Perhaps people think of being attached to 3D as only  attached to possessions like a house, job, piece of furniture, pet, place, childhood home, object, money, quantity, a relationship, nostalgic memorabilia item or a person. It certainly can be very physical. I have a good friend with a house full of Elvis records, books, clothes, movies, ornaments, guitars, etc. It is a huge passion but a massive attachment as well. It may not be easy for him to let that go of that attachment. At least he is aware of it. Humanity has billions of attachments they don’t recognise as such. We also get attached to things beyond purely physical, such as emotions, ideas, a dream job, perfect relationship, comforts, expectation of fame or value, life patterns we follow, automatic judging, a sense of ownership, out of control ego, beliefs like what is beautiful and ugly, time, being in control, worship, the past, thoughts, fixed ways to behave, dates like birthdays and anniversaries, the way we like things done and wanting to be right.


Let me point out that is fine to have things, physical, mental or emotional. The determining factor is whether we have it or it has us. If you cannot walk out of your life, you are still attached. It is easy to check. Think about leaving right now. What comes to mind that would prevent that? Anything that came up is an attachment. There may be many things. You were unable to walk away. At least we can then gauge just where we are in our transition to 5D.

I was recently talking with a friend who said they had now let go of 3D attachments and were moving on. I wondered about a recent conversation we had where they were concerned whether/when their son would phone that week. They had connected the outcome to the current moon position and which planet was in what house. I mentioned that detaching could mean letting go of anyone visiting or phoning, as well as letting go of ideas about moon phases and planets and maybe even whole subjects like astrology.


We have all accepted billions of beliefs about our 3D world. If we sat down and made a comprehensive list, we’d discover hundreds of ideas we have about weather, or houses, or animals, or partnerships, or time or any subject. We are all in the process of letting go of attachments, which includes ‘outcomes’ - our projections of how things will work out.


We are all constantly evolving and growing. We are learning to be in the moment, in the flow, free of thoughts that attach us. We often pin our happiness to attachments and hold onto them, stress about losing them and are sad when they go. We need to stop defining ourselves by our thoughts, lifestyle and possessions or other elements that keep us stuck in 3D, which may seem permanent but are not. Nothing is permanent. We can restructure our life. Surrender to each moment and accept it for what it is. We can let go of the dramatic stories of our past, review and change focus, appreciate the learning we got and let go.


We eventually become who we really are, a spiritual being capable of withstanding change.

Becoming free of this 3D dimension means we no longer hold on to any part of the entire illusion. It may sound a huge job to release the hold this world seems to have on us but it is not so hard. We agreed to it so we can unagree to it. As a human race, we are now unagreeing to 3D reality! That equals freedom for us to transition to higher levels.


Situations and behaviour are seen differently by people but eventually everyone reaches a point where they have had enough stupidity, bad behaviour, lies and control. At that point, they begin to let go of society, its rules, regulations and adherence to authority. As unacceptable reality shows itself,  we see things as being shocking; destructive; criminal; traps; distasteful and repugnant; deceitful and lacking in integrity; untrustworthy full of lies and betrayal; lacking in sympathy; unintelligent decisions; inflexible controlling manipulation and reduction of freedom. We see blazing megalomania in authority with a disregard for love and compassion for humankind. It will become clearer and clearer that we accepted ideas that others knew better than we did. This encouraged us to hand our life and power to people in every area of society, from finance to medical, from education to justice, giving it to people who had hidden agendas that did not involve our welfare.


Daily, millions of people globally are becoming aware. Magic unfolds and sweeps the Earth as we the people, rise up, take our lives back and forge ahead in light.


Sandy Stevenson

27th February 2023