An awakening is happening, right here, right now.

From the time of Atlantis, inter-planetary and inter-dimensional Beings from across the universe began arriving on Earth. They came from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, Andromeda and other known and unknown planetary systems - and from higher dimensions of Light. We use the terms Starseeds and Lightworkers for these Beings who began arriving on Earth from Atlantean times and incarnated into human form. Together they are the called the Light Force on Earth. All those who came were evolved Beings and able to withstand the dense energy on Earth. They came to help the Earth, each choosing specific work they were skilled at; integral parts of a multi faceted Divine Plan. It was necessary to physically incarnate to carry out various essential parts of the Divine Plan. In addition to the incarnated Light Force, many discarnate Beings also came to assist the Plan, including the Angelic and Elemental kingdoms, and other higher dimensional Beings.

The Light Force became part of humanity, sharing Earth with those souls who had chosen to incarnate to learn and grow from the many scenarios and events offered on the 3rd dimensional Earth. So, humanity consists of 1. The human population experiencing growth by undergoing a series of incarnations in the 3D plane to gain an expanded understanding on their evolutionary path to greater love and wisdom. 2. We also have a Light Force, who have already ‘been there, done that,’ who have graduated from 3D learning and evolved to higher frequencies of existence. They are volunteers who agreed to step down in vibrational frequency and enter the third dimension again to help the Earth. 3. And others who also incarnated to help this exciting plan. The whales, for example, are highly evolved Beings from Sirius who hold massive libraries of information for us to tap into.

The Divine Plan for Earth and the goal of the Light Force. 1. To raise the vibrational frequency of Gaia, the Earth Being, to a level compatible with the 5th dimension to allow her to ascend and join the Association of Worlds. This would be achieved by the Light Force assisting her to gradually increase her light frequency throughout Earth, including her subtle bodies, by cleansing and transmuting all dense energy frequencies. This goal has been achieved! 2. To use the increased higher vibrational light entering Earth during the ascension process, to give the opportunity to all her life forms (human, animal, etc.) to tap into that light, raise their consciousness and increase their light vibration, moving beyond 3D learning to the light frequency band of the 5th dimension. This goal is currently in play.

What is currently happening? The ascended Earth Mother is offering the opportunity of advancing the evolution of mankind, uniting them in love, compassion, understanding and wisdom.

The plan is underway to break down all the old ways on Earth to give birth to the new. Right across the globe, individually, nationally and internationally - all OLD patterns, structures, barriers, fixed ideas, races, religions, financial systems, business systems, governments, technology and regimes containing negative, dense energy vibrations that limit the light and are no longer a viable part of the evolution of mankind - are breaking down. Mental and emotional barriers that cause separation between individuals, races and nations are disappearing - to bring about a new social interaction between the peoples of Earth.

This is an amazing and wonderful period of time. There is nothing negative about any of it. As we know, there is a higher picture to everything! It is all happening just as it should. Hidden areas are being pushed fully to the surface to become known. The truth is beginning to flood the Earth. Those who can allow themselves to move beyond fear are now discovering truth. And truth really does set you free. There is not one aspect occurring now on Earth that is not fully supporting the Divine Plan. This is a great opportunity for mankind. It is about their evolution, so it is entirely up to us what takes place. Although available for the entire race, it is an individual choice.

Light is flooding the Earth and the choice to live in love or fear is being offered to humanity. A doorway is ready to walk through.

Choice 1. To wake up and tap into the light levels currently being offered. To choose the path of love and positive energy that increases awareness and releases old patterns and negative thinking. This path increases the individual’s light frequency above the 3rd dimension to the frequencies of light that exist in the 5th dimension. Choice 2. To be fearful and controlled, retaining old patterns and creating further dense energy. Further learning in a 3D environment is then required. This will continue until the individual is sufficiently aware to step free of negative patterns they have created.

