Follow your excitement -

what does it mean?


We’ve heard the expression ‘Follow your excitement’ as being an indicator of the right steps to take on our life path to help us achieve our goals. It is a fact. We arranged it prior to our incarnating here. We wanted a clear sign to help show us when we’re acting in Divine order and are ‘in the flow’. It works, but there’s a problem. There are different types of excitement.

The type of ‘excitement’ that shows us the way forward emanates from a pure spirit origin. It’s not