We are used to placing importance on what society has agreed are legitimate sources of information that can be relied upon. After a lifetime of being educated with this, it is hard to drop those conditioning patterns and trust our gut intuition.  

We are often presented with information that does not come from an authoritive source. When we are holding onto the idea information can only be valid if it comes from an official source or from someone who claims to be experienced in the area, we are likely to dismiss a lot of truth without ‘credentials’. 

I think we have learned the pitfalls of blindly believing what we are told, without seeking our own sense of resonance and truth. We could be given information by the most authoritive person in the world, but if it does not resonate intuitively, their credentials become meaningless. There is a saying ‘Out of the mouths of babes,’ which suggests wisdom can come from anywhere, even a young child. We have all experienced wisdom from the most unexpected people and places.  

Maybe we feel that there is a lot of misinformation around at the moment so it is best to play safe and stick to what is said by people who seem to have the right background and credentials. We may think if we do that, we will be on more solid ground and not so likely to be led astray or look stupid passing on incorrect information. 

I think it is time to trust ourselves. We do have an inner knowing of what is true if we take the time to listen. Yes, we might go down a few paths before we see it, but when we do we strengthen our intuitive capabilities. We reach a point where we know when something does not feel right.  Intuition is one of those things that can take us a while to get. Some people learn quickly to trust their gut. Others may spend years before they trust their own sense of truth. Not because we don’t all have intuition or it is hard to do, but because we are not very good at trusting ourselves. We lack confidence. And yet we are gifted with this amazing ability, no exceptions. If we only rely on information backed by credentials, it might make us feel safe but it limits the expansion that is gained when we let go of the safety net and dive into the unknown. It is trusting ourselves and our precious gift of spirit that takes us to self mastery. I had a poster in my house for many years, a quote from 1928 - ‘A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships were built for’. I think that quote sums it up. I just found that same picture that helped push me forward years ago. 

So, maybe it is time to trust who we are and recognise our immense capabilities to sense when something is vibrating as truth. And when we do perceive something untrue, just let it go. Don’t get into judging it, which drops us into a lower 3D vibration. We would have so much more free time if we dismissed everything that was not true. We’d also save a lot of energy wasted by travelling down paths that go nowhere. Truth is a perception of spirit that is seen at our current level of consciousness and awareness. That can change as we grow. So, truth needs to be held lightly and not fixed in concrete, so when we become aware of a higher truth, it is easy for us to change.  

Intuition doesn’t only apply to discovering truth. It includes how we respond in life to anything. Imagine life if we intuitively knew the right relationships, job, who to trust, where to live and whether to go someplace or not.  We would have grasped the ultimate learning. To be who we really are and live fully in the divine flow.


Sandy Stevenson

16.7.2023 (7.7.7.)