Many things are now occurring simultaneously across the planet, all designed to bring about the Divine goal. These events include Brexit; the surfacing of black race issues globally; pushing the subject of vaccinations into public awareness, etc. Many moves by President Trump have assisted hugely in breaking down planetary control of humanity - such as removing US financial backing for the World Health Organization (WHO); taking back control of the Federal Reserve finances from the corrupt Rothschild group control; bringing awareness of China’s intent to be a super power; addressing child trafficking, etc. He is effectively breaking up the control of the Cabal. There have been five attempts to assassinate him since he took office. Unlike Lincoln and Kennedy, these have failed. Perhaps the difference this time is that when he entered office, many Lightworkers decreed for Divine Order to take place concerning possible assassination attempts.

A key part of the Divine Plan has been to uncover things hidden on Earth. Revealing the truth about such situations, dissolves dense energy, increases light and allows greater understanding and mastery. The volume of information now being revealed across the world may be unprecedented. Many things deemed by the media to be ‘conspiracy theories’ are proving to be accurate. Two things are helping people discover truth. One is the massive amount of information pouring around the globe via the internet. The fact that Youtube and Facebook quickly remove some videos make people question why and seek out websites who store material removed by main stream media. The second factor is the calibre of the people exposing things. We see intelligent, well informed people offering proof of what they say. In exposing health cover ups, we see scientists, micro-biologists, doctors and nurses offering different views than we are being given. Whistle blowers have existed for a long time – a vital and courageous role. The first person we see on a Wikipedia list is in the year 1594

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_whistleblowers). We know hundreds of others have exposed major areas of deceit, e.g. Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Another event greatly assisting the Divine Plan is Covid. This is providing its own major swathe of lessons and opportunities for the raising of consciousness and the growth of humanity. As we move forward with this, there will be investigations into how and why it started; how death figures are arrived at; was testing done correctly; vaccines; control issues and other lower level agendas and a push to wake people from slumber to become informed about the loss of freedom. All actions are designed to help people reach a place where they stand up for their rights and begin to understand the strength in people power. And all those things increase conscious awareness and vibration.

Actually, a workable technique to address a person doing something unconsciously is to force them to do it consciously. This can result in a realization of their actions. We know as a society we have been losing touch with each other from the many different situations where we don't interact with people on a personal level anymore. We are in a period of extensive use of mobile phones and emails to communicate; self serve checkouts; ATM’s; on-line shopping; the social breakdown in parenting strengths and skills; crumbling education systems; government nannying, etc. All these contribute to a society disconnecting from what is real and from each other. One disconnection of reality concerns the chemicalisation and abuse of food quality, which actually began long ago when we stopped growing our own food or had the need to kill an animal for its meat.

The degree of social disconnection on Earth had reached a place where human evolution overall was reaching a slow crawl ....no longer conducive to learning and growth. When we stop connecting with each other - we are unable to exchange real communication. People become unreal and we begin to feel separate from them and believe they are not like us or connected to us. When we disconnect ourselves from society we cease to have the vital mirror reflection we need to show us where we are and what we need to address within ourselves; we are unable to exchange light codes as we are no longer in the location or vibrational space we’re meant to be; and we can’t carry out our agreements with each other or adequately achieve what we came to Earth to do.

Covid has provided the catalyst. We are having separation forced upon us. It has forced us to distance ourselves from each other; from family, friends, children and strangers; from attending weddings, funerals and birthdays; from visiting the elderly, nursing and aged care homes, etc. with rules requiring a 1-5 metre distance to being forbidden to cross borders and travel internationally. Hopefully, this helps people become aware of what they themselves were already creating throughout society.

We now have time free to reflect; to research and discover; to try new things; time to be; to slow down; to evaluate; to realize life is not all about slaving hours of work; not about filling up every minute, making money or buying the latest electronic gadget. We are getting back to basics and true values, taking up hobbies, growing vegetables, taking walks and talking with family members.  Now, humanity as a whole has a chance to find itself again.

What is the Light Force role right now? Holding the light has always been the most important role. To be ourselves and continue to stay centred, balanced, detached, and holding strongly to a place of love, compassion, spiritual power and light. To never agree with any limiting, negative or fear based 3D perspective. Thoughts have power and when we add our voice, thoughts or actions to an idea, we are making an active choice to give that idea our focus, support and energy. Incidentally, humour increases light energy and seriousness makes energy more solid. The virus jokes that have been circulating have really helped. It was great to see people comfortable enough to treat lightly, something portrayed as fearful and serious.

