Judgements Affect the Consciousness of Earth



We have heard a lot about not judging people. This area needs to be taken seriously if we want to raise our light frequency and assist the Earth at this time. Although this article is also about judging, it is intended to bring our attention to a specific area of heavy judgement by most awakened people. The energy this is creating can affect all of us and the overall light frequency of Earth.


First we will clarify the difference between perception and judgement.


Perception is a conscious awareness or spiritual ability we have that can sense the energy of something, perhaps an event, location, person or other life form. When we see something, if we are open to it,  we are actually feeling its energy or vibration, and we can then choose whether we wish to align, connect, communicate or support it or not.


Judging something is different. We are doing this when we take a perception which is a high frequency of energy, and we reduce its vibration by judging it. This moves it to being a thought in a 3D energy. We may do this by deciding what we observed (perception) is ‘good, bad, right, wrong, beautiful, ugly, stupid, disrespectful’, etc. (judgement).


It is so much a part of our society, we drop into 3D belief patterns with barely a thought. How many realize they are often automatically complying with rules set by a society deciding how we should and shouldn’t think. These often have no valid basis or logic, e.g. comments about bad taste in clothing. Some see an overweight person in shorts or tight clothing and it triggers an auto judging response such as the person doesn’t have enough sense to wear clothes to hide it. Where would body size be any sort of truth or be valid in any way? We have been taught people need to appear a certain way ‘to be acceptable’. That is only one of millions of 3D ideas that lack substance or truth and cause division. We often reject wonderful people because they are poorly dressed or speak or act differently than us, the homeless, mentally handicapped, hippies, etc. because society says they are not worthy of respect. The extent to which we are brainwashed cannot even be fathomed. Divisions are caused in a multitude of areas. Parameters vary depending on what our particular society has decided is good or bad. Frowned upon in many western societies, being fat is considered a positive attribute and sign of wealth in Mauritius and other parts of Africa and the Arabic world.


Judgements come all day from everywhere. We are really good at reducing people’s morale and free right to choose with our own idea of how they must obey society’s dreamed up patterns. 


We can all choose what we eat, which is wonderful. Free will. But some transfer their own preferences to judging what others should and shouldn’t eat. We even seen some dedicated vegetarians highly critical of people eating meat because animals are killed to provide it and animals are God’s creatures. But do those people who judge even hesitate before killing cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, ants, spiders or snakes. These are also God’s creatures. It’s all a matter of viewpoint.


Those who have been following a path of awakening, increasing awareness and understanding of the current situation on Earth, have discovered many things recently that have produced judgements. Judgements keep us attached to the lower energy of the 3D vibrational plane.


I guess most of us have now heard stories of reptile overlords who invaded Earth some time ago and have been involved in practises we consider abhorrent. These were present, hidden on Earth until recently when they were removed (a few stragglers still to be removed). They were a race of physically large creatures with superior technology, no emotions and considered themselves superior to what they perceived as inferior humans. This is possibly the biggest ‘conspiracy theory’ ever, but it has acquired legitimacy. I realise this is a volatile area and currently full of emotion and judgement, especially concerning the children, which is almost beyond many people’s ability to comprehend. The reptiles also captured and bred humans for food supply. It is possibly one of the most devastating and uncomfortable issues to ever arise on Earth and our reactions are completely understandable. We are all processing the emotions that have arisen from this discovery. It was a great shock and hit many people full on. Handling our emotions is highly beneficial for us and essential to process for the collective consciousness of humanity. For us to release the dense energy accumulated with our thoughts of judgement, we may need to dig deep into a soul understanding. And we do need to release these judgments.


If we really want to create a new and better future for Earth, we need to understand that judging contains dense energy and lowers vibration. Because all life is connected, any dense band of energy created affects all life, including the human collective consciousness and Earth. We have a responsibility to keep increasing the light vibration on Earth and not to impact it further in a negative way. Many have released some of the judgements about different areas recently exposed, but there is a large dense mass of negative energy being held in place from many judgements made around the reptilian area. People feel their judgements are quite justified so are holding on to them.


To help us get past the judgements of this area and release the mass of negative energy around it, it may help to consider the following.


We humans kill animals to eat because we consider them to be inferior to us and therefore it is totally acceptable to kill them to provide food. For the majority of people this is an accepted belief and is rarely given any moral thought, attention, revision or compassion. It is common practise and widely known and accepted that animals are treated inhumanely. They are treated as commodities, crammed together with little space, natural light or stimuli. We allow practices such as battery chickens; cattle having throats slit and dying slowly; sheep transported hundreds of miles in tightly packed in cages to their slaughter; deliberate dehydration of animals transported for slaughter; caged birds; lab testing for medicine and cosmetics on monkeys, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc; fish farming; dog and cock fighting; chained or tied up; debeaking of birds; animals kept in confined spaces; zoos; mental abuse an trauma; abandoned; lack of food, water and shelter; torture and maiming; fur farming; dehorning and puppy farms. We may think we only kill cattle, fish, sheep, pigs, rabbit, chickens, goats, ducks, geese and turkeys but it is far more extensive than that. We kill bears, tigers, elephants, wolves, foxes, deer, water buffalo, mules, minks, fish, lobsters, prawns and whales; we kill feral animals - cats, wild dogs, goats, foxes, hares, rabbits, pigs, buffalo, wallabies, kangaroos, donkeys, horses and camels; native and non-native game birds such as quail, guinea fowl, partridge, peafowl, pheasant, spotted dove, turkeys and magpie geese; some  native waterfowl such as black duck, wood duck, chestnut teal, corellas, galahs and Australian raven.  It varies slightly from country to country but it is only slightly.


We also have a widespread practice that involves killing any creature that inadvertently gets in our way such as mosquitoes, ants, spiders, bees, wasps, snakes, rodents, bugs, crocodiles, sharks, etc.


So, you could say wherever we encounter a realm of life we consider inferior to us, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to trap, cause pain, harm or kill it.


Official figures estimate we kill 70 billion plus land animals a year for food. If we add the billions of marine creatures, it possibly totals 150 billion.


And humanity is generally thought of as a race of caring people with values about injustice who have strong emotions to help guide our right action and integrity.


So, it would be reasonable to ask what is the difference between us considering animals and insects to be lower forms of life and therefore being totally OK to kill – and the reptiles considering the same thing about the human race.


Maybe time to assess and examine our moral high ground with ‘Let he who is without sin….’ We probably haven’t considered we may be looking at our own karma of our continued utter disrespect for many levels of life, including our judgement of others and the way we trash the planet.


If we let go of our judgements, we transmute the dense energy of those thoughts. That helps increase the light vibration on Earth and assists us to bring forth the way of life we wish for all humanity to live peacefully together in harmony and respect for each other and all life.




Sandy Stevenson

8th April 2022