No two souls in the entire universe have the same name or “soul signature”. You have a divine signature; it is your unique soul essence. You are recognised around the universe by your unique vibration. You might recall times in life you felt you knew someone even though you’d only just met. Chances are you have known them before and recognise their unique vibration.

Your vibration is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choice of words, how well you take care of yourself, the Earth and others. The higher your vibration the more light you hold, the faster your light particles vibrate, the higher your consciousness and the stronger you’re connected to your higher God self. When you’re a high vibrational being you recognize your divinity and the divinity within others. You are in alignment with your soul, which is nourished by spirit, you are vibrantly healthy and your life flows with ease and grace.

When your vibration is low, your light particles are vibrating slowly and become condensed. Your energy literally feels heavy because you are not in alignment with your soul or divine self and are mostly operating from your lower self or ego. Distorted beliefs, fear, anger, resentment, blame, guilt, jealousy, judgment, shame, addiction, unforgiveness, conditional love, lack of self worth, greed, separation consciousness and poor health keep you in very dense low vibrating energy.

We are multidimensional, energetic, spiritual beings having a physical human experience. As we become more aware and awake, our soul begins to integrate all of the layers of ourselves, bringing us into a state of wholeness. We need to become aware of who we really are to reclaim all of our energy and mastery.

As multi dimensional beings we continue to expand our consciousness which in turn increases the vibrational frequency we are emitting.

If we are in a physical body and we can see the world around us, it means our personal vibrational frequency is the same as that of the 3D dimension. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t see anything in the 3D world. But some people have a broader band of vibration than just the vibrational band that exist in 3D. Personal frequency can span higher and lighter levels, perhaps within the 4th dimension. It’s also possible for  a person to have a broad enough band to view the lower levels of the 5th dimension. If you can see fairies or see the colours in around people, plants or animals, your vibration spans into the 4th dimension.

To see in any dimension, we must vibrate within the same frequency band as that dimension. This is really what evolution is. Through right thought and action working with love, we increase our vibration and a leap in consciousness occurs. We find we can suddenly see and operate in a higher dimension. Light transmutes denser energy, so as you increase your light level, dense energy around you is dissipated.

Every dimension, including the third has a multitude of energy frequency bands within it, ranging from denser at the bottom up into finest at the top. And each entire dimension contains higher frequency light than the one before. We use the terms ‘above and below’ to give clarity and understanding to the idea of different dimensions – of which there are 12 with a 13th currently in formation. But actually all dimensions exist in the same space in the physical universe. But we can only see those we vibrate at the same frequency with.

We acquire dense energy from negative 3D patterns. We get weighed down with the heaviness of it. This happens to us from adopting negative beliefs, being located in areas of heavy energy or associating with negative people, as well as from the painful and sad events in our lives on Earth.

As we discard or transmute the layers of dense energy we carry in the subtle energy bodies that surround the physical body (our mental, emotional bodies) and we become more loving, wiser and less judgemental, our vibration begins to change. The frequency of light we emit is changing. Have you ever been with someone who is so genuinely joyful, you often feel uplifted just being with them. They are emitting a high light frequency. As we grow in our spiritual understanding, our vibration becomes progressively lighter and finer. In the end we move so far out of a compatibility with the vibrations that exist in the 3D band, it’s no longer real to us or a place we wish to be. We are more comfortable and in harmony with the next dimension and so we adopt that as home. This is the normal evolutionary pattern.

Of course, this changes when we are speaking of the Light Force on Earth. They had already moved past the 3rd dimension experience long ago; some having increased their vibration to that of the 6th dimension. The Light Force incarnated back into the 3rd dimension just to help the Earth. When they’ve completed their work on Earth they will discard the physical body, move back into their light bodies and head home to their own dimension of light.

From their home place, we have the opportunity to continue learning more about the universe. So when we are ready, we can move into learning offered in the higher realms. This learning is of another type altogether than offered on Earth. Learning in the higher realms involves harmony and beauty. There is no duality (e.g. good/bad) which means it does not contain the harshness or negativity often found on Earth. The difference quality and vibrations involved in higher dimensional learning is commensurate with the graduation of the soul to those levels.



October 2018