Q. So much different information out there. What do I believe?

The ONLY way to establish truth is to listen to your heart and inner truth. Then you are NEVER confused and will have gone beyond ‘believing ‘what anyone says, no matter who they are.

Q. Does truth differ depending on the dimension?

Most definitely. There are many levels of truth in the universe. Wherever we are in the universe we can only see truth (reality) within our own personal band of vibration or consciousness level.  But that does not mean we are restricted to the dimension we are in. For example, we could be in a physical human body in a 3D dimension but our own consciousness level is higher than that reality, so we are able to see a higher perspective of that truth.

Q. Events on Earth seems to be getting worse?

The current Divine plan on Earth makes more sense now we see the depth of sleep experienced by many. We have begun to realize that for many, the ONLY way to wake them up is to experience the reality of 3D for themselves. The usual universal rule applies, as for all life’s lesson learning - people will be pushed as far as needed to reach People Power. As they wake up to the realization 3D life was not as they thought, a power and consciousness inherent in each soul begins to stir and increases their light levels.

Q. Why can’t the truth all be revealed now?

Perhaps the easiest way is to ask ourselves a question that may give and answer, for this moment. The question could be for all humanity, or just our own country.

‘If everything were removed tomorrow; no jabs, spacial distancing, travel restrictions, lockdowns, masks, passports, etc. where would the people be?’

1. Would  people be annoyed about the inconvenience they had, have a good moan about it and carry on life with the same media, governments, councils, big businesses, pharma, medical industry, chemical food, etc.

2.  Or are they sufficiently aware, having gained wisdom by seeing the corruption in every field, have learned from it and stood up and said no to it - to the degree they will now refuse to have anything to do with old corrupt, suppressive, negative ways, and will insist humanity moves forward with a whole new way of living where all aspects are based in integrity and truth. Yes, would mean we have reached our tipping point.

Q. Is there some sort of divide taking place on Earth?

Yes, in a way. People are choosing the evolutionary path that suits them. The choice being made on Earth is whether to continue learning in 3D which offers many experiences and lessons that cannot be gained in other dimensions or to make the move away from 3D toward 5D, which means begin to raise their energy vibration. If one chooses to have more 3D experience, the person’s body will need to die. The person would then reincarnate on another 3D planet and start a new life with a new body.

Q. Why is judging people detrimental?

Judging is a 3D pattern. The soul is capable of perceiving energy which is awareness and not judgement. When we take our aware perception and decide it is right, wrong, good or bad, we have just dragged it down into a denser energy of 3D belief patterns. We tend to think of making judgements of others. But what about judging of ourselves?

Q. It has become harder to relate to other people now that I see things from a spiritual perspective.

It just seems difficult because you are still moving in an old circle of friends and all that is familiar to you. You are in a transition period of awakening. We all experience this as we awaken to a more conscious awareness.  Time to step onto another path. There are many millions who also hold spiritual views. As we make these connections (once we really let go to allow this to happen) life becomes exciting and rewarding and conversations with people become fascinating as we exchange and explore together. Instead of the disappointments, confusion and judgements that are often part of 3D life, suddenly life is way more fun with greater understanding and enlightenment. Magic.

Q. How do we stop judging during this current planetary situation?

Love is the answer. We need to know the way forward. The only way we win, personally and planetary, is not to divide and attack each other. Coming together in unity is what is needed, all together standing in strength, demanding what is right. Not to attack an entire race for the crimes of a few. Crimes have been committed by all nations.  Can we rise above ego and hate and find love for all.

Q. How can we be sure we are getting the right information?

During this period on Earth, especially, we are getting conflicting and confusing information from all areas. It helps if we can view it from the viewpoint of this helping the current evolutionary process of humanity to 5D.

Our lives are full of information other people have told us. We also spend a lot of time logically working things out or getting confirmation from several sources so as to feel satisfied something is true. We need to let go now. We need to move on from relying on others for our truth and start looking within for what our gut is telling us. We’ve forgotten we are all capable of intuition (no exceptions). It is time to see what resonates as true for us and trust it. The quicker we can do that, the faster the lies we accepted in the past will dissolve; confusion will disappear; inner certainty will reign; confidence to speak out will increase; we will step into our own true power and self mastery and out light vibration will soar. It is time to trust US.

Q. How do I tell the difference between what I believe and what I know?

There is a huge difference between KNOWING a truth and BELIEVING something to be true. When we KNOW, we are able to hold strong to our truth and we become unmovable. It is a TIME for the Lightworkers on Earth to KNOW who they are, why they came here and to BE the multi-dimensional Masters they are.

