The Power of Words


Asking for what you want  

The universe is mathematically perfect. Luckily, we don't have to understand maths to successfully live here. But it can help to be aware that words are a part of universal mathematics and are important.  

You may have heard, "Say what you mean and mean what you say." You may think of it as referring to our integrity and reliability, but it also has another important meaning. It means our communication needs to be precise because words carry a lot of power. It is important to say exactly what we mean and not make incomplete requests or promises. Then people can understand us and also trust us. How many times have we seen things go wrong because of inaccurate communication? Words are perfect. They have precise meaning.  

When you ask God, or the Universe, for something you want, you need to be specific. Say exactly what you want. Imagine your car has finally given up and you wonder how you will get to work. It is not enough to say "I want some transport to get to work." You might find an old discarded bicycle! Or a friend might offer you a free one day bus pass. Be specific. Ask for exactly what you want. And while you're asking, how about including the colour, year, make, model and condition. Do you want air conditioning, a heater, CD player, etc? If you don't care about the specifics, you could just say, " I want now (or 'I now own') a fully paid new car in perfect condition."  

One day, I met a lightworker living near me who was feeling very powerful after having a few great spiritual experiences. She said she was eager to rush ahead and become a master instantly. I heard her tell the universe she wanted to 'experience everything'. I couldn't let that go (well, could I!) and I suggested that perhaps it may be better not to ask to experience everything. I suggested if she really wanted that, perhaps she could ask for one experience at a time. But she wouldn't have it. She was flying and said it would all be wonderful. A few weeks later a friend of hers phoned me asking if I could help her break the door down to get to her friend who had gone completely crazy. She wouldn't come out of her place, hadn't eaten for weeks saying she was living on light, wouldn't let anyone in - even her best friend because (as she shouted through the door) they were all really aliens and she wasn't going to be caught and transported, etc. I helped her friend to get inside. It then took months of work by a lot of her lovely friends to get her sorted out and disconnected from heavy stuff and the astral plane beings she had tapped into. Possibly a good example of 'Say what you mean and mean what you say'.  

Incidentally, another point to that is that although it may seem this girl's experience was negative, actually that is not true. There is no such thing as a negative experience! There is only experience. All experience is positive. Everything involves the chance for us to learn and grow. It is how we view it, our attitude that looks at events as positive or negative. Regardless of whether we think it is positive or negative, it still happened for our highest good. That makes it positive. That is a truth. When we take that concept on board, we accept responsibility for all the things that happen to us and not just the 'good' things. This puts us in our true power and mastery.  

Saying what you want does work. But it won't work if you have negative thoughts at the same time. For example, it doesn't work if you say, 'I will find a partner who is perfect for me', but at the same time you are thinking, 'Yeh, when Hell freezes over!!!' You may also have a strong belief in this life that these sorts of things never happen. Many people can testify to the power of being specific in their listing requirements. We are all creators and our thoughts and word have power. In the instance just quoted, you would also need to clarify the sort of partner you mean. You may end up getting a business partner or a really good tennis partner. I recall once saying 'I only want my eggs half boiled'. Believe it or not, that is exactly how they came out! Precisely straight down the middle, one half raw and the other half cooked!  Honest.  

I returned to Australia in 2003 from the   UK. I really wanted to live on the ocean. When I arrived, I looked at the local papers and it seemed impossible to get a beachfront place. Firstly, there were very few for sale. Secondly, the prices were soaring. Nevertheless, I wrote down my list of requirements and was very specific. It included the price range and my preference for an older style place rather than ultra modern (well, I am used to old England !). Most importantly, I wanted to be right on the beach without a street between me and the ocean. I also wanted to clearly see the waves on the shore day and night and see lights of a town at night. I wanted to be near a wild life sanctuary and more. I listed my wishes and then 'Let go and Let God'.  