How long will this take? The answer is ‘as long as is necessary’. We can best understand this by expanding our view to take in a higher picture. Here’s a handy tip. Anytime we don’t understand something, we are just not looking at the bigger picture. And sometimes the bigger picture can mean huge.

What do we need to learn and grow in the 3rd dimension? To really increase our awareness we have to overcome barriers; opposing factions; obstacles; events that are hard to confront; people who oppose, attack or try to control us; things that push us beyond our comfort zone and things that challenge and test our courage and ability to stay in integrity and truth? How about all of that and more! Which raises the question, ‘Who provides all these opportunities for us on our 3rd dimension learning path? That answer that continues to confound some people is ‘We do’. We each play different roles in different incarnations, creating experiences to help each other reach our goals of being wiser and more loving. This same process happens for individuals, groups, countries, and even globally. Two sides are needed in the process of human evolution. Think about it. When we really get this, it can change our lives and the lives of others, because now we respond very differently to what happens. And that brings happiness, peace and harmony as we are then creating with far greater awareness.

Perhaps keep the following points in mind –

We know many Lightworkers would like to see a huge change occur quickly. Perhaps they are having their wish. We have just experienced a super fast global change! One thing we do know is a lot of people can’t take too much change too fast and very few can handle a sudden massive influx of light. A gradient is needed with these things so people are not overwhelmed or traumatised. If that happened, it could set back humanity’s evolution, and slow the purpose the Light Force has worked for.

All the old systems on Earth are breaking down. They will ultimately be replaced by new ideas that hold integrity, freedom and right order. I am sure many people are just wishing this was all over and the restrictions were all lifted. Just think on this for a moment. Ask yourself - if the whole thing stopped today - right now - if all Covid restrictions suddenly ceased - are all the old systems on Earth broken down? Or have we only touched the surface? If it all stopped now, would we still be in the same situation we were in before, with much of the population still locked into control by governments, pharmaceutical companies, education systems, religions, banks, and negative thinking. If it all just stopped now, would we have reached that point humanity needs, to become awakened and be aware their freedom has been eroded for years?

Yes, humanity is awakening – slowly, but surely. And as more and more lies are exposed and more truth begins to reach main stream media (because they can’t suppress it any longer), more people will awaken. With extra time available to people working from home or out of work, there is time now to uncover and discover these things and to focus on who we really are and what we really want.

As I mentioned, people generally can’t take too much change, too quickly. They find it overwhelming and retreat into denial or apathy. And it can create mental health problems and depression. So, what we have now on Earth is a relatively ‘gradual change allowing acceptance of the idea of change’. The sequence this follows is - something happens that changes or restricts us - and initially, there is resistance, annoyance and then begrudging acceptance. Then the next change occurs and the same pattern is repeated. After a series of changes, people begin to react and resist less and less to each new change. They are adjusting. We can see this occurring in many people over the restrictions Covid has created. Spacial distancing, masks, testing, closed borders, curfews, lack of visitation and so on. When Covid began we saw a lot of resistance and reactions to lockdown and wearing masks. That started to disappear as acceptance kicked in. Now, you are probably reading this and saying that is really bad. Everyone should be reacting because our freedom is being taken away. Yes, that is true and you are right and they will, but wait a minute! It is also very positive, because the different stages of restrictions and acceptance has been ‘helping society accept change’. And people really need to be able to accept change. With a plan to disintegrate every old system on Earth, people need to be able to accept these massive changes without becoming traumatised. 

Now, here is the next positive thing. People will not remain docile for long once they become aware their freedom is being removed. They were already losing their freedom and they never noticed!! They didn’t see it happening! Now they see it. Now it is clear and in their face that this is happening. Actually, the same situation applies to vaccines. People thought they knew about them, but they didn’t. Now the true information is reaching them and they can make more informed choices. As more and more restrictions continue and are built upon - a well of resistance can begin to permeate the hearts and minds of people. People are smart and will wake up. Once it starts, the flow of ‘People Power’ can become an unstoppable wave across the globe. We are in early September and already the beginning of that is happening already. Demonstrations against government restrictions - 30,000 in London, 40,000 in Berlin plus other German cities, many thousands more in Poland, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Serbia (who fought lockdown and won), across the USA, and so on. A ground swell is beginning.

