The planet is shifting as fast as it can conceivably do so without causing further dense energy that would be created from the shock as humanity discovers the truth.

People who choose not to wake up at this time will continue their 3D learning on another 3D planet. All planets in this particular sector of the galaxy will be in 5D, but there are other 3D planets in this physical universe of matter, energy space and time, available to offer incredible learning and growth to souls who still choose a 3D experience. Every soul on Earth (regardless of age) has free will and choice to decide whether to ascend into the higher dimensional frequency band of 5D or to continue 3D learning.

Most animals will automatically ascend as they are generally aligned with Earth and Divine Order. However, there are also many ‘old souls’ in animal bodies, mainly domestic pets such as cats, dogs and horses. Those souls incarnated in this form at this time to assist their ‘owners’ (friends) to release 3D. Those souls have the same ‘free will’ option as humans. I think many people with pets realize that some pets are way more than just a pet. Often the passing of a beloved pet can assist the ‘owner’ to release buried grief and loss.

Earth has been the densest planet and the learning here tough at times. The depth of density acquired here had not existed before. It required a new blueprint to create a pathway that everyone could use. The lightworkers have created that. The pathway is complete. All souls, no matter their state, have a path they can follow to wake up, release dense energy and ascend. But it is their individual’s choice.

The learning obtained through experience on Earth offers knowledge of what happens when certain actions are done or not done. This information now passes into Universal Records available to all. Mistakes will not be repeated. There would be no wisdom in doing it again. No planet will never again experience the level of density reached on Earth.

Evolution is a choice. No-one is forced to ascend. Anyone can continue with a 3D experience as long as they wish. It is simply an individual learning choice and neither choice is good or bad. It is perfect for the individual.

It does take time to awaken people and they must be given a little time to do that. Events across the Earth will increase rapidly to help bring that about. This will be done in the gentlest way possible to allow people to experience on a gradient scale, so as not to overly shock them. No doubt there will be some major twists and turns. It could even happen that JFK Jr. is President, to create a less divided USA. We don’t know the details of how this will play out. So many facets, many unknown to us, but all creating the best possible scenario to bring humanity to a new level of evolution.

But there will be a cut off point in the awakening process. A moment in Divine timing where everything has been done that could be done and sufficient levels of truth have reached the public domain. It would be the moment where each individual, consciously or unconsciously, has made their choice to ascend or not, at this time. I expect that following this point, we will find our attention shifts from our current focus of concentrating on networking truth out to the people - over to preparing, healing and releasing to increase our own vibration ready for 5D ascension. Possibly new healing modalities and easy, fast processes will appear.  

Trust the Divine Plan. We don’t know the how but we know the why. Evolution. You know, it is quite a big deal to take a planet into a whole new higher band of evolution. And even more so, to take it from this level of dense energy. Light is now flooding the Earth, pouring in from Universal Source, stirring up every area of untruth. It can seem chaotic as everything on Earth that is not of the light, is forced to the surface. But we are seeing the death throes of the old corrupt ways, struggling to stay hidden. But that time is over. Nothing can hide anymore. Anything that cannot change itself into truth (i.e. increase its light) will disappear, giving way to the full planetary birth of the Age of Aquarius. Humanity now takes control and creates its own destiny in truth and expanding consciousness.

We are in the ride of our lives and we are a key part of the most momentous happening in the Universe. Nothing can match it. This is the biggest roller coaster ride ever created. We can thoroughly enjoy it with excitement, with maybe a few yells along the way at the highs and lows, but knowing in our heart and soul it had to be this way. You may not believe it right in this moment, but you are going to be so incredibly happy you were part of this.

This amazing moment creating Universal history, when the Earth birthed into full light, to be spoken of for eons to come, and YOU were here to witness it.


Love and blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

7th May 2021