I chose an area that felt right and began to look there. I looked around for a week finding nothing suitable. The occasional negative thought came up that it seemed impossible that I would find what I wanted. Fortunately, my very positive brother put me back on track and reminded me of my original creation. As I drove around, I noticed one particular real estate agent's sign. Because I know that is how the universe works, I pay attention to where my attention is directed. So, I went inside. I said I wanted a place right on the beachfront where I could see the waves reaching the shore. The agent said "I think I can manage that" and that he had such a place. It had been for sale for months but wasn't currently being advertised. The 'reason' for that was someone had started to buy it but then couldn't get the finance. In the several weeks since the sale had fallen through, the agent hadn't started advertising it again. So, I was led to a newly refurbished, older style, large two bedroom beachfront unit right on the beach. It had everything I had written on my list - down to the last detail. I now own this bit of paradise here on Earth and I am truly grateful. I later thanked the agent for keeping the place until I got there. He laughed and said, "You are welcome". He left the company shortly after and started a completely different business. An angel/lightworker? No doubt.

 So, words and thoughts matter. They matter when you ask for things and, in fact, they matter ALL the time. Remember you are a creator. You are always creating.  

Words and discernment  

Moving on from creating our wishes, it is important to again highlight Discernment. This is my 5th article on Discernment. I keep writing about it because it continues to be needed.  

At the moment, the world has a wonderful abundance of teachers, gurus, channelers, healers and talented people from every walk of life. There are many people to help us along our path. In fact, we are all helping one another in this blessed time on Earth. As in every area of life, there will be wise people who are skilled in what they do. Then there are those who have not yet quite grasped the whole picture, but are doing their best to teach what they know. And there are some who aren't really interested in working with the Light. This is their choice and their right. All these people are needed for different reasons. If they were not needed, they would not be here. It may be that some of them give us lessons to trust our own inner guidance and be more discerning.  

We are all keen to advance ourselves and clear unwanted thoughts or energies we might have around us. A lot of information comes our way offering to help us achieve this, especially via the internet and email. There are also lectures, books, magazines, the spoken word and workshops that promise amazing abilities. Dozens of emails tell us how we can change if we follow the process offered in the email or by participating in a workshop or reading a particular book. We are offered a huge array of things: ways to connect to higher forces; change our DNA/cell structure; eliminate implants or energy; move into a higher dimension; change our vibration; initiate into some particular Order (e.g. Order of Melchizidek); connect to a certain Ascended Master or higher being, and many other things. Most of these are extremely life changing, the obvious ones being changing your DNA or joining a new Order. But even some that appear to be a minor cleansing can cause a lot of change (some unwanted). Much depends on the wording. Many ask you to connect your energy in some way to another being. Some include a statement that the process will have a profound effect on your physical/mental body. If this happens to be coming from a non light source, this wording is handy as those particular words used are designed to help get them around Universal law. They told you and you agreed to it.  

Know before you go  

Before doing anything that requires us to connect to ANY energy (no matter what name it is given or who it is supposed to come from) or change ANYTHING about ourselves, our body or our life, we need to apply discernment, i.e. our inner truth. Sometimes we are just so keen to get ahead, or the sound of it feeds our ego. Some things sound so good and we may be feeling desperate (heaven forbid!) and we just dive in.  An old saying comes to mind, 'Decide in haste and repent in leisure'.  

It is not highest wisdom to do something in the hope it might be right for us. And it's not smart to think it won't do you any harm if it isn't right for you. Everything we do matters. I think most of us can recall situations we created that took years to finally get out of.  Yes, it would be handy if we could just say, "It must be OK because it's coming from a well known person; they've written lots of books; they have a large impressive website; they run lots of workshops; they speak at well known events, the email is very professionally done; it says it's coming from Master Kuthumi/St. Germain/Jesus," etc. Unfortunately, we can't say that because none of those things is a guarantee. You need to put aside any part of you that is being impressed or is 'assuming' it must be OK.  Be the master you truly are and find your own truth.   

So much is on offer, it can be confusing. What do we do? Do we do none of it, all of it (and take our chances) or just do the ones that look totally amazing!! How can we tell which group of the three types of people mentioned above is sourcing this? Is there a stable truth we can follow to help us sort the wheat from the chaff?  Yes, there is clear guidance. YOU! You are the only person who knows whether something is in Highest Divine Order for you - or not.  

