Hello everyone,

Here is a list of the some of the Alternative news media outlets offering truthful reporting of events going on across the planet. From my perspective, the following people deliver a good level of truth regarding the US election an associated happenings. But naturally, you check it out and decide for yourself.

Many of the people who are currently fighting ‘the establishment’ and offering us an alternative media reporting truth -  as opposed to the corrupt and very false mainstream news being delivered around the world (all mainstream media around the world is owned by just 6 companies) are often spiritually based people. These white hats include a few ex-military guys, great bunch, dedicated to the hilt to expose the baddies – but they can get a bit carried away at times with the idea of civil war and getting the ‘baddies’  so maybe give them a bit of slack and take what you prefer from it all. They all are coming from a place of the heart, with a healthy respect for the US Constitution and the Right of Freedom of the US people (and everywhere) and are all very brave to take the stand the are taking. I respect all of them for their courage. As we know, Americans are far more focused on owning firearms, than Australia or the UK. God Bless them.

Find the news sites you resonate with. There will be other good ones who are not on this list, of course.

So here are some websites for those who are interested. All are free to view (including Epoch Times now).
NUMBER 1  YOU are the best source for finding truth
Always use your inherent inner perception and discernment in all you read and hear.
LORIE LADD   Channeller.  Very good. Listen to past videos also if you have not been following her.
https://www.youtube.com/lorieladd  Lorie Ladd is delivering many lovely higher Collective Conscious views of the proceedings on Earth at present. (She has also a couple of her own personal life videos - so choose what interests you.)
A growing Social platform that encourages truth and doesn’t track you, etc.
This is possibly the best source of information at this time for a wide array of areas of planetary awakening.
There are different apps you can download depending on your device – all free.
Go to the Telegram website and SELECT which you wish to download.  CHOOSE - Android, iPhone, Mac computer PC computer.
There are some good channels listed ahead.
1. To join them, go to SEARCH at top of Telegram once you have opened the app.
2. Type in EXACTLY the name as it is written below. Note There are copycats around!
3. Once the channel is up, go the bottom on RHS of page and click JOIN.
4. Then go to the the 3 horizontal bars in the top right corn and click on MUTE NOTIFICATION. If it offers a choice of one hour, one day or forever. CLICK FOREVER. This prevents you getting a ping every time someone leaves a post. Having this happen could make you want to leave the planet now!! Some have thousands of posts in hours.
5. Once you have joined some channels, when you next open Telegram, next to each channel a ‘number’ shows you how many posts you have not yet looked at.  You can scroll down and view posts that have come in since you looked OR to get to the MOST RECENT MESSAGE POSTED, click on the DOWN ARROW on RHS page – and then scroll upwards, reading.
The 3 bars on top right - is also the way you LEAVE/DELETE a channel.
NOTE: Only some channels allow you to post on them. Many only allow messages from people they have learned to trust who are allowed to post.  It is actually quite a good idea, or we would have such garbage being posted by trolls and telegram would disintergrate.
Millions are joining all the time. There are thousands of channels. To find new channels you may like, you can get recommendations from friends. Or you can check the name (in blue) at the top of each message post. Often it is the name of another channel, so you can click on that name –to check out that channel and see if you like it.
You will find quite a few repeated messages and captions because people see something on one channel and then copy it onto their favourite channel.
Official Simon Parkes
Covid Vaccine Victims
Main Group – 99%unite  Good but I think it is now full and the only way to join is if you know someone who has joined Telegram and has already joined this channel)
Nicholas Veniamin
Reignite Democracy (Australian)
Patriot Streetfighters Group Chat
World Wide Demonstrations
SpeakOneTruth                   (This is my own channel. I just use it tp put a few bits of my own info and other things I see that I like.) 
DJPunters United                 Covers Betfair bets on president and other things
Q Full Disclosures 17            (Some good stuff on here, not all right!!)
Truth Hub
Aurora  Ray – Galactic Federation
Agents of Truth

https://www.bitchute.com/      Many information/videos
https://www.youtube.com/lorieladd  Lorie Ladd is delivering many lovely higher Collective Conscious views of the proceedings on Earth at present. (She has also a couple of her own personal life videos - so choose what interests you.)
10.  TWITTER - Tweets by  -
Lin Wood  -          https://twitter.com/llinwood


Sandy Stevenson

21st December 2020
Updated 14th April 2021