When enough people are awake… and a shift in the human psyche occurs as people reject control and removal of their liberty, they begin to rise up. This in itself will hasten the demise of the old systems.

People want to create a better world. That need comes from within the essence of the soul. It is a natural spiritual urge for integrity, freedom, harmony and peace for us and our children.

And it does not suit the people who are trying to entrap humanity to stop the whole Covid pandemic situation yet, because they don’t have their agenda in place to really control the population. So, that helps with the divine timing needed for people to awaken.

3D and 5D Earth.  Some years ago, I mentioned that Gaia, the Being whose physical body is Earth, had attained the required level of 5D light vibration and had ascended to that plane of existence. She chose to leave behind her physical body (Earth) in order for humanity to continue to have the opportunity to use it as a learning ground to increase their own vibration towards ascension and 5th dimensional existence.

My understanding last year was that she would only be leaving the physical Earth here for a while and would then increase its light vibration to integrate with her on the 5th dimension. And we are seeing the light flooding the Earth structure and the massive cleansing of pollution taking place, so it made sense this must be what was happening. She was preparing her Earth body to increase vibration to ascend and merge with her.

However, I have just become aware this may not be the case (unless something changes we don’t know of yet). I hope you can follow this. It is new for me too. 

We know a division has been occurring on Earth for some time as individuals make their choices. Some choosing the higher light vibration of 5D and others to remain within a 3D spectrum of learning. Many of us have thought, myself included, that people who still required 3D learning would simply leave Earth (die) when the frequency became too light for them to handle and they would pick up their next incarnation on another 3D planet (there are several available).

But now it seems the Earth Mother has decided to leave the 3D Earth where it is - as a learning ground for those humans here who are still choosing 3D. She is not intending at this time to raise its frequency to a 5D level. A loving gesture on the part of the Earth Mother.

She feels the existing 3D Earth is a perfect planet to offer the exact set of circumstances for individuals living on it who still need the precise 3D lessons it is giving. All humans here have been a part of the experience of Earth and are therefore all in a similar place of learning. Of course, there are many variables as to the exact reality of different individuals, but overall, they are still all within a certain vibrational band of learning. The Earth Being considers if those people went off to other 3D planets for that learning, it would not be ideal for them. The reason being that other 3D planets are all at different stages in the 3D lessons they are providing. So, individuals from here may struggle to get exactly what they need to learn. I guess it is similar to the situation many of us encounter when moving to a new location and having to take a child out of school and enrol them in a new one. We can find the new school is behind, ahead or has a curriculum different enough to cause problems for the child until they catch up or stop being bored! I know I encountered this in my first year of high school, moving halfway through the year to a different school in Sydney and being bored for months doing work I had already covered in my former school.

So, what does all this mean for humanity? Well, it means two Earths. One 3D and one 5D. Those billions of individuals now in the process of raising their own vibration to ascend, become inhabitants of the lighter body of the 5D Earth. Those choosing further 3D learning will remain on the existing physical 3D Earth. For those who have already left, I guess they will discuss with their guides whether to reincarnate on 3D Earth or choose a different 3D planet to finish their 3D experience. 

There are many people now who are spanning both worlds. Part in 5D Earth and part in 3D Earth. That is fine. It can help with our work to be aware of the changing reality being offered on 3D Earth. We can easily let go of that reality when we are ready to fully move into 5D. Meanwhile, the important thing is being aware of the reality in 3D without attaching or agreeing to it.

So, what does all this mean for the Light Force? The split occurring between the choices being made to be in 3D or 5D really applies to humanity and not lightworkers. Lightworkers across the world are now completing their Divine work, cleansing remaining dense energy, raising their frequency and when ready, ascending to the 5th dimension and returning home. After reaching the 5th dimensional Earth, a few may decide to stay but I expect most will go home as planned, to whatever planet or dimension they came from. There will be some lightworkers who have gotten themselves caught up in 3D negative story lines and didn’t manage to maintain their light. It is always a choice. They may take a bit longer to get home, but everyone gets there in the end.