If you aren't sure, don't do it!!!!  

Ask God/Highest Light to bring you clear signs to show you whether this is something you need and whether it would be for your highest good now to do it. Then pay attention and look for the signs. And be honest with yourself. Don't change the interpretation of the signs you get, to convince yourself something is OK - you may have already decided you are going to do it because you think it will make you a super being.  

We do know what to do. We all have this amazing spiritual gift of knowing what feels right for us. We usually know what feels right but sometimes we don't trust ourselves or we think we aren't clever enough. Our intuitive gift gets stronger the more we use it. You can strengthen it by always noting the times you knew something was going to happen and it did, e.g. when you think about someone and then see them or when you're going to phone a friend and they phone you first. As you recognise each time you get things right (even the small ones), it gets stronger. Then you will begin to trust yourself more.    

Ahead are a few examples of the type of requests we may encounter in workshops, emails and books that would require discernment.    


....activate your cells to a new crystalline frequency  

Note: Your will find that your cells will already automatically alter to match your light vibration as your own personal clearing takes place.


.... disconnect from anything negative  

Note: If you disconnected from everything negative, you would not be able to remain in the physical universe! You also may have made agreements to experience something negative - specifically to help you learn or to teach others and it would not be in your best interests to remove them. However, there is a right way you can ask to have negative things removed. See the suggestions section below.


.... be helped to a new universe/universal vibration  

Note: Sounds good, if you are totally ready and prepared for it - and it is the right universe and vibration! You will find the original divine plan includes an automatic raising to higher points of vibration, as we clear our stuff and are ready. Have you ever seen the state of someone who jumped the gun, for example, by activating their kundalini energy before they knew how to deal with it? Of course, this instruction may be fine, but you will have to know that.


... the guides of the 24th dimension will join you and activate your new DNA  

Note: I wonder where that dimension is and who those guides are? That is different than the 13 (12 plus the newly expanding 13) dimensions many of us are aware of. So, you are being asked to connect your energy to the guides (beings) of this dimension and you agree to have your DNA changed. You need to be sure you know what you are doing!!!


.... channeling from St. Germain. "Take a deep breath and be still as you connect with my energy.........    

Note: You have free will and choice. If you choose to connect to an energy, know that you are making an agreement. Your free will has not been violated, because you agreed. Anything you say after the point of agreement is being directed by that being. So, it would be good to know who that being is. Just because it says it is St. Germain, doesn't mean that's who it is. Maybe it is, maybe not. St Germain and other Ascended masters don't mind other people using their name. They are quite happy to help us learn discernment.


.... You will be energetically linked with the Channeling being and a process facilitated within you. Every month you will undergo a cosmic clearing within your DNA. This cosmic clearing will result in a shifting of energy within your DNA. This energy will be constantly updated, resulting in new energies being at your disposal to continue your path. This will however, result in accelerated change in the entire make up of your being and your life.  

Note: As you can see, a huge major change is being offered and from an unspecified being, so discernment would be a very good idea. You may well find on an inner level that it feels totally right. If that is so, fine. The idea is to 'know before you go'.


Suggestions about wording  

The higher vibrational light beings who channel material (such as the 7th dimensional Ascended Masters) have no problem whatsoever with you being discerning and questioning what is suggested. They welcome it, and indeed long for it, for they know it would make a major difference to the Light Plan on Earth if everyone was discerning. If anyone ever abuses you or makes you feel wrong or says you should be more trusting if you query the source of something, you would know immediately you've hit ego and probably quite a low level of channeling. The real Ascended Beings of Higher realms of Light never object to being challenged. They never judge you or make you feel wrong or stupid. The same applies to the content of their channeling.   

So when you are being asked, in any way, to connect to someone else's energy, stop and check it out. It may feel instantly right on all levels to do so. Great. But if you aren't really sure, check. Better to check, than to just go ahead.


