Unless we view the current planetary situation from the perspective of human evolution, it makes little sense. If we keep trying to work it out from the confines of limited 3D storylines, we will stay in confusion of the conflicting realities.


Incarnations in 3D (a learning platform in the universe) provides a wealth of experiences for spiritual beings to learn and grow. Any soul who enters the physical universe to have any type of experience, first has to agree that matter, energy, space and time exists. So, we agree to incarnate in the third dimension and then make an additional agreement. We agree that 3D exists. If we did not agree 3D was real, it wouldn’t exist, for us! As we proceed through our incarnations, many different storylines are presented to us and our interaction with them reinforces 3D as being real and very solid. Sometimes, we can lose sight of the extensive subtle energies that also exist around us. Plants, water, nature, wave lengths of TV, telephones and microwave ovens have subtle energy. We can see the physical object but we do not see their energy.


The evolution of humanity (for those choosing it) is happening now, right across Earth. The world is being shown that everything humanity thought was real, is not. As the truth of this is revealed, we are finding it unacceptable and don’t want it in our life. This is perfect and meant to happen. We are rejecting all 3D dense energy. We are letting go of our attachment to 3D and to the degree we do so, we are free. Anyone wishing to evolve at this time will continue the process of releasing 3D and will expand their light until a new world (dimension) becomes visible to them. All dimensions actually exist at the same time and in the same place, but we can only see what is in the same vibrational band as ourselves. You may wonder why we seem to be jumping straight from 3D to 5D. But we are not missing 4D. We are releasing it along with 3D. It is the level where all emotional energy is stored, so as we let go of negative emotions, we let go of 4D.

We are becoming wiser and lighter and are preparing to experience spiritual growth in a higher plane. We are ‘unagreeing’ to a reality we previously agreed to. As we become more filled with light, we become aware of the world of the fifth dimension (5D). 5D is a range of light frequencies from dense to light. All energy in 5D is much lighter and finer than any part of 3D. 


5D is a quite a different form of learning than we experienced in 3D. In 3D we learn the consequences of our decisions. We also learn that if we ignore the signs we are given that show us we have negative emotions and reactions, life does become tough and painful. 5D still offers spiritual growth but we now learn through harmony and working together for the greater good. With our newly raised consciousness, we are able to easily see the best solution for everyone. Decisions are made without dissent or argument. We operate in harmony and unity. It is rather idyllic. Colours and sounds are exquisite and vibrate in higher octaves of light. There is no pain or suffering.




1. Much of humanity is now releasing 3D existence. Others may choose to continue their 3D learning elsewhere.


2. As individuals let go of the third dimension, they remove their alliance, reliance and agreements to that reality. They become detached and step free of the drama.


3. When enough dense energy and attachments are released, their personal vibration increases to a point where 5D becomes visible.


4. They have ascended to the first level of 5D.


Love, Harmony and Unity,


Sandy Stevenson

9th March 2023