It is lovely so see so many people awakening to new ideas and possibilities about life. As they stick with this path, a whole new world will open up for them. Wonderful and exciting vistas will present themselves and as they begin to walk a new path, its entire journey a series of magical discoveries and increasing conscious understanding, offers a broad, all encompassing view of every aspect of life, from a spiritual perspective.

The truth begins to reveal itself. Each step taken reaches new senses deep within the soul, glancing upon an inner yearning for new understanding seeking to bring to itself a knowledge and sense of growth and expansion toward a state of mastery. Not the limited truth of a 3D plane we are seeing now, but the truths of the universe, ever changing, higher and higher, wider and wider, each replacing the one before it. Each step intoxicatingly breathtaking and unbelievable, holding us in awe as we realize the simplicity of an incredibly elaborate and mathematical universe, full of overlapping dimensions, changing identities and roles and interacting parallel illusions that reflect a pattern of infinite perfection of now.

Many of us remember our own start on that same journey of discovery, for some a very long time ago, and of the first moment we encountered the spark that lit our world so brightly it illumined a beckoning to come forward, triggering in us some deeper inexplicable knowing we had hit upon something, a truth so pure it could neither be denied nor passed over and an inner urge propelled us to press forward, to eagerly seek the core of what we had hit upon. We never forget that moment, as of virginity, always recalled as precious, filled with love and hope and impossible to repeat. But still, what followed was equally mind altering in a continuing parade of inter-dimensional moments, sometimes scattered, sometimes intensive, pervaded our life. Even when sidelined, distracted by glitter, we never went back. We can never go back. We have seen something that has meaning. We are not sure what that meaning is or what it holds for us, but we are unable to leave it be. The sense of destiny presented itself in the moment and we recognised it as our path and our time.

We rejoice for the newly awakened. We know this path they walk and know the joys and delights that await them. We who awakened long ago still feel the excitement, the joy, and when we think there cannot be more, we experience again the jewels of creation as  further moments of awe burst in a parade of golden shafts of light upon our world.

Beyond the heady days of rushing to grasp the horns of an unbridled energy of impatience that it has to happen now. Perhaps we walk now with softer feet emitting a glow of wise embers, where learning has been done and a dimension is to be left behind forever, beyond a desire to leave an imprint that distracts, blessed in solitude of oneness and the ever gracefully expanding relationship of a multi dimensional existence, enveloped in serenity of harmony in infinity beyond infinity.

Poised on the brink, transversing two worlds, ready to step into the transition ahead, we oversee the destiny of a planet and a race, the culmination of a million steps taken to bring about a creation, a place of holy and sacred light, the blossoming bud of a wondrous new world, long imagined, long awaited and now upon us.

And It Is So.

Gratitude, Love, Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

30th June 2021