The word God  

You can also check the wording. Does it start with something like "In the name of God/ Highest Source of creation/All That Is?" or has God been omitted altogether. Or has a substitute word been used that sounds similar or reasonable! The word 'God' is a very safe universal energy. The item doesn't have to say 'God', but it needs to include some power you feel aligns you to a very high source of Light. Some people have a resistance to the word God, especially people trying to shake off a heavy religious upbringing. Even if you don't believe in God as an omnipotent being in the sky, you could conceive there may be some sort of All That Is/light energy source of creation. Perhaps it is the whole - the All of us.  

I recall looking around an English town with a friend and I spotted a beautiful cathedral with amazing stained glass windows. I wanted to go inside. My friend didn't want to. She said it was all rubbish and a part of the religious brainwashing she had as a child and was still trying to shake of. I suggested she could put the thoughts and their energy and significance aside and that we could enter it as a 'building' rather than a 'cathedral.' She agreed. It was actually a great experience. The place was stunning and she had an opportunity to look at it all with different eyes. She took in the exquisite beauty the building itself had to offer. Incidentally, because she agreed to see it, we had to walk down a narrow street we wouldn't have gone down otherwise. We passed a shop with an item in its window she really needed and had been wanting for ages, which she then bought. These types of experiences give us a chance to see how our thoughts and emotions can get in the way.  

Moving back to the subject of word power, I remember a wise friend once asking if I had a middle name. I said I did but wasn't keen on it and never used it. She said many people give the same answer. Her reason was interesting. She said we often have a special energy held in our middle names. To keep that energy unsullied by the third dimension, we decide we dislike it and so never tell it to anyone. This keeps the energy of the word pure and available for us to tap into as we need to. People who study word power are probably aware of this, but I wasn't at the time and the explanation felt right to me.


Words you can add  

Getting back again to the wording of what you are being asked to do. You could then check if it includes 'If it is in Highest Divine Order' or 'If it be for my highest good.' This is really important. You can get away with a lot of wrong moves if you add this part. If you are absolutely determined to do some process because it sounds the best thing since sliced bread!!!! but you aren't really sure if it's OK or not for you, then at least add the words to it, 'If it be for my highest good'.

So, a pretty comprehensive example of wording a request could be:  

"In the name of God, if it be in highest Divine order, I ask the Ascended Masters of Light of the 7th dimension or above, to assist me to increase my vibration, where this is appropriate for my highest good."

 Or if you don't want the word 'God' in it because you feel uncomfortable with it, how about:

"In the name of All That is Light, where it is in Divine order, I ask for Highest Light to assist me to increase my energy vibration, where this is in accordance with the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth.'  

You can create your own requests for anything.  

Words have power and each word has its own energy. Try saying 'no, no, no' - a few times. Then say 'yes, yes yes'. Feel the difference in energy? Some words, such as Starseed and Starchild, carry a high vibrational light energy. They were devised a very long time ago, to allow lightworkers to tap into the energy of those words. Yet sometimes, with little or no thought, we discard words we know in favour of a new word we have heard. We often quote new words so frequently sometimes that they enter into the lightworker language and appear in workshops, books and movies. Some new words carry a high light energy, but some don't. It is a good idea to 'feel' a new word before we use it as a substitute word or use it at all. An example of how easily a new word is picked up and spread throughout the light world would be the word Indigo. This was first said by one US channel a few years ago, who referred to Starchildren as Indigo children. This word is now commonly used as a substitute for Starchildren and Starchild.    

Sometimes you may feel you don't know which way to turn and how to tell whether something is right for you or not. Maybe you lack trust and confidence in yourself. We know what feels right, but sometimes we let our mind take over and we begin to question ourselves. Doubts creep in. We try to bring logic to it - and we end up dismissing or burying what we already knew. Think about it for a minute. Don't you always know when someone or something doesn't feel right to you? I bet you do, every time.  

Have faith in yourself. If you remembered who you really were (an amazingly gifted and talented spiritual being), then you would certainly trust that you can know what is right for you! We all have a wonderful perception of Divine order and what is and isn't right for us. So, listen to yourself. You are clever, probably a zillion times more than you imagine.  

Trust yourself. You know what you are doing.


Sandy Stevenson

April 2007  


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