I wonder if we have all realised how much we have grown during the last year, as we watch world events unravel. Of course, we’re all at different points in our personal change, but ultimately we are on board and heading the same way.

Anyone who has been looking beyond the corrupt mainstream TV and newspapers will have realised just how extensively the Deep State has infiltrated most areas.

I believe we have all let go of so much recently. As each hidden 3D area has presented itself and shown to be fictional illusion, we have been surprised and shocked - but we recovered, accepted it and released our attachment to it. (Humanity will do the same).

We now know who is involved in most of the industries; media, big tech, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, science, big business and all levels of government. Some areas still to be exposed would be the Food Industry (chemicalised food), religious establishments and the entire Educational system through business, universities, colleges and schools.

As each new area is exposed and the details are uncovered, showing it is not as we believed it to be, it has helped us let go of the entire 3D illusionary world. We need to do this to ascend to 5D. 

Our acceptance of almost unbelievable corruption and dark scenarios has risen dramatically as we been faced with details that were difficult to hear and often heart breaking. We have moved into our power and are not as shocked anymore. And really it’s almost like, ‘just add it to the list’. We could never have imagined in a million years - some of the information we have been presented with, much we had no idea about. We have helped prepare Humanity by bearing the initial shock of the reveal for them.

It has enabled us to discover areas we seem to find difficult to confront or are shocked by.  It helps us see our buried emotions and handle denial or an unwillingness to look.

We have also let go of the drama. And that will mean we are letting go of all 3D drama. We are not roller coasting anymore with the high and lows created by being caught up in daily events and possible dates. In fact, most of the incarnated Light Force are quite chilled now, even able to hear the most appalling details. We feel we have pretty much heard it all. Of course, we haven’t yet, but the point is we are handling it fine. We took the tough stuff; we overcame it and lessened our reactions. It is like, ‘Oh yes, were they hanged or a firing squad!’

In discovering exactly what the new vaccination was really intended to do and with millions of reports now surfaced about deaths, severe reactions and shedding, we see the health advice we received over the years to keep our immune system strong and aura full of light, was good advice. Incidentally, the vaccination programme was intended to have much worse results and if someone had not stepped in, taken over the handling of production and replaced many placebos in the doses, that dark state end goal would have succeeded.

We need to remain aware that the Divine Plan includes the awakening of humanity. The way to successfully wake them up is through personal experience. Being told won’t work. Too much indoctrination has taken place and many people are unable to believe anything that goes against all they have been told and believed. The only way is to see for themselves the Deep State plan for humanity. They need to see the world for the illusion it is, rather than a real world of truth they have accepted.

We have learned patience and to be in the moment and let it all unfold as is truly meant in highest order. Our attitude now is a long way from the early days of this world reveal when impatience was a driving emotion for many.

We have learned to trust our gut and trust the Divine Plan.

We have realized no knight in shining armour or star ship was coming to save us, and nor was it ever meant to. It was up to us. That is the Divine Plan. Humanity sitting back and relying on others has created what we have today. What is taking place as we pick up our game, stand up and take responsibility, is we are moving into our own power and mastery. We are letting go of our incarnated identity and becoming who we are. That is needed for us to ascend to 5D. We are acting intuitively and being the warrior when necessary, standing up for our rights and the rights of others.

We are armed. We are informed. We are in now a better position to help others as they awaken. With our fuller understanding we can explain it all better, with compassion, gently so we don’t create dense energy from the shock waves.

The world is about to be picked up and shaken until the truth drops out of every crack. It is being done as gently as possible but will still be incredibly difficult for much of humanity to hear. We have reached the stage where mainstream media is beginning to find it hard to withstand the force of so many people walking up and demanding answers. Information previously covered up is reaching mainstream. More is on its way.

The Light Plan is working perfectly. To reveal all and bring truth, delivering it on a gradient scale, to be absorbed more easily. Even the Covid restrictions actually helped people to accept radical change. Note: We do have many people choosing to continue learning in 3D. Those people will move on as the light continues to increase in the movement to 5D.

None of us can predict exactly when we will no longer need to fight to break through barriers to convince the public of the truth. But it is coming and soon. Then we will not be conspiracy theorists anymore. Then we can really help. We were called crazy conspiracy theorists when we said the virus was created in a lab in Wuhan. Now that is accepted around the world. It has begun. Truth will burst forth from very crevice. There is so much going on behind the scenes. Every area is being exposed, handled and replaced with truth and light, in all countries. Just how much is taking place is almost beyond comprehension. It will all be revealed.

We are on the most incredible voyage of our lives. Please enjoy it. It is so exciting and it is never going to happen again in the history of the universe. And we are here to witness it.

Love and blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

24th June 2021