A right time for everything




Everything in this universe has a right moment. Divine Timing applies to every facet of our life, even our daily activities. Who’d believe there’s a correct sequence to which shops to go to first! Or that our words have an exact mathematical location in the universe. A perfect mathematical evolutionary and universal sequential order exists called Divine Order.


To achieve evolution easily, things need to follow Divine Order. It’s a perfect process that dictates a sequence of events that successfully leads individuals and the human race steadily on a path of enlightenment, in the easiest way possible, allowing them to gain greater awareness, acceptance, tolerance, reality, understanding and love. Humanity is always evolving; learning and growing at its correct pace. Each person dictates the pace of their own personal learning. Our learning is played out as the universe responds to our signals and level of consciousness.


Millions of patterns exist on Earth that make up the framework of life humanity has constructed for itself. Each part is there for our evolution, learning and growth. Humanity decides what is created and to what degree. Many things are brought into creation to offer opportunities for lessons to offer us greater wisdom, compassion and love. To further our evolution, each pattern is destined to be exposed, changed, remain or disappear at some point in time. A series of gradient steps occurs to bring about a desired result in its correct time frame.


Everything involved in life on Earth has a correct time slot, which is its own moment to become acceptable and real to people. When we try to force things before their correct time slot, chaos ensues. We’ve all seen how difficult and how prone to failure something is when it’s not within the accepted reality of someone. Perhaps you remember rushing to tell friends and family about your newly found spiritual awareness and were often met with blank looks or them thinking you’d lost the plot! We can deter people from anything spiritual when we don’t observe where they’re at before we speak. In fact, we can deter people from any area (including us!) if we don’t assess where they are.


Some things are destined to become part of humanity’s awareness ‘now’ and are ready to be exposed and brought forth as concepts, ideas or products to become known, acceptable and real to the human population. Effects of vaccinations and radiation, government and council corruption, pedophilia, abuse of elderly people and school bullying are some things in their right time for exposure which offers us the choice to maintain, change or remove them. It takes varying amounts of time to take something from zero to a platform where people see it as a problem requiring change. In any given moment many things are in varying stages of transiting through the path of human awareness.


Things not yet in the correct divine time slot for humanity’s awareness means humanity generally can’t grasp or understand them yet. Some things might not be due for presentation for 20 or 30 years or even much longer. That may seem a long time, but 3D life offers many lifetimes to learn in so things can take as long as is needed. In the higher scheme of things, time is only an illusion anyway.


Of course, many people have increased their vibration sufficiently to be firmly in the 5th dimension now and don’t require more 3D learning. Maybe they just need to learn to let go. It is possible to be in the 5D Earth without realising it.


It can happen that some things are not yet in their right time frame but are skirting the periphery of human consciousness. They may be recognised by a few people but humanity as a whole is not yet ready for them.


Our intuition guides us to the next right thing to do or put our attention on. There is always a more right action (or non-action) senior to everything else in any given moment in everyone’s life. So, it’s important to allow our intuition to be senior in deciding our actions. If we follow our intuition we’re operating in divine order and life moves along smoothly, with abundance, contentment, fun and joy providing that is in our plan for ourselves. Intuition steers us to correctly address the most important thing for us to do right now in any given moment. 


Sometimes things are presented to humanity that are ‘out of their correct time sequence’. The reasons for this may be:-


1. Something has been brought to our attention by someone following their own mindset or ego. They haven’t examined it intuitively or looked at the true greatest good for humanity.


2. There’s a deliberate intent to divert people’s attention from what they’re meant to be doing. This refers to deliberate plans to lead us off our true light path. We may be told about or see a situation we feel is true, so it makes sense we should get involved. The fact it is true (often containing ‘injustice’) can provoke people into action, especially those who care about the world. They can become quite devoted and passionate, feeling strongly that it has to be handled.


To establish whether or not to handle something:


1. We need to make sure we’ve stepped beyond our indignation; righteousness; the injustice of it; any idea people need ‘saving’; that it’s up to us to act - or any other emotions, thought patterns or ego prompts.

2.  We need to be sure it’s the ‘right’ time to address it. That means the right time in our own life as well as the right time for the planet.

