Spiritual beings are all born with many different gifts to use through their lifetime to achieve the goals they set prior to incarnating. One gift all of us have is an ability to ascertain truth. It is a deep insight. A sort of 6th sense when we know something is right. Some people also get physical signs such as goose bumps when they hear a really pure truth.

Man have lost sight of their ability to do this after years of indoctrination from people in ‘authority,’ such as parents, TV news, teachers, professors, archaeologists, scientists, doctors, police, lawyers, politicians, counsellors, psychiatrists, etc. who claim to be trained and therefore wiser than us. In reality, we are the only ones really who know if something is true for us.

We have all experienced times when we just knew something was right. We knew it in our gut. In past times, it seemed women were more in tune with this inner knowing. This was often frustrating for the men, who demanded to know the logic used to arrive at that conclusion. Of course, there is no logic. It is just knowing. However, for some time now, as men moved beyond a more macho approach to life and discovered a softer side of themselves, they have also tapped into this.  

When we hear something, we can respond two ways to decide if it is true or not. We can use logic and thinking or we can be intuitive. If we choose to ‘think it out’, it can be a very ‘hit and miss’ affair and we often end up creating unnecessary obstacles and suffering. Using intuition delivers a very smooth life path and faster learning and growth.

There is absolutely not one person reading this who does not have an immense capability to instantly know when something is right or not. Can you imagine, especially in this current world upheaval, how useful that gift could be? We could just dismiss all the lies and misinformation, quickly gain an overall picture of truth and then, also using our intuition, just tune in to what is required of us to do right now in each moment to play our part in this giant awakening and universal history making event.

Each of us has our own role. We don’t need to be told it. We don’t need to assume it is the same as others are doing. We know what excites us. Follow that gut feeling and don’t falter. Don’t buy into others telling you what to do. We are finished with that!! Now we can listen and then we run it past our own truth barometer to KNOW what is right for us to do or not do. In this way, all the pieces of the jigsaw right across Earth are taken care of and we all speed toward a completion of an amazing Light goal for the evolution of Earth.

Start tapping into this ability right now. It is sitting there, waiting for you to use it. It actually doesn’t take too much to stop your mind leaping in to answer everything. The mind is used to being in control. You have to get Spirit back in control. Every day spend 5 minutes stopping every thought that comes into your head. As the thought arrives, just say (aloud) STOP or CANCEL. Don’t let the thought come in. Don’t entertain it. Don’t give it energy. It won’t take long before this discipline pays off.  Once the mind is under control and is something for you to use - not something to control you, you will find intuition gets stronger and stronger. Look for it. Acknowledge to yourself every time you know something is right. As you acknowledge it, it strengthens it. Spirit using intuition is a force to be reckoned with.

May life become the dance you wish it to be.


Love and Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

5th July 2021