and its importance to 10:10


We are moving into a special time on Earth. On the 10th October 2013 (10:10) Earth will be linked to a massive new multidimensional intergalactic Light Matrix that connects many planets in many galaxies, bridging all dimensions up to the 7th. The creation of the Matrix is a major part of the Ascension of Earth and humanity.

I have been one of the people working with this new Matrix and the realisation of the vastness is beyond words. Following the ascension of the Earth Mother Gaia in December 2012, this is one of the final stages of the complete ascension of the physical body of Earth and her remaining life forms, which include humanity, to exist in the 5th dimension. The Matrix is aligned with and compliments Earth’s entry to the long predicted Golden Age. Some of the factors this alignment will bring to Earth is to allow free movement among the races of many planetary systems in many galaxies who are of similar light frequencies; it will allow free movement of the Galactic Light space fleets including the Ashtar Command; it will enable the elemental and Devic worlds to come and go and travel across dimensions easily; it will permit the new Guardianship of Earth to quickly summon additional numbers in higher dimensions to help effect certain events at key points on Earth; its creation allows for activation of cells and strands of DNA within humanity to permit a leap in mankind’s awareness and ease of thought - of the existence of higher planes occurs; it will allow every human reaching a specific frequency to be able to move freely back and forth into the higher dimensions with their light body or with their physical body for those who have transmuted that to a higher light frequency and it opens the possibility for any human being on Earth who rapidly attains enlightenment to move more easily to the 7th dimension. It also dissolves the dimensional barriers thus allowing mankind to see and be aware of other dimensions. That means everyone has the possibility to see, if they’re in a space to handle it. Huge numbers of people who are close in frequency to the higher dimensions will be able to see things they were unable to see before. Of course there are also people who, at this moment, would get a shock to suddenly see into other dimensions and so it would not be in divine order for them to do so. The higher Realms are not into causing heart attacks! So, for those people, it needs to be tempered. Although it may sound a little strange (but what doesn’t!) a hologram will be set in place only in the consciousness of those people to assist them to gently bridge the new reality. It is also my understanding that the frequency of light made available to humanity through this Hologram will greatly diminish the fear consciousness which has hindered humanity's long awaited evolvement into unconditional love and a far greater awareness of divine presence within the individual Being. This allows humanity the opportunity to make leaps and bounds for the Collective Human Consciousness in its Ascension Process.

Many Ascended beings, Cosmic Masters and space fleets across the universe as well as many Lightworkers on Earth, in particular the more recent Lightworkers, ET’s and walk- ins, have brought about the realisation of this goal. The Starseeds and Lightworkers who arrived long ago are also involved but most of their involvement (some have more) is helping on the day (10:10) by holding the Light as the new Matrix is anchored to Earth. This is extremely important.

Many Lightworkers already live by the Universal law of Service. In this regard, they operate in the 7th dimension. There are some Lightworkers who are very close to aligning with this law, but still have some focus on ‘service to self’. The message is specifically for Lightworkers who strongly wish to live in Service to others, but are not quite there yet. We can think we’re there because we see we have a strong intention to help. But in case you are not quite there, you may like to check your inner truth to see if a little more focus would bring you fully into this space.

The Universal Law of Service focuses on our ability to set aside personal interests and put our energy into contributing to the higher good of the collective. For the lightworkers, a desire and ability to be of service comes as we awaken to our role here. It kicks in when we can let go of our lower-self concerns and expand to connect with higher consciousness. Being aligned with this Law requires deliberate effort, conscious wisdom and the ability to work without attachment.

It’s not enough to have good intentions; we need to be walking the talk. This must be done intuitively because we can trick ourselves into thinking we are being of service when really it’s a lower-self need for recognition or it’s just a distraction we are creating. The ego can easily fall into a trap of wanting to be a hero. We can feel we are rescuing people, but if this is not done intuitively we may rescue people in a way that interferes with them receiving valuable growth opportunities. An example may be feeling noble by helping an older person to cross the road, while it may be that if we had acted intuitively we’d have seen in this instance that person would gain confidence by crossing unaided. Such an action on our part would not be in alignment with being of service and may be creating karma.  

It is not ego to nurture ourselves sufficiently to sustain a productive level of service to others. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we deplete our energy and are unable to serve. We clear karma when we are truly of service without thinking about what's in it for us. From this place of selfless service, we become clear conduits for Spirit. We step up and are supported by higher energies working through us in ways we may not have imagined. This can only happen when we get our ego out of the way. 

As we know, mathematics plays a large part in the universe. Specific mathematical numbers of people are often required for certain events to take place. Even the predominant reality on Earth is dependant on how many beings currently believe that reality; their thoughts/beliefs mean they are then creating it. Specific numbers have permitted this Matrix to be linked to Earth. Now we come to the point of this message today. The alignment to the Matrix is a blessing, but it also needs to be earned. Archangel Metatron has indicated that in order for Earth to continue to fully align to this Matrix, a specific number of Lightworkers are required to be operating in the frequency of the 7th dimension. At this moment, we do not meet the mathematical requirement. Aligning with the Universal Law of Service puts us in that space. 

The level of light required for someone to function within the 7th dimensional realm is quite high and is not something achieved overnight. But if someone is close to that level, then it can be achieved rapidly, in the blinking of an eye. Focus and intention is the key. If you feel you are close and are willing to take that extra step, you can ask the Ascended Masters of Light of the 7th dimension for assistance. They are awaiting your call.

See 10:10 article on Articles Page which lays out what we can do to help on the 10th October 2013.

Sandy Stevenson



Kwan Yin