3.  We need to be sure it is our own true work here and we’re the right person to handle it.

4. We also need to see if it’s meant to be handled or left in place because further learning is needed from its presence.


It’s easy to know all of the above. Does it feel right on all levels of our soul, from a place of unconditional love and without judgment, for us to do this ‘now’.


Many people are passionate about their cause. That is fine and it may be their chosen work. It’s an idea to check that. We always know deep inside what feels right in our soul. If we pretend or we lie to ourselves or sit in fixed ideas or a stubborn ego that refuses to even consider the possibility we’ve got it wrong, we miss the signs the universe sends us. I’ve seen many people involved in incorrect things that tie up their time and energy, where if they’d tuned in intuitively they’d have left it alone. They had their ‘conscious’ or ‘righteous button’ or emotions fired up about something and jumped in head first, caught up in the righteousness of handling an area they’re convinced ‘everyone needs to know.’ What they are meant to be doing then goes by the wayside.


There is truly a right time for people to know about something. We constantly hear ‘everyone needs to know this’, especially from people passionately consumed in something of strong interest to them. But actually there’s never a situation ‘everybody needs to know’. Because even when something is in its correct timing to be exposed, it’s still a case of ‘who needs to know’. The universe knows ‘what needs to go where’ in any given moment to attain the desired result. It’s our intuition that guides us to that universal knowledge. Our minds and egos are not selective and can take us way off target and out of the divine flow.


Handling areas out of their correct time sequence can become involved, complicated, wrought with difficulty and take up lots of time and energy and our real work gets put to one side. We may tell ourselves we’re handling our other work because we give it 5 minutes attention, but it’s only a token gesture. When we leave this Earth, I tell you that we truly want to know we achieved our goals and did a good job. It would be a shame to spend all those lifetimes working toward the final goal for Earth and then blow it at the 11th hour. We came here for the Earth, not for us or our ego. When we don’t seek inner spiritual guidance, it’s easy to convince ourselves that ego based goals are for the benefit of the planet. Even our real goal can be tempered in its effectiveness by our ego as we constantly change things to create a good impression. Ego can also completely submerge our true goal if we’re convinced we’re doing the right thing. That is a common scenario. People convince themselves they’re helping and don’t consider for a moment it could be their personal ego desiring something.


We’ve all seen people in an ego place. It can apply to anyone, often to people seen to be helping a lot. They are not wallflowers, ooze self importance and are usually quite proud of their work. They may be demanding, perhaps overbearing or at least strong, opinionated - often about everything, smug, impatience or intolerant of the views of ‘lesser mortals.’ They think they know it all and you know nothing and act as though they’re gracing you with their knowledge. I guess we’ve all met some. It can apply to anyone - people in our lives, workshops presenters, event presenters, gurus, authors, spirit card creators, natural health leaders, practitioners, etc. It means someone has decided they and their role is important, often more important than anyone else’s. They’re not yet in a space of understanding how the universe works or the concept of surrender. Everyone reaches this surrendering place of spirit eventually. It may take lifetimes but that is OK. We each learn in our time. There’s no judgement of such things. It just is as it is.


There are also some people incarnated here (or walk-ins) who come from higher scientific based planets with a different learning basis than on Earth. They may be more evolved in many ways, but have no emotional understanding of where humanity is or the learning needed here. They think science is the answer to everything. As we know, that’s not the case. It didn’t work well in Atlantis when the sciences got ahead of love, understanding and compassion. These beings intent may be good but are encouraging science as the answer because it’s right for them. Actually, that thought pattern of ‘its right for me, so it must be right for everyone else’ is also quite prevalent on Earth.


When something is addressed in its right time, it flows. It may hit a few small barriers along the way but its forward progress is obvious. Things not meant for now are difficult to do and rampant with blocks and barriers and a lack of help or support. They don’t work or gain any meaningful success. It’s possible for a few minor successes after a lot of hard work, time and effort. But indicators are always present - is it flowing or is it hitting barrier after barrier and getting more complicated?


