Responsibility of a lightworker


Well, we’re here to have fun. Did you miss that point? But aside from that, there are several other things to keep in mind. One is to make sure we hold a space of light, an essential part of a Lightworker’s role. That requires us to focus our light on positive outcomes we prefer to see on Earth, rather than agree to negative projections of others which then adds our energy and power to dense creations.

The light force teams on Earth

As we know, there are hundreds of thousands of Lightworker teams helping in all areas of 3D life. This work includes increasing humanity’s awareness of previously hidden issues on Earth. We achieve that with actions to increase public consciousness so as to help reduce negative thought. Some of the hidden areas include abuse; e.g. animals, human rights, the elderly, children or creation of pollution that affects Earth. Abuse, harm and corruption can also be found within various systems on Earth such as education; medical and pharmaceutical industry, politics, law, armaments, food and beauty industry; banking, insurance and technologies harmful to the human organism. Teams are also in place to bring action and information to increase compassion, further understanding and spiritual awareness of the relationship humans have with each other and to the life forms that sustain humanity. Lightworker teams cover every conceivable area of 3D life down right to the smallest particle, e.g. the importance of bees and diverse ecosystems in coral reefs.

With such a variety of divine work, there are some easy, fun areas and some extremely difficult. But regardless of the type of work being done or how light or heavy the energy is, in order to succeed in Earth’s goal of a TOTAL ascension to the 5th dimension, Lightworkers needs to maintain a personal level of light to keep functioning at full potential, as well as maintain a level of light that contributes to the overall quotient required for Earth.

Naturally, it requires much more discipline for lightworkers who chose to handle dense, stuck, negative areas on Earth. They have to work harder to maintain sufficient detachment to the work they’re doing to sustain their own light frequency. They need to be continually vigilant to make sure their own thoughts, words and actions continually reflect high levels of light. To achieve that means not becoming attached to ideas they’re exposing. And to never believe the hype that goes along with negative 3D patterns. It helps when we grasp the truth we’re creators so choices we make have great importance. The lightest thought we have in agreement with any negative issue or 3D belief pattern, adds power to that idea. Lightworkers come here from higher realms and are evolved beings, so their thoughts hold a lot of power. Also, having incarnated and become inhabitants of Earth, they have the right to speak on behalf of their soul families concerning situations affecting the Divine Ascension Plan for Earth. In these cases, Lightworker thoughts may be multiplied a thousand fold in power. That applies to both positive and negative thoughts.

I was talking with a neighbour who mentioned local negative news about a car accident. It’s happened before so I decided to address it. I asked ‘What part of knowing that information was essential to your life? Did it make you feel good or happy or in any way enhance your life? Do you feel it helped increase your general knowledge of the world? What percentage of the information you get from news broadcasts or newspapers do you feel is uplifting and makes you feel more optimistic about the world?’ They admitted it didn’t help at all.

As we know, the media think only drama sells. They have criteria that stories must contain controversy, sensationalism, timing, impact, celebrity, conflict or be bizarre; so not much good news or positive outcomes (which occurs every minute world wide) get published. As we know, if no dramatic news can be found locally, they’ll find something, somewhere, and we hear about an accident with a bus in foreign country!

On top of the choice a lightworker may make to buy into negative ideas (thereby affecting their own light) there’s also the situation of it being repeated to others. I shake my head sometimes hearing Lightworkers passing on negative news. And often it’s something that hasn’t even happened but only a supposition proposed by one individual they think might happen! It’s surprising that despite all the higher spiritual understanding Lightworkers gain from self help books, workshops, inner work plus their own intuitive and logical abilities, any lightworker could choose to ignore the power of their thoughts.

And making a negative choice is not only about reducing our own personal light or failing to carry out our work on Earth (affecting the rest of the universe!) but it also affects whether or not we go home at the end of this incarnation. To get home requires we transmute dense energy in our subtle energy bodies sufficiently enough to leave Earth. That’s not an arbitrary idea. It’s technically impossible for anyone to move into a higher dimension if their own frequency does not match the vibration of that higher dimension.

We all made similar agreements regarding our Divine work on Earth. Although, these vary a little and each of us covers different aspects of life on Earth – they all involve successfully completing our Divine Contract. The main agreements are -


I AM empowered to act in the name of God, to release all limitation upon Earth so as to assist the Birth of Earth into a new dimension by channelling vast quantities of Light onto the Earth Plane.

I AM a multi-dimensional master; having become an inhabitant of Earth and borne the denials and limitations of the Earth Plane, I now release all, to allow the transmutation and transformation of Earth and her life forms into a new dimension of light. 

I hold the Right to Decree under Universal Law and have the Right to request assistance from the great Forces of Light, all Councils, Alliances, Federations, Ascended Masters and every Kingdom on Earth.

I detach as agreed, fulfil my task and return home.

Additional agreement made by the 144,000 Starseeds and some lightworkers who first answered the Earth’s call for assistance -

To adopt a physical, emotional or mental condition experienced by humanity on Earth in order to resolve that condition and create a pathway for its resolution in the Divine Blueprint for Earth.

Additional agreement made by some Lightworkers -

To raise the frequency of their physical body to be included in the ascension process, extending the blueprint to permit people ascend in the future from any 3D realm without the death of their physical body.

To achieve the outcome for Earth we all came for, let’s remind ourselves we are responsible for our thoughts and they hold great power. What we choose to transmit to the world can make ‘all the difference in the world’.


Sandy Stevenson

July 2019