep state corruption and their intent to depopulate. We’ve reached many people, including those who had previously chosen to ascend at this time and others who are making that decision now. Some people who are still asleep have chosen to continue their 3D learning elsewhere. Others are still to awaken.

We have been doing a great job, but we haven’t all managed to sufficiently detach from the 3D negative information we are passing on. We all know we add energy wherever we put our attention. This always applies in life. We can therefore inadvertently help to keep a scenario alive by adding our energy to it. When we don’t let go of emotions coming up when hearing details of deep state corrupted areas, we can help keep that story creation alive, just with our focus of energy.  The fact that many of us have not been releasing our emotions may be a factor in why we are now shifting our focus.

 Now we need to flood the Earth with light and focus our light power, mastery, energy and intention into strengthening the Light Goals of the Divine Plan and the Ascension of Earth.

We can check which path feels right for us at this time. Some people may like to continue disseminating the truth to help wake humanity. For those who choose this, please make sure you detach yourself from all negative emotions, thoughts and conversations about any of it. Some lightworkers may now like to focus on increasing their own vibration. That assists personal ascension and greatly helps to move the world to 5D. Incidentally, most awake lightworkers are now spanning 3D and 5D dimensions. Some more in one than the other. Wherever we are, it is right for us and where we need to be.

It is all perfect. The Light is in control. It is all unfolding just as it should. Humanity is about to add its understanding received from the many lessons learned, to the ‘collective knowing’. The Blueprint created from the entire period on 3D Earth, will include all the learning obtained from it. No-one will ever need to experience this dense level of reality we created here – ever again, anywhere in the physical universe, on any future 3D planet.

Be the Light you are. 

Love and Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

12th June 2021