Of course, there is also a situation where some things are forced into our consciousness, but aren’t meant for now. They are pushed by people impelled by their ego or strong belief patterns of ‘it’s the right thing to do’. Although most of these attempts fail in the end, it is possible to eventually achieve a result that is out of its right time frame. However, for any form of major change it usually takes years of hard work, even a lifetime or two. Also, flying in the face of the universe’s perfect divine order brings many casualties along the way. If you’re very strong you scrape through but may lack true inner joy. It’s very time consuming for everyone involved and can produce an energy drain, frustration, illness, weariness, even death and more importantly our real work gets left behind. It’s not the cleverest action in the world to play oneself off against the universe. As there is a perfect system set up for our evolution, why expend time and energy bucking the system. Life is all about learning to surrender and understanding that highest order is to let go of the need to control everything in life.


As a race, we do need to address the myriad of Earth’s current systems. But to achieve that result we need to use intuition and not to be guided by our head or ego. We need to stay clear of ideas ‘it’s all up to you’ or ‘nothing will happen if you don’t do it’.  Although we may feel on our own sometimes and it is all up to us, it’s not true. We all do have a team someplace. All tasks are arranged prior to incarnating and teams are designated and in place all over world to address all situations on Earth. If you’re genuinely on your own, it’s probably because you’ve gone rogue and veered off course.


If someone is pushed beyond their capacity to understand something, they can reject the whole area, which is a backward step for them. So, it’s optimum for us to stay within the scope of people’s possible acceptance level. It’s easy to make sure we don’t give people more than they can comprehend. It just needs a bit of awareness on our part. Intuition will guide us. It’s also not hard to talk generally and see where they are in their understanding and reality. And if we care to really observe the person and don’t let ourselves get carried away, caught up in our belief and certainty ‘they have to know,’ it’s easy to see if someone is not really interested in what we’re saying but is politely listening. It’s easy when we talk on a subject we’re passionate about, to assume others will be as interested as we are. Or we may see they’re not interested but force it through anyway because we are so convinced they ‘need to know about it’ and justify it as being for their own good. It’s a trap to decide we know what’s best for others. Unless we’re being intuitive, we don’t know what others need, but our head and ego do a good job convincing us we do. A part of my Unconditional Love poem refers to this, saying - ‘I do not know what you have chosen to learn, how you have chosen to learn it, with whom or in what time period. I have not walked life looking through your eyes, so how can I know what you need’.  Of course, when we’re in tune with the universe and using our inner-tuition, we may have an idea what’s right but then we’ll also know whether to speak, how much to say and when to be silent.


I met someone who said they get lots of messages about the person they happen to be speaking to. They feel they’re a messenger and so they need to tell the person whatever they’re given. They don’t apply any filter or discernment. Actually, this person was receiving from the 4th dimension which is a fairly low perspective of truth. But that aside, just because we receive insight doesn’t always mean we’re supposed to pass it on. Sometimes it’s to help us better understand someone so we can help them.


I had a situation recently when I became aware the person I was speaking to was going to die in a few months. They had chosen this prior to incarnating. They were telling me they were ill and wondering whether to embark on a series of major steps to try and handle the illness. I realised the information I’d been given was not to pass to them, but to help me somehow direct them to enjoy their last few months rather than expend time and energy trying to correct something that was going to happen anyway. I moved them beyond their fears and the ‘should do’s’ by simply asking them what they felt deep inside was right for them to do? As we know, it’s often best to direct a person to their own knowing. This allows them to get into their known mastery. We can sometimes let our head and emotions get in the way and lose our connection to spirit.


We often get it wrong when we ‘assume’ things. Let’s say we hear about a course starting on a specific date in a specific town and we feel excited and rush in and sign up for the whole year course. But what if our excitement was about an agreement we’d made on a higher level to connect with someone on the first day of that course so as to pass them some codes. Our excitement would be about making that connection. We need to make sure there aren’t assumptions added to our excitement. If we don’t feel exactly what is right, we could ‘assume’ our excitement was about doing the course.