So, if it is all positive, does that mean we don’t need to do anything? No, it doesn’t. Lightworkers need to hold strongly in the light, maintaining a positive view, which emits and stabilises the overall light vibration around Earth, while the Plan unfolds. Where it feels right for you, pass on truth as you see it. Truth helps bring light into previously corrupt and hidden areas. Switch on a light and darkness is no more.

So, will humanity ascend? The Divine Plan allows for the evolution of a species. It provides opportunities for those individuals who have attained enough personal growth from their 3D experiences that they are ready to grab that opportunity. It is considered that sufficient numbers of the human race are in that position now, so they are being offered that chance. In this instance, the opportunity is because of Gaia’s movement in her own evolution to 5D. This created a huge influx of light available for humans to tap into and almost ‘ride her coat tails’. All that was known and planned for. Will it work? Yes, it will enable those who are ready to make a leap in their evolution, to do so. Will everyone make that leap? Probably not, only those who are ready for it.

So, if some people don’t move to the 5th dimension, does that mean the plan has failed? Most certainly not. The reason the Light Force came to Earth was to help Gaia ascend to 5D. That is done. We are finishing our individual work. Some have finished and are wrapping up and going home. Some lightworker’s are involved in this period of the awakening of humanity.

Of course, there are many more parts to all this. There are stargates; major vortices; crop circles; 11:11; orbs; plant essences increasing frequency; tools that negate radiation waves; Tesla technology dumbing down 5G; meditations involving millions; organic farming and products; the movement of mathematical codes and sacred geometry between lightworkers and locations; crystal energy; golden rods spanning dimensions being placed in strategic points in Earth’s structure; the Galactic Federation of Light; the Ascended Masters; angels; channelling; the internet providing instant communication; hundreds of natural holistic healing techniques; spiritual workshops, books, shops, products and magazines; the list is awe inspiring.

Lightworker’s Decrees. Many Lightworkers are aware of the importance of doing Decrees. A Decree is a universal tool used by the Light Force. It uses their Right as inhabitants of Earth to ask the Higher Realms of Light to assist with planetary matters. As we know, the Universal Law of Non-Interference forbids unauthorised intervention into the affairs of a 3D planet, as it may change the evolutionary learning of the species. But the people of a planet can request intervention. The Light Force, incarnated in human bodies, are able to speak on behalf of their soul families on Earth, and can ask the Higher realms to intervene on our behalf. The correct way to word a Decree is to include ‘if it be in Divine Order’. In this way, we are asking that a decree only takes place if it is a right action for the Divine Plan. I have seen hundreds of decrees work. But if it is not for the highest good or not done correctly, it won’t work.

We can all do Decrees. A decree has to be specifically and carefully worded to address the subject it relates to. For it to work, the person saying it needs to be aligned to light and in a space of stillness (not in a rush to do the shopping or collect the kids). Universal Law requires a Decree to be said aloud three times without error (that includes a cough or extra sound while saying it). This meets the precision of mathematics and Universal Law requirements (Holy Trinity/Power of 3, etc.). It is a good idea to read a decree through a couple of times to get familiar with it and any unfamiliar words, before doing it.

With the possibility of compulsory vaccination being introduced, I recently created a decree concerning this. It gives permission to the Higher Realms of Light to nullify the content of any detrimental Corona vaccine. A team of Lightworkers around the world are doing this Decree. It requires 2 million Lightworkers to do it as it needs to mathematically represent the entire global population. I include it here to do if it resonates with you. It needs to be said aloud 3 times. The final line seals the decree and is said only ‘once’, after the decree has been done.

‘By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under the Law of Grace, as a Lightworker on the Ascension Mission to Earth, using the Universal Right to speak on behalf of the Soul families on Earth, I ask Lord Archangel Metatron of the 8th dimension of Light, to examine and clarify the content and effects of all Covid 19, SARS-COV-2 and all Coronavirus vaccines likely to be offered for human consumption – and where found to be detrimental to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being of souls in human form, to take appropriate and immediate steps to eliminate or render them null and void, where such an action is in Divine Order.’