Q. Will people die who get jabbed?

Our collective thoughts have a lot of power, so we need to be aware we don’t start creating a thought pattern that the jab is fatal. Many people are unaffected. Many receive placebos. Many healing remedies appear daily. The Divine Plan includes a complete vaccine recovery remedy, which will be freely available for all humanity, at the right time. We assume those who leave before the various effective healing methods come into play, have chosen to leave.

Q. Why is judging so detrimental?

Judging people and situations is a 3D pattern, so it is a dense energy. The soul is inherently capable of perceiving energy and recognising if it is a favourable energy for them or not.  This is an awareness and not judgement. The moment we add to our perception by deciding something is right, wrong, good or bad, we take if from a spiritual perception to a dense energy 3D belief patterns. We tend to think of making judgements of others. We need to also think about judging ourselves? We judge people based on whether they got the jab or not and yet we have no idea of the circumstances in play that encouraged them to make that decision. It’s the old Indian saying… ‘until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.’

Q. How do we let go of 3D?

We can start working on detaching from everyone and everything. That doesn’t mean literally. It means to stand back from the solid creation of reality we have strongly believed to be real and true. Let go of the identities we have adopted (mother, father, sister, worker, teacher, hippie, handyman, etc.) and all the things we may identify with on  Earth – golf, car, house,  boat, fishing, tools, friends, clothes, bike, furnishings, food,  objects, etc. This allows the soul to detach and unstick us from the glue binding us to this world. It brings healing, development and a chance to freely move into the future.

Q. We are told so many things we have to do to ascend and it can be overwhelming. Are there some important points to focus on?

The short answer is to Surrender. Live in the flow for there you will find perfection. Surrender yourself to Divine Order. That means letting go of ego, mind, patterns, habits, compulsions, emotions, etc. If you just did that one thing, you will achieve it all. Our life motto could be 'get out of the head and into the heart'.  When you live in the natural flow you are provided with the best possible outcome, moment by moment, for yourself and the universe. No need to 'think' it out anymore. When you are in the flow; you are guided minute by minute to be yourself, stay in your own truth, clear your stuff, repair karma, increase your light frequency, meet those you are meant to meet, act with integrity, re-establish your light body, do what you came here to do ascend at the exact right moment for you.

Q. Why is there conflicting data about spiritual ideas?

Nearly every subject on the planet contains conflicting data. The spiritual field is no different. As we know, there are different perspectives and levels of truth in all areas. Beings, whether incarnated or not, who present material that we read and hear, can be at very different levels in their own evolution and therefore offering different levels of truth. The way through this wonderful minefield is to trust your own knowing and accept only what feels right. When you intuitively sense something and you then realise you were right, always acknowledge that you knew that. By doing that, you'll constantly strengthen your intuitive ability.

Q. Do I need to understand the scientific explanations about ascension?

Some people are interested in ‘high level’ concepts. However, that is not a requirement for ascension. It doesn’t mean you are ‘unwise’ or not bright enough if you don’t understand some of the scientific views of ascension. If it doesn’t interest you, don’t bother with it.

Q. What are dimensions?

A dimension is a band of energy or range of specific frequencies of Light. Within each dimension, the densest energy is at the bottom and the lightest at the top, within that frequency band. Actually, dimensions all exist in the same space, but it is easier to understand it as being separate levels   

Q. Why are we ascending to the fifth dimension from 3D? Why aren't we ascending to the fourth dimension?

Earth is a 3D planet with 4D wrapped around her. The 4th dimension is like a storage area for emotions on Earth. So, as the Earth is already a 3rd and 4th dimensional planet. She will move up to becoming a 5D planet surrounded by 6D. This is the normal evolutionary pattern for all 3D planets. It would not be an evolutionary move to become a 4D planet. Evolution takes you beyond where you already are. The state of Ascension only begins at the 5th dimension.

Q. There is much about the Creation I understand, but I think there is even more that I do not.

 Sounds very wise to me. I think that applies to most of us. We can give thanks and feel blessed for the understanding we already have and also be excited about the discoveries we are still to make. Isn't it wonderful? What a great journey we are on, and how much greater it is if we enjoy it and can laugh at ourselves along the way. It is usually the case that if you need any particular knowledge, the universe will present it to you at the right time. Just enjoy the glory of this incredible journey we are on.