We get many lessons in life about the need to be intuitive. We’re all different so we take different amounts of time to learn. Learning takes however long it takes. It’s worth mentioning that while we’re doing things led by our mind or ego, we aren’t able to do our real work and that can be karmic. It can also be karmic to get involved in doing someone else’s work instead of our own or if we try to ‘fix’ things not yet due to be fixed. Our work must always assist the greater good.


Doing our own true work promotes a feeling of joy and love, a vibe that helps the planet. What doesn’t help are vibes of self righteousness, judgement, feeling important or special or having thought patterns like ‘it’s terrible so I need to fix it; ‘everyone needs to know this’; I can do it so I should; no-one else has my skills so who’ll do it if I don’t; people are suffering, it’s got to be stopped; we have to change it; or sitting in an ego that wants to be seen to be helping.


Hanging on to our world of thoughts and beliefs (there are millions!) is detrimental to our progression.  Some lightworkers won’t make it home this time round. They may need more incarnations before they get to a place of understanding that permits them to surrender control and let go of ego and mind patterns. These lower patterns prevent them resuming their mastery or increasing their light vibration. We all receive many signs to show us our fixed patterns. We can see our own reactions in our interactions with people. If we choose to ignore them, they start to impact physically on our body as illness and other conditions. Long held fixed and rigid thoughts develop into Varicose Veins and Arthritis.


There are actually many thousands of areas on Earth now in their correct time frame for exposure. Some of us saw in the 1960’s that the extensive use of antibiotics would end up needing to become stronger and stronger to fight bacteria that would inevitably evolve to withstand them. Now we have super bugs and most antibiotics don’t work. This area has reached its right timing. Doctors are being told to stop the drastic overuse of prescribing. People are seeking alternatives, often more natural handling. Bugs are highly resistant now to antibiotics and have become close to being obsolete. It’s also now known that antibiotics pass from our bodies into the waterways.


Medical Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, but awareness of it as a healing product is just reaching mainstream. Hash, marijuana, weed, has been in the human consciousness since the 60’s but there is a journey needed to reach the point of people’s awareness and acceptability. It’s rolled along slowly in its own time on its own wave of love, moving into its right timing moment, carried into humanity’s awareness by people meant to do that particular work.


Any actions we take needs to excite us on a soul level before we devote our time and energy to it. It’s not possible to gauge the rightness only from our emotional responses. Emotions run strong so we need to detach and then check if we’re still drawn to act. Thoughts also run strong with so many belief patterns triggering us to act. And ego is also always vying for a controlling position in our life. The solution is to put our spiritual response above any lower responses. In that way, we stick to our destined path here on Earth. Our individual path is a combination of our evolution in the universe and the gifts we offer. If we’re not on our chosen path then all the love, light and energy meant to flow from us while we are doing our true work, is not forthcoming.


We can lead a happy, exciting, rewarding, peaceful life that flows along with fun and leisure time. But to achieve that requires some input on our part. Life is a ‘do it yourself affair.’ No-one is going to step in and do it for you. It does take some work and discipline to get to a totally contented and enjoyable life. But we only need to release anything that is not who we really are, to get there. It’s that simple.


We also need to continually release reactions until they’re all gone. Don’t be overwhelmed by this idea. Just handle one at a time (‘How to release reactions’ is on the Article page of my website.) We’ve got to stop judging and being negative or critical. We need to get past an inflated ego telling us how clever we are and to find some humility. The truth is it’s all about being part of a multi dimensional oneness universe, being graced with gifts that give us opportunities to help. We’re catalysts channelling light to Earth.


We also need to keep raising our light frequency so we get a better overall understanding of how multi dimensional life works. That helps us attain a higher level of spiritual compassion and gratitude. We may feel we are grateful, but true gratitude is being in a space of humility, acceptance, surrender and love.


In the greater scheme of things, we’re probably not here for much longer so we may as well enjoy it. Re-attaining mastery means we will experience the sort of life we desire. Isn’t it worth taking some time to work on ourselves so we live each moment in Divine Order, feeling the contentment of unconditional love, experiencing fun, joy, laughter, contentment, excitement, peace and the bliss of sharing heart connections with everyone as we live in the perfection of life in the flow.


With love and gratitude,


Sandy Stevenson

1st August 2017