We, Lightworkers, are holding the light across Earth as it evolves to the fifth dimension. We are the hands and voice of Source as we maintain the steady increase of light.

We all we made agreements before we came here which included remaining positive and maintaining a personal minimum level of light frequency. We knew to achieve that mean would have to stay aligned to our Divine light goal and not add our energy, credence or validity to negative 3D story lines by agreeing, in any way, they were possible outcomes.  

We have heard of Parallel worlds or universes. There are usually several running at any one time, each with different outcomes. At any given time, one scenario of how life is going to play out is always ahead. Some of us understand this and others not yet. Basically, what happens in our own life or the life of a planet is decided by the energy of our ‘thoughts’. An example in your own life might be you really want to be a singer. You took a few lessons and knew this was something you wanted to do and felt it could happen. But you also had lots of thoughts it may not support you financially. So, instead of placing all your trust and energy into your dream to be a singer, you decide it would be more sensible and practical to learn a trade. You study hard and put a lot of energy into achieving that. You then get a full time job and work hard. It is time consuming (possibly also soul destroying). Of course, most of your thoughts now revolve around your daily work. Not much time left to devote to becoming a singer. Guess which parallel world you just pushed to the fore? You chose to create a life where this work was the most probable outcome. It remains as a functioning reality unless you change it at some point by putting more energy into a different creation.

The same occurs with a planet. Whatever the majority of the population is agreeing to as their current ‘reality’, pushes that creation to the front and become the most likely to happen. That ‘future’ of Earth fluctuates as the majority of people change their mind. It can change often.

We have a slightly different situation on Earth than at other times on other planets. Millions of Lightworkers incarnated on Earth specifically to help. They are permitted to speak on behalf of their own incarnated soul families until such times as those people wake up sufficiently to choose themselves. This is allowed under Universal law because they are simply aligning to people’s own desire to live a free, happy and peaceful life.

Now we come to a key important point. As previously mentioned, Lightworkers are acting on behalf of humanity who are still asleep or not fully awake yet, so it is a super responsibility to make sure we get it right, not only for ourselves and our path and ascension but for all the people we speak for. So, we need to be positive and stay aligned to the Plan of Divine Order to bring Earth into full light. If we slip up and start agreeing with negative scenarios we see playing out – many of which are not even actually happening but are simply ideas they might - in that moment we are dropping our light goals and instead giving our energy and power to negative realities. Each time we do that, we push the negative plan scenario closer to the fore and help it become ‘the most likely reality and future of Earth’.

I really hope we get this!! Because if we choose to believe these other things are real and add our power to the creation of dark energy scenarios, guess what we will get?

We have felt we needed to get material out to the masses about what is going on around the world to help wake them up. This is correct. However, the way to do that is to simply pass out what feels right, while remaining totally detached, completely letting go of any belief in it and having no attachment to its content.

As long as we are doing this, of course, we are still to a large degree, operating in a duality system of 3D energy. So, we need to somehow step beyond that and create another level of existence.

We could spend time visualizing an Earth we prefer. Our entire world is created only from thought, so it is pretty smart to start envisaging an entirely different one. So, let us get a picture of an amazing world of light, where everyone loves each other; long gone are barriers of creed, colour, age or circumstance; they exist no longer. Now we have a world of positive creations, where magical and amazing things are conjured up from our higher knowledge as we all co-create together, laughing, happy and joyful, wanting everyone to be well and do well. A place where we know we are connected as One and we want a fun world to play in where we all win.

It was necessary to understand all that.  Now, we move on.

I think I know the answer. I think I know what we have to do.


Leave every part of  our old world behind, along with all its thought patterns, judgements and divisions, making it a dim distant memory of a past time where we sought to understand and find the right answer for us to move foreword.  We have the answer now.

Just drop the lot of it. Let go of all attachments to duality; all ideas of a ‘them and us’; all ideas of having to be right; all ideas of what we think ‘has to happen’ before we get an outcome we prefer; remove thoughts of what ‘time’ is involved in anything (there is no time!).










Sandy Stevenson