Q. What are some wise words to live by?

Words taken from wiser souls - 'Enlightenment is the continuous realisation that life experience is a mirror of our beliefs. Another helpful one in times of troubles which I believe originated in the Hebrew tale of King Solomon is 'This too shall pass'. And moment by moment, we can check ask ourselves, 'Is this going to create joy? A daily affirmation could be ‘Create joy wherever I go.’ Imagine if everyone did this. My own is  'Does it make my heart sing or sink? ‘‘Everyone is doing the best they can with the data they have at hand'. 'Everyone on Earth is helping everyone else.' ‘Never allow anything to come between you and source. Use the most direct route you can to the highest universal truth’.

Q. How do I detach?

Make the decision to do so. Affirmations: Today I will commit myself to detachment. I will not impose my ideas, nor force solutions to problems.  I will participate in everything with detached involvement. I will step into the field of all possibilities and anticipate the excitement that can occur, when I remain open to an infinity of choices. When I step into the field of all possibilities, I will experience all the adventure, magic and mystery of life.

Q. How do we trust our intuition?

It can sometimes take great courage to trust our initial gut feeling. But we must. And we must listen to that first voice. Because it may only be a 1000th of a second later that our mind kicks in and our intuitive feeling is swamped. The mind is filled with thoughts of ‘being polite’, doing what’s ‘socially acceptable’, its ‘easier not to make a fuss’, etc. Stand your ground, even when your own thoughts say otherwise. Learn to trust that still, small voice within. And if you can’t hear it, I would suggest erring on the side of caution”.

Q. What is spiritual compassion?

Spiritual compassion is an all encompassing, high level of compassion. In its broadest form it is compassion for all living things everywhere in the universe. We all have spiritual compassion capability within us but it’s common for us to experience compassion for others via our emotional body and feelings.  Spiritual compassion does not throw us off centre, off balance or into our emotions or ego. It is above that. Emotions being triggered from our emotional body tend to reduce our ability to function at full capacity and effectively do what we came here to do.

Q. What is the best advice to allow higher guidance to occur in our life?

Be in the moment, balanced between heaven and Earth, (not too grounded, not spaced out). In this way, you can observe what’s in front of you and respond intuitively to what feels right to do/say in the moment. Do your best, holding a space of love, without judgement or criticism of yourself or others. Remember, we all offer each other lessons to learn and grow from. If we were all perfect, this could not occur.

Q. What is our higher universal goal?

Unconditional love for all life, everywhere.

Q. Will love change Earth?

Yes, love is the answer to everything. It changes our life and changes a planet. A different world is born when we love unconditionally. It all begins with us.

Q. What is the fifth dimensional Earth?

It is Earth residing in a frequency that is beyond duality (no good/bad right/wrong). It is in the Now moment (no time) and contains none of the things we associate with 3D karma or 3D learning. 5D is positive, balanced, peaceful and harmonious. It still offers lessons but they are different and don’t contain the traumas we see in 3D. This is someone’s personal statement of living in 5D while still being a part of 3D. ‘I can feel the 5D paradigm all around me, in every movement, every thought, every breath, every synchronicity that creates the things I need. It's literally breath-taking to be an integral part of a higher consciousness flowing and is speaking to you in through every movement. I can feel the sanctity and rejuvenation of life here. I can see the deeper interplay that brings everything together as one. This is pure heaven!’

Q. What is the third dimensional Earth?

It is the more solid and denser frequencies of Earth playing out the usual scenarios that are continually offered to humanity, giving them opportunities to become wiser and more loving and increase their energy vibration to that of a 5D level. If lessons are learned quickly, our experience on Earth can be relaxed, effortless, loving and joyful.

Q. What is the 4th Dimension?

The fourth dimension is a band of energy around the 3D Earth of a slightly higher frequency than 3D. It is the emotional body of Earth and contains emotions. Generally, people can’t see in the fourth dimension. However, some can and this is what we are seeing when we see auras and ghosts.

Q. What is Christ Consciousness?

 ‘The Christ Consciousness is a level of awareness where you no longer see error in any action that you do or in any other human being but see only the beauty and perfection in all things.

For the Christ Consciousness does not judge, does not criticize, coerce, tempt does not condone, does not react negatively. For the Christ Consciousness is truly only true wisdom, Divine truth, true happiness, unconditional love and total perfection.

You will know when you have reached a level of Consciousness of the Christ when you are in a space where you can smile at every human being that you confront in your life without passing any thought or word of judgment, but look into their eyes, which is truly the mirror of their soul and surpass all outer influences of the human nature to truly see only the beauty that exists in their hearts which is their own Christed Being’. Crea


Sandy Stevenson

8th November 2021