This is written to assist empaths, whether you think of yourself as a healer or not and whether you feel healing is your work or is innately who you are. An empath refers to a person who can feel the energy of people around them. They instinctively look for a more in-depth connection to others, embracing people on a deeper level that supports their ability to sense and heal the emotional wounds, illness and burdens of others. Providing this is done intuitively and they remain sufficiently detached so they are not adversely affected themselves, it works well. But sometimes an empath goes a step further and begins to absorb other people’s trauma into their own energy field, in the belief it will help more. They can then become overwhelmed with excess energy that overloads their own system. That is very draining and often leads to extreme tiredness, long term illness, chronic fatigue, skin conditions, depression, mood swings, panic attacks and other difficulties. Collecting energies of others throughout the day can be exhausting on the senses, the psyche and the soul.  


When an empath experiences sensory and emotional overload from absorbing other people’s energy fields, they can become super sensitive and even the slightest electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) can affect them adversely. They may become ultra sensitive to wireless signals, radio frequencies, mobile phone and TV emissions. Various odours and physical sensations can trigger reactions, and quiet sounds may seem unbearably loud. It is also worth noting that the normal recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals may be too much and a quarter dose may be enough. They are usually sensitive to many foods and may prefer silence during meals. It is all about energy. Their systems gets so overloaded anything extra becomes an intolerable excess.  


Empaths need to look after themselves. You need to maintain your own energy if tapping into and caring for people close to you. It is good for you to take some time away from noise to go within, nurture and honour yourself and allow stillness and solitude to heal you. Be guided by your intuition, spend time in nature, do fun things, stay grounded, clear your mind, choose positive friends and good vibes, get healing sessions, meditate, stay aligned and neutral. Release any guilt you may have about feeling things so deeply. You can also mistake another person’s emotions and wounding for your own.


The Empath acknowledges oneness with all things and people, but they need to set boundaries and not treat their own well being as a low priority. They need to also deal with their own pain and examine things from the past they think may have set them back and moulded their thinking. They need to learn to respect and value  themselves as the radiant, peaceful healing light beings they are, holding an important place in the world. They may feel they are just trying to somehow fit into this world but this world is their home for now, and they light it up with their presence.  


It can be difficult and drain your own energy to try and heal someone who thinks you can’t heal them. It might be best to avoid such people. It is important for healers to have a healthy relationship and compatible energy with the people they help.


Being an empath is a very compassionate role, but has to be done in a way that does not diminish their own life and well being. It doesn’t make logical sense that someone has an ability where they suffer using it. Some empaths are convinced they have to experience others trauma in their own energy field and are often wary about changing this in case it reduces their ability to heal. But it is important to preserve well being and live a stress free life. Empaths need to live their own life and not someone else’s. You are not responsible for fixing others. What other people create in their life is their journey. It is their path, not yours. You can sense their energies and struggles, but don’t own it. You don’t have to heal everyone all the time. We need to intuitively assess who to help and not do it because we feel sorry for someone. Logic tells us it would be extremely undermining to anyone’s energy field to try and heal everyone who comes along. Healing cannot be done at the expense of our spiritual goals and evolutionary journey.


This situation probably needs to be handled from a spiritual perspective. But for that to work, we would need to let go of the idea it is necessary to absorb others energy to heal them. Most empaths start off with the right approach, sensing people near to them who need help. That is perfect as they are sensing and not absorbing energy into their own field. But they sometimes become more invested and unconsciously expand their own energy field to help more.  


It is common for empaths and healers to assume because they have this ability it must mean they are meant to heal everyone who crosses their path. By making this assumption, rather than being intuitive and selective about who to help, they can leave themselves wide open. It can end up being on automatic, continually absorbing other people’s pain and trauma. Some even extend their perception beyond their immediate vicinity and start gathering beings from all over, even disincarnate souls in the astral plane. That is a super drainer! When we start sensing lots of people instead of an occasional one, we can shift from being in the flow of the universe with spirit in control, to an out of control ability that actively creates a lesser quality of life for us. Of course, many people can successfully offer healing to others this way without getting tired or worn out, but it is quite likely they have managed not to absorb others pain, sadness and emotion into their own energy field.


