Contains exact steps of joining and operating Telegram


Hi everyone from Sandy,

As this world situation MAY go on for a while – it may be an idea now to start doing more of our own research. We also need to not depend on outside information so much. While it is great to get info as it gives us the current ‘visible’ picture and the good news can keep our hopes up - if the internet went down though, we may be in trouble. So don’t get dependent on it. We really need to be in, and maintain, a personal space where we are holding strong to the higher picture of what is going on with Earth now and we never waiver or falter from it.

Don’t go into fear or worry or begin adding your thoughts and energy to dark hat propaganda. So much is out there only to create fear. Don’t buy into it. Do whatever feels right to take action about anything that feels right. And apart from that, just handle ‘what is in front of you right now’ instead of focusing attention on some possibility (hope) that has been thrown out by some dark hat.

We do know that practically everything being done around the world in these areas at present is illegal. There are tons of law suits against most world govts, and they are all in play. There are massive moves to recount US election. In fact, there is an incredible amount being done by millions of people. Multi millions are regularly holding protests in most countries. More and more doctors, nurses, scientists, whistleblowers in all fields are coming forth. This is what it is all about – People Power. It seems like a pressure cooker at the moment. You can only contain and block so much information before there is going to be a God almighty release. A tipping point explosion. We just need to hang in there until that happens. And don’t forget there is a whole load of stuff being constantly handled by a super good team that includes the higher realms. They are doing the huge stuff. Successfully. And they really are!!

Above all - trust, don’t waiver, be the warrior you are, be the love, remember you agreed to be here - hold the light, hold the line, get out of seriousness, never give up, no doubts, no judgements, keep your vibration stable and increasing, be compassionate, stay detached, keep out of yours and the planets emotional body. BE THE MASTER YOU ARE. REMEMBER YOU ARE A CREATOR, SO EVERY THOUGHT COUNTS.

My suggestion  Join Telegram. It is a free speech platform. Channels have their own chosen people to act as Moderators, but they stop very little – just enough to stop filthy and destructive attacks. It really is free speech and not tracked by Telegram. Of course, there are dark channels. What else would we expect. So, you need to be very discerning as sometimes there are 3 or more options. One key is to check how many people have joined. That Subscriber number is very visible right under the channel name. That is quite a good indication. Go for the higher numbers.

CREATE YOUR OWN CHANNEL. Open Telegram and go to the three vertical lines on top far left of page. Click on it and then click ‘NEW CHANNEL’. Choose your name.  Also your friends can join Telegram and can post each other privately.

REALLY IMPORTANT When someone gives you a telegram channel link to check out, you need to copy it exactly. And that means use caps where there are caps and lower case where its lower case and make spaces or no spaces. In other words - DUPLICATE it exactly. 


What to do to join Telegram.


2. You will SEE FOUR FREE DOWNLOAD CHOICES. Android phone. Apple phone. PC computer. Mac computer 


4. Once you have downloaded, open Telegram. On top left is a search bar. Type in what you are searching for. Click search.

5. If you are looking for a specific channel, when it comes up, click on it. Now the right hand side opens up. (If you are searching a subject, loads will come up and you have to choose what to look at and check out.)

On the right hand side page -you will see -

1. The content of that site.

2. You will see a magnifying glass icon on the right (that is the search button)

3. You will see 3 vertical dots on the far right top. That is a drop down box for various things.

4. There is an icon that looks like a picture of an ‘open book page’. That is where you will find the details of that channel and numbers joined. It shows a link name. You may never need to open this icon.

NOTE: The channel link name is ALSO available by clicking on the channel name in bold of that site right at the top centre. You may need that link name sometimes so you can send it to friends.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you ever need to search WITHIN THE CHANNEL YOU HAVE OPENED - click on the magnifying glass on RIGHT HAND SIDE.  Then go to the Search box on top LEFT of telegram. Type in what you want to find.  Click search. That begins the search BUT ONLY WITHIN THAT CHANNEL.

To join and leave a channel.

1. Once you have opened a channel, to join it - go the bottom centre of the right hand side panel. Click JOIN.

2. Go to the 3 vertical dots on top right - and click on it. There you will find an item that indicates ‘Mute Notifications’. Click on it. Generally you will get a drop down list asking for how long. Click forever. If you don’t do this you will get pinged every time a message is posted and you will go insane! If it should happen that you do want to get pinged on a specific channel, then just don’t do this action.

If you wish to leave a channel – the same 3 vertical dots offer that option.

How to find more good channels

You will find at the top of every message whoever posts it has their name in blue - the channel came from. If you see some posts you really like, you can always click on that blue name and have a quick look at that channel to see if you want to join. I have found good ones by doing this


There are countless channels and maybe 750 million active people. Many channels do not allow comments and it will say MUTE at the bottom of the page if they don’t (and there is no message box). Ahead are some I have found interesting material on, but we all have different areas of interest, so start searching for yours. For example, people wanting to check info  re the trucker blockade would have searched ‘truckers blockade’ and then out of the list that comes up, quickly check a few out. Want to know about shedding.. then search that.

The main thing to remember is there are a multitude of opinions and views and many people don’t bother checking out things before they post them. So, you need to. Best to be intuitive. But often common sense is enough! If someone says all vaccines are abolished. you would first of all ask yourself whether that sounded legit and then start checking other channels, make comments. ask. And you may come across swearing, as some people are pretty annoyed and very passionate.

Remember to copy the words exactly.


World Wide Demonstration Chat  (can comment)

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Main Group – 99%unite  (can comment)

The Official Charlie Ward Show

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Covid Red Pills Chat (can comment)

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Concerned Lawyers Network

Reignite Democracy Australia **

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Sean Morgan Report

No covid vaccines

Patriot Streetfighters Group Chat (can comment)

Aurora Ray – Galactic Federation (See what you like)

Official Simon Parkes


Love and lots of fun,

Sandy Stevenson

2nd September 2021