Cosmic Lightworkers and Starseeds

         Checklist for returning home at the end of this incarnation



Are you living in the ‘now’, aware in each moment?

Are you being yourself?

Are you emanating Light?

Are you having fun?

Are you observing your thought/ego/emotional reactions (even slight) and taking time to release anything negative?

Have you stopped controlling your life and surrendered to Highest Light/God?

Do you use your Right in this Universe to ask for help from the Highest Light Source?

Have you stopped judging and being critical?

Do you fully grasp that all your actions, big or small, raise or lower the planet’s vibration.

Do you understand the more consciously aware you are increases the planet's frequency?

Do you ensure you follow Source over ego?

Are you listening to the universal message and your inner self?

Do you feel grateful?

Are you detached - from possessions, ideas, stories, outcomes, TV, food, people, Earth?

Are you balanced; grounded and linked to Highest Light?

Have you gone beyond ego and into humility?

Have you realised you don’t need to eat as much as before?

Have you spotted you can’t handle dense or heavy foods anymore?

Are you fully aware of the impact of your judgments and negative thoughts on your own and other people’s auric field?

How are you doing on unconditionally loving everyone, everywhere?  

Are you in a state of trust and not needing to know your purpose here?

Are you spotting and releasing your belief patterns?

Do you know you are a Creator - never a victim?

Have you realised you create everything so there’s nothing to forgive?

Are you staying true to yourself?

Is your heart singing or sinking as you go about every part of your day?

Do you know you are where you're meant to be?

Are you compromising with anything, or anyone?

Are you in situations or with people who are triggering reactions? The answer is not leaving, but to let go of your reactions. They are helping you.

Have you dumped the ‘I should/must/need to/have to’ in your life?

Do you understand we all have different realities and it’s OK for others to be different to you?

Do you quietly acknowledge the good you do, so as to strengthen it?

Have you consciously spotted your ego pride/wanting recognition, etc. and released it?

Are you operating using spirit and intuition as your senior guiding factor (above thoughts, ego and emotions.)

Are you feeling more comfortable with higher, lighter frequencies and uncomfortable with dense energies such as media news and violent and negative TV programmes?

Have you accepted who you are?

Do you know you are connected to the unlimited abundance of love in the universe?

Have you let go of any people in your life no longer meant to be there?

Have you realised you don’t need to be someone else, just to fit in?

Are you happy with your environment and your home?

Have you raised the vibration of your home to suit your frequency level?

Do you have a sense of going home to a place that resonates with you?

Have you accepted you are going ‘home’?

Have you checked what on Earth you are still attached to?

Can you stay centred and balanced amid chaos?

Have you stopped taking yourself seriously?

Have you realised it’s OK for people to take as long as they choose to evolve?

Do you know in highest truth there is no time?

Are you aware you already have Light body for use when you leave here?

Have you released fears about leaving?

Do you trust the Universal process?

Have you understood we are all helping each other?

Do you know all you need to do is be your true self!

If you got to the end of this list and thought -‘Well that’s it; I’ll probably be here forever! you probably aren’t seeing just how amazing you are. Think just how far you have come in the last 20 years. However, if you see some points you need to work on, then start - it’s not too late.


Sandy Stevenson