A call from Earth

resounded across the universe

heard throughout dimensions of evolved souls

Seeking assistance to help a world

move from its 3D path of illusion.


Asking for millions to come

join humanity and speak as one of them

for their voice to be heard above all others

To wake a people from its illusionary world

by showing all that was unknown to them.


The different reality will be unacceptable

for souls are truly love, integrity and compassion

It will create an immense rising of people power

who let go of attachments to 3D

and find the truth of who they are.


Light Force, rejoice at the banquet

joining with all who came from afar

who lowered their frequency to incarnate

and birth conscious awareness, wisdom and love

bringing a new reality on a divine journey.


Standing together, aware

of the magnitude of this event

beyond comprehension in intricacy and perfection

watching the shimmering translucence

transformed by the light frequency of 5D.


The Ascension of Earth

Beyond time, into Now

Well done.

Go Home

Thank You.


Sandy Stevenson (Shantarn)

15th March 2023