At this special time on Earth where a lot of light is needed from everyone, it may be time to see if we are compromising our personal level of light by creating life situations where we are not free to be ourselves.


To make this more than just a couple of minutes exercise to then  put aside or ignore, maybe print it out, tick relevant points and review it carefully. Be ruthlessly real and honest with yourself.  Don’t deny, justify, make excuses or allowances. This is your chance to be true to yourself. Whatever you do with it then, will at least be an informed choice. After all, it is your life!


Since you began your current partnership or relationship…

Have you increased, maintained or lessened your light?

Have you become more or less of yourself?

Have you curbed your natural enthusiasm for life?

Is there genuine romance present?

Are you being equally met on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels?

Do you feel completely free to express who you really are?

Has your personality changed for the better?


Have you, to any degree, compromised your….

Truth            Reality           Goals        Beliefs

Spiritual Consciousness      Passions      Desires      

Friendships           Communications       Socializing   

Quality Time         Living environment         Lifestyle 

Intuition       Food Preferences       Needs

Natural impulses or actions that would increase your happiness

Freedom to be yourself and do what makes your heart sing?


Do you always feel free to express your truth and understanding of life?

Can you look in the mirror and KNOW you are totally being yourself?

Do you feel completely free in expressing your truth and understanding of life with your friends when your partner is present?

Do you feel judged concerning your needs, views, beliefs, actions, finances, choices, communication or appearance?

Do you generally feel stronger and more empowered or weaker?

Are you in a better or worse state of health?

Are you supported and encouraged in your creative ideas and plans?

Does your partner have your back in all you do?

Is the financial contribution situation or exchange satisfactory?

Do you know your partner will not talk disparagingly about you to others?

Are you 100% relaxed, comfortable and at peace in the relationship?

Are you happy and feel more yourself when your partner is away?

Do you do things when your partner is away that you have suppressed when they are present?

Have you limited or suppressed a desire to travel?

Do you find you have to adopt a certain personality to make it all work?

Is your current environment conducive to increasing light?

Are you in any way, making it somehow OK to lose your true identity?

Do you feel your relationship is assisting or detrimental to you helping the planet?

Are you getting signs to show you this is not an ideal scene for you?

Are you ignoring or denying signs, messages or inner knowing?

Has your partner created a space or situation that makes you feel you would not survive without them?

Do you think you would not be able to manage well on your own?

Have your previous life enhancing close friendships been maintained at the same level of connection?

Do you feel free to create new friendships and spend time with them?

Are you questioned or controlled about your whereabouts?

Are your friends criticized by your partner?

Have you settled for less than real happiness?

Have you become more positive or negative?

Have you made it alright in your own mind to compromise your true needs?

Have you made it OK in your own mind to compromise who you really are?

Do you have to fake things to stay compatible?

Have you adopted similar interests your partner likes or will approve of at the expense of your own true interests?

Are you constantly forced to seek alternative outlets to compensate not being able to do what you really love to do?

Have you played down your abilities to better suit your partners level of achievement?

What percentage, if any, have you adopted of your partners fixed ideas, fears, negative attitudes, patterns, choices, habits, rules, closed mindedness, limited awareness or understanding of life?

Can you freely discuss your own true spiritual understanding of life or do you reduce it to your partner’s level of understanding?

Are you making yourself less in order to maintain the relationship?

Have you settled for less than you deserve?

Do you love who you have become?

Are you a better person now?

Do you feel you are being 100% true to yourself?

Is your relationship bringing peace of mind or anxiety and frustration?

This list should give us some idea of whether your relationship is completely supportive of the goals and plans you chose for our life on Earth and is enhancing your life and encouraging you to become stronger and wiser.

Life moves so swiftly by, so it is wisdom to regularly check we are in the best possible place to achieve all we came to do. We must not lose ourselves in the mire of the third dimensional demands upon life that reduce our higher states of consciousness and truth. Regardless of how long or short a time we have been on Earth, our time here does not require we ever be less than who we really are. We are strong, powerful beings of light with an immense gift and ability to naturally reflect great love, compassion and healing out to the world.

We are Light.


Sandy Stevenson

31st July 2021