We are at a very important time in Earth’s evolution and we all need to release things we are doing that could prevent us moving into our true destiny in the higher realms of existence. If we are worn out and overloaded from thinking we have to fix everyone in pain, it is hard to remain stable and balanced with a good frequency vibration.  


If you are being drained, you may find you do things to try and raise your vibration to get above this debilitating never ending cycle. Your actions may include a need for silence and getting away by yourself; sleeping alone; choosing less energy-draining materials for bed covers and furnishings (e.g. bamboo/cotton); avoiding chemical products, food and medicines; playing music; changing your home or location to get lighter frequencies (perhaps unconsciously); adding fairy lights, waterfalls, angel statues and crystals; changing wall colours; removing dark furniture; getting new lighter furnishings, etc. You might also try to avoid negative people, but that may not work so well for you. Because you are so used to helping people transmute negative energy, you might not notice people with a predominant negative energy, unless it is blatantly obvious.  


Here are some suggested steps:


1. Examine what has been said in this article and see if it fits your life.  


2. If it fits, then in this new moment, decide if you need to make changes so you don’t undermine your life, getting sick, having to constantly work at staying stable and in a high vibration of light, from being constantly bombarded by other people’s energy in your field.  


3. Be willing to use a different method. We can use our ability to ‘know’ and be ‘intuitive’ to tune in to who we are meant to help. That is the usual spiritual route and does not impact on our well being. It is healthier to use intuition rather than use our emotional and subtle energy bodies as a punching bag.


4. Time is quite important now. Even if time is only an illusion adopted for 3 and 4D learning, we are still handling a 3D timeline in relation to life activities. Normally we’d have time to break down and dissect patterns but we don’t have the luxury of time anymore as the planet and ourselves are on a wrap up, heading home. So, in addition to some basics we can apply, we can use a Decree to remove anything we might have created in the empathic area, consciously or unconsciously, that is detrimental to our well being or our progress into higher dimensions of Light.


A Decree is a Universal Right that lightworkers have to request a specific action to be taken under Universal Law. Decrees can be created for anything. However, at this time of increasing vibration and consciousness it may be more useful to use decrees to handle global areas we feel intuitively need attention.  


Decree requirements: We need to take time over the wording used. We don’t normally need to include the reason for the decree in our wording but must contain specifics about what is being asked – the time, place, form and event. Decrees are based in intuition and not from thoughts of what we think should happen. We need to be in a clear space when we say a decree so it reaches where it has to go; it has to be in the universal flow of order and right timing to work; it needs precise wording and needs to be said by a specific number of lightworkers. The number required to say it varies with each decree, depending on the amount of people that decree will affect. We send out the decree and trust the universe the right amount of people will say it. Teams of people do decrees and constantly see proof they work; not every one immediately as it may need a right time slot. A decree has to be representative mathematically under Universal Law. That is pretty much the same as 144,000 Starseeds were required to incarnate to represent the 12 tribes and speak for their soul families. It is all about mathematics. In fact, the universe is based in mathematics.  


How to do a decree. You need to become still (not thinking!) where you won’t be disturbed by anyone. If you say a decree correctly and are in the right space, it only needs to be said on one occasion. Each decree has to be said aloud 3 times to meet universal requirements, using the exact same words. That means no additions such as a cough or stumbling over a word. It changes the mathematics. Even if you slip up on the last line of the 3rd time through, you have to go back and start again. And do it without getting impatient or annoyed (it’s not a good vibe!!) After saying the decree 3 times through, we seal it by saying one line just the once - ‘So be it. It is done.’


For those empaths or people who feel they may be adversely affected, an appropriate decree is ahead. It can be actually be useful to everyone to say it.


The Decree for Empaths


‘In the name of the Highest Light Source of All Creation, I ask that my Divine role on Earth is brought into a state of mathematical perfection and the appropriate Light frequency for this time and place and that any thoughts, patterns, vows or energies that are detrimental to my state of well being are now transmuted or dissolved from all my energy bodies, in a state of grace and ease, where this is in Divine Order.’


So Be It. It Is Done. (Say this line once after doing the decree 3 times.


Tip: The decree is easier to say if you lay it out line by line. Example ahead –


In the name

of the Highest Light Source

of All Creation,

I ask that my Divine role on Earth




With Love,

Sandy Stevenson


10th December 2022