I was recently asked what I do to keep my own vibration up. My reply seemed to help with some ideas of how much we can help ourselves. So, I thought I’d write down in a casual personal way, some things I standardly do to get the best support from the universe to stabilize and raise my light. These are things that work for me. You may have found other ways such as walking in nature, meditating or riding the waves. I think the important thing is we each follow our gut knowing. I find taking responsibility for our own state of being also assists our friends and the planet. It is worth the time to make our life easier. Please note: None of these are done because I have a pattern that says I ‘should 'do them. It is intuitive and feels right for me. I don’t necessarily sense the energy which can direct us, but I do use inner knowing, which I have worked to strengthen over many years by acknowledging whenever it happened. We can all do this. This helps us integrate truth and we start to understand better the overall picture of how life works. We see the importance of applying spiritual basics to life to minimize lessons we need! We almost become the truth, in a way. Then the basics are no longer something we need to remember to do. As we know, there are no musts or shoulds, the ideal being to do only what feels right. See if anything ahead is useful and feels right. A key factor for me is to let go of physical, emotional and mental 3D dense energy.


1. I have a shower and wash my hair every morning to clear off 3D energy. Not being quite brave enough (like my brother) to have a cold shower, I enjoy the warm water for a while (which I find very healing) and then gently reduce the hot water down to near cold. I can literally feel the change in energy in my body.  I think Wimhoff (the ice man) has some truth using ice for healing. I asked the water elementals many years ago to bring additional healing energy into my shower water. They love helping us.


2. I never wear the same clothes twice. It has the day’s 3D energy all over it and I am aware of it. I throw everything in the washing machine every night. So, needing a big machine so I am not washing every day, I got a wonderful 2nd hand 11.5g, top brand washing machine in exc. condition for $100 from Facebook market place. It was 10 mins from my home, being sold by people going into a retirement village.

3. I live on the ocean (yes, it helps. Sorry!) My morning usually starts in the dark as I get up really early and go out on the balcony to breathe in ocean energy. I generally have coffee made with organic coconut milk. It can scarcely be called coffee as it is instant with a minimal amount of coffee. Then I usually put on soft, high vibrational, mainly instrumental music I’ve compiled from various artists. Compiling songs means each song resonates. Quiet instrumental music is good for early morning I find, being free from 3D lyrics. Sometimes my day is silent and free of music, other days soft high vibrational music is played quietly in the background. And yes, of course, I also have a wide variety of different styles of music when that feels right – and may even be seen dancing around my home to something like Serena Ryder’s - Got my Number (just to show you it’s not all peaceful and wafty!) I like lots of artists including Daniel O’Donnell (the youngsters are saying who??). Highly successful and active over 40 years now with 50 albums, he is well loved around the world. He has a loving, inner vibration that I find peaceful. But all the music I play has a positive vibration. It has to fit with me. We are all drawn to what assists us.


4. Food. I eat all organic food and have done for more than 20 years, except for odd occasions when a café does not have organic choice. Then I pick what feels right. I vary the colours and types of vegetables, salad and fruits to get different enzymes, minerals and vitamins. I haven’t eaten breakfast for more than 30 years. I feel no pull and my body doesn’t indicate a need. I have not drunk any tap water since chemicals were added and I get my organic water weekly from a local farm. I have never microwaved anything in my life and ask cafés to use regular ovens to heat food if I buy it. I use 99% organic products in my home. Until recently I didn’t have anything black in my home as its dense slow moving energy is not a high vibration. I think know that. However, I now have two small black items as there was no other option. That’s fine. It’s not a fixed idea, just a preference.  Everything is a preference. We need to rid of the fixed patterns.


5. I only use natural medicine, much of it being vibrational essences such as Rescue remedy. I take supplements if needed but my goal is to get nutrients naturally through food and water. I avoid doctors and hospitals. Most things can be handled with some holistic method. As a first action, I look at possible lessons to learn, karma and past lives, before I use natural medicine for it. A few years ago, I had a leg cramp and the next day my leg was double the size, burning hot and painful. A blood clot? I went on line and looked for natural handling of a clot. After pages of people urging an immediate trip to hospital, someone said to use organic cayenne pepper powder and black molasses. Being quite fearless, trusting the universe and always avoiding hospitals! I went out and got some. Mixed a quarter of a teaspoon in a tablespoon of molasses. Within hours it started to visibly subside and the heat reduced. It took two days of 4 strong doses daily, but then was completely gone and never returned.


6.  My natural inclination is toward ‘feel good’ stuff rather than to violence and dense energy action. But I can watch anything if it feels right. I thoroughly enjoyed Top Gun 2 at the movies recently. I haven’t watched the news on TV for many years and have had the TV off completely for the last year. But recently I put it back on to watch a couple of light shows like ‘Escape to the Country.’ Having spent much of my life in the UK, I love its incredible beauty. That beauty is clearly shown in this show and often covers the county of West Sussex where I lived for 30 plus years.


7. My wardrobe has virtually no dark coloured clothing. I have a light navy coat, that’s a stretch and I rarely wear it. I feel my auric field being stifled with slow moving dense energy. I learnt something about that at the MBS festival in London back in the 90’s. A lady had a healing stand. I had a healing from her. I was sick for days afterwards. I looked to see why I was sick. I realized I had not chosen to get healing intuitively. I thought the price was good!!! Ooops! I realized then how important it was to choose our healers or practitioner's intuitively (and our friends). That lady was perfectly fine for people with a similar vibration. One of the reasons we choose someone of similar vibration is they are consciously or unconsciously aware of our auric field and extend their healing to take in that field. I realized later the lady had done the healing very close in to my body, which was probably a combination of what she had been taught and her own level of awareness. It collapsed my energy field. Not permanently, of course, but for that time. That would occur with most of the lightworkers as our auras are often extended way out. And in case anyone gets into judging aura sizes, there is no such thing as better or worse or higher or lower when applied to consciousness beyond the 3D plane. Such duality terms are only used to make concepts clearer in people’s minds.  


8. Go where and with whom you are drawn to; people and places with the same vibrational band as yourself. I could say avoid negative anything, but we naturally do that when we are in tune with the flow. I also use a computer but I have a lot of product protection against connected dense vibrations. It goes without saying we also need to discipline our own negative thoughts and judgements right out of our life.


9. Handle every action with integrity, without fail. This makes a huge difference to our vibration.


10. I have nothing in my entire home that does not resonate as right for me. That means everything! I chose the pastel colours on walls and the furnishings and every item is there because I like it. I assist the overall vibration of the space with small waterfalls, fairy lights, salt lamps, lovely spiritual sayings and my own high vibration art. And music. All these things add up to a supportive energy space that feels like home.


If these things seem a lot of trouble, that is OK. Maybe now is not the time for you. Avoid doing anything because you think you should; is being dictated by the ego; because you think society or your spiritual friends expect you to; you think is the ‘right’ thing to do; think its OK to compromise ‘just this once’ or will feel guilty if you don’t. Let go of all patterns and triggers that arise and stick to your truth and always be yourself. Be brave. Walk in your own truth, without compromise. It pays in the end. If you really want to get out of this matrix and head to a higher vibration, you need to take some steps to make that happen. All you really need to do is listen to your heart and own knowing, and stop doing things that are preventing it.


Much love always,


Sandy Stevenson