The universe seems to be actively helping people ready to make the transition from ego to source consciousness. They are being shown where exactly they are still attached to 3D. Probably most people feel they could name the things they’d find it hard to walk away from. But there are many things that are so much a part of our world and integrated into our reality, we can scarcely conceive of them as attachments.  Having possessions, etc. is totally fine. We only need to pay attention to things we are attached to. These prevent us being able to shift into a higher light frequency. We are moving into  a light plane that is how we truly imagine life should be, one of harmony, love and spiritual compassion. 

A journey starts from the point of awakening that ultimately leads to the discovery of self. When a soul wakes up, possible paths open. Some people are pleased with their new found reality and think they have all the truth and reality of life. But life can only be viewed from our present perspective. Similar to a child starting to walk. At that time the child has no knowledge its steps could one day make him a champion long distance runner. Some people take some while from their first point of awakening, perhaps remaining in the general area that woke them up or requiring more triggers to move them on.  

But many others embark on that journey of discovery driven by excitement and a desire to understand. A stream of growth follows but requires a determination to want to know truth and quite some discipline to push beyond the drama of ego, emotions and mind patterns. They need to stop seeking answers from the mind and ego and use their inner voice of intuition and knowing. Intuition is an infallible guide that leads us perfectly in the natural flow of divine order for our highest good. It allows entry to higher consciousness. People who are really awake are that way because they have applied themselves with determination. They have learnt that spiritual basics need to be applied to life 24/7 and not just part time. They have a grasp of the overall picture and become non judgemental. They handle life with love and service. They stay alert to the many signs the universe gives them and follow them. They use intuition as much as possible and every minute they work to eliminate negativity, ego and mind that draws us into the 3D matrix. This discipline helps raise their own light frequency and brings them closer to making the leap out of the matrix. With many people now getting closer to leaving 3D, the universe is giving them signs that clearly show where they are still attached to 3D, no matter what area or how slight the attachment.  

I recently wrote an article listing some possible things we might still be attached to. I will include that list here because it’s so easy to think we aren’t attached to anything. We often think we could easily walk away if it were necessary. Unfortunately, to raise our vibration we need to detach now. Attachments include all the thoughts we have about the world; habits; ideas; beliefs; patterns; friends; family; routines; music; destinations; TV; friends; teachers; gurus; family; books; goals; locations; places; people; pets, food; social structures; rules and laws; false education; gardens; travel; household appliances; emotional reactions; lies; drugs; medicine; complacency; emotions; drama; who and what we feel comfortable with or don’t; things or people we think we need; history; old loves; furnishings; objects; house; land; colour schemes; furnishings; nationality; religion; ornaments and material things. In other words, everything we decided is our reality and is needed for a better life. I repeat, we can have all these things, just don’t attach to them. When we are not diligent with our 24/7 spiritual application to life, the ego can draw us in and convince us of our needs which takes us back into the tug of war of ego drama. Luckily, as we begin the letting go process, connecting patterns also disappear. The momentum of our actions increases the light flooding in which also releases things. 

When we take active steps to increase and maintain our light using the many available ways, such as meditation, being true to ourselves, walking our talk, going out in nature and ensuring we choose positive situations with people of similar light and reality, the universe picks up on our actions and assists us. 

Increasing our light is the goal. We have heard the term that ‘nothing can stop the storm’. That is perhaps not strictly true. Light was always an alternative to the storm. If people woke up and ceased judging or being negative and stopped making statements that assume dark agendas will happen, the Earth would be flooded with so much light that there would be no need for a storm. 

Raising light vibration is the answer for us and the answer for Earth. 


Sandy Stevenson 

10th August 2023