‘So Be It. So It Is. So Mote it Be. It is Done’.  (This line is said only ‘once’ after saying the Decree 3 times.

View this entire thing as an amazing adventure and a wonderful time to be on Earth, experiencing this magical opportunity given to humanity to evolve to the 5th dimension.

Doesn’t this paint an exciting picture? All the stuff being blasted around the planet; exposures, conspiracies, restrictions, compulsory vaccination talk, tracking, lockdowns, who started it, China buying up the world, masks, testing, etc. See it for what it really is - an amazing global unfolding of the Divine Goal for Earth. We don’t need to read adventure or crime books. We are living the greatest adventure every day.

As I was writing this, I was looking back over the years and remembering the beginning – starting in the 60’s for me. I guess for most of us in our early days of spiritual awakening we question if we’re losing the plot! Are we really hearing telepathically and seeing things that can’t be explained? Is it all just imagination? I recall friends who bought an old home nearby, saying to me - ‘We’ve got ghosts in our house and they are 100% stopping us from decorating or changing things. You know this sort of stuff, come and tell them to go away!’ OK, here was a test to see if this was my imagination or I really could ‘talk to dead people.’ I certainly wasn’t convinced ‘I knew this sort of stuff’ but I went. I found 7 different groups of discarnate beings resident on different floors of their 18th century home. There was a nanny and a baby in the attic area, a family on one floor and an elderly couple in the lounge room. The old couple were the ones stopping the changes. As they said to me ‘this was their home and no way was anyone going to remove their favourite wall paper’. So, I talked with all of them individually, very gently so as not to cause any shocks, and explained the year we were now in and talked to them about the exciting things available if they let go and moved on. I brought in some angels to help guide them. They all agreed and left, except this old couple. They took some real work on my part, but eventually I convinced them, by suddenly having the idea to show them holiday brochures - honestly. I visualised pictures of wonderful places in different countries on Earth they could visit and have a holiday. I swear that was what did it. Off they went. My friends said they had a completely different home and were able to decorate without tools going missing and paint being tipped over.

I guess that was one of the earlier events where I felt maybe this was all real on some level. Hundreds of unusual interactions and my seeing things that didn't fit with 3D reality got me past the idea it was just my imagination and into accepting we are multi dimensional beings in a multi dimensional universe who can communicate telepathically (and often do in our daily lives without realizing it) and we all have the ability to simply Know. Yes, it took a while! Fast learner, eh! It is great to finally be comfortable offering truth as we see it, and not to be concerned about how weird it may sound. Of course, we still use our gut knowing (intuition) as to what is said to whom, and only pass on material to those meant to have it. That is not something that can be decided by a thought processes. Trying to decide who to send things or to tell things to can be tricky if we don’t use our gut knowing. By trying to ‘think' it out, we could decide a friend would not understand something, when it could actually change their life. Or we could think ‘Well, that person told me they thought past lives may be possible’- so we give them material that mentions lightworkers are here on a Mission, Ascended Masters, other dimensions, codes, etc. and things that are way beyond their level of acceptance. That sort of major difference in reality can cause rifts. It's too different. We can't then blame people for thinking we are a bit crazy. The answer is always to be intuitive.

What is happening on Earth right now is all about ‘people power’ and raising the consciousness of humanity. It is exactly the same process we all encounter in life. It is a perfect and positive process of evolution. Situations that trigger reactions in us will become stronger and more frequent until we handle it. So, that how the universe is also working here. So, we may expect Covid and possibly other restrictions and conditions to worsen, giving us less freedom and with ‘Authorities’ taking greater control UNTIL the people stand up globally and say NO. The situation is in people’s own hands. It always is. And after all, it is their evolution! It is they who will decide when they have had enough which will result in a demonstration of ‘People Power’. It all depends on the amount of conscious awakening. If enough people suddenly became aware and increased their light vibration, the old systems on Earth could just dissolve, seemingly like magic. It could all change in the blink of an eye. Whatever happens, it will be for the Highest Good of Humanity and for each of those souls. For the Light Force, our work will be done and we are Going Home.

TRUST in Source - Divine Order - the Universal Process - Humanity - the Light Force - the Higher Realms - and Yourself.



Love and Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

8th September 2020