Every human being on Earth is deciding their future by their use of thoughts, words, actions and intention. The path we choose is always deemed by the individual to be better for their own learning, growth, understanding and wisdom. Different path only separate people for a while. Time is an illusion that is part of 3rd dimensional learning. Once 3D learning is completed, all paths converge in a higher place.




1. Let go of the entire 3rd dimensional reality of duality (good/evil, right/wrong, etc). This increases our personal vibration to a level where the 5th dimension becomes visible and we step into 5D.


2. Continue learning from experiences offered in 3D reality. Many souls new to the learning obtained in 3D have already included this choice in their pre-incarnational plan. Consequently, they will not wake up, as it does not serve their purpose.


In support of the Divine plan for the evolution of Earth and humanity, the universe provides millions of circumstances, new truth and new realities to all people in all areas of the world, and give reasons that help us release 3D reality. Realities are being presented to us that we find unacceptable and so we reject them. By doing this, we are letting go of 3D.


We are literally being made aware of every attachment we have to all parts of 3D existence. Things we are truly able to walk away from mean we are not attached. So, those things do not need to be presented to us. Spiritual qualities are not attachments. Love, kindness, compassion and good actions that come from the heart, our true integrity and responsibility and things we learn from nature, are part of the soul. However, if these things are done from a sense of duty or ego, they become an attachment.


Simply, we are attached to most aspects of life. Most of us have billions of thoughts that cover every single aspect of our world. This includes habits; ideas; fixed beliefs; patterns; social structures; literally millions of man made rules and laws; false education; emotional reactions; lies; complacency; our comfort zone; things we believe are needed; most of history; friends; family; routines; music; destinations; goals; locations; furnishings; objects, ornaments; places; people; pets, food; material things; colour schemes and furnishings. At this special time, we are being confronted with things that force us to review and release lifetimes of accepting most aspects of society. We are reviewing all the things we think we know; unproven theories; automatically followed experts; thoughts and ideas from our education system and all media; interactions with society’s misrepresentations and indoctrination; and information passed on from our parents as taught by their parents. All these compose the reality of our world.


Luckily we don’t need to be shown all our individual attachments. Different realities contain thousands of different thoughts and patterns, so as we reject an area, its connected patterns also release. And as we move further into transmuting dense energy of attachments, the resulting increase in awareness and consciousness begins to sweep through all 3D attachments.




Sandy Stevenson