Report on the 10:10 activation - Intergalactic Matrix alignment

10th  October 2013

It is my understanding that the Matrix was only partially anchored on that date. The Matrix is ready and set in place but is awaiting clearance of several vortices on Earth that remain clogged, before the mathematical alignment can be completed. All major vortices had to be clear to complete the alignment. Lightworkers around the world had tasks to clear those vortexes that required attention. Many would not have consciously known this was what they were doing when they felt called to go to a certain place.

The majority of these were cleared and in place ready for 10:10. However, some Lightworkers moved from an intuitive space into their ‘heads’ at the last minute and failed to go to the areas of the vortices they were meant to clear. It happens - we have all done this. Unfortunately there was no time to arrange back ups, so we on Earth held up the completion of the inter planetary Matrix alignment! That required some explaining to the other planetary systems!!

Happily, I completed the various vortices I had to cleanse, the last being done in the centre of Las Vegas on 2nd October. Yes, cutting it fine, but fine is good enough! I did have to fly from Australia and then from Alaska.

We all know we need to follow our intuition, but maybe we don’t all realise how important this can be - or indeed how karmic. Luckily we are mostly attracting ‘instant’ karma to us these days to keep us in balance. So while that is not always comfortable, as least we can then leave when our work is completed. We are ever the Creators and we do take steps (knowingly and unknowingly) to make sure we go home when we planned to.

So, all is still underway. Just a minor hitch.

Just another lesson for us to trust and follow our heart/excitement/interest/resonation. For those who had agreed to go to a certain location just prior to 10th October and didn’t make it, you will still be feeling a call to go to that place – and it would be good to follow that if it is still present. If you do feel this may apply to you, please remember to stay OUT of any judgment of self. No-one else is judging you. Keep your vibration in the light. Don’t sink into 3D regret/shame/blame stuff. Just learn and move on – be the Creator of Light that you are.

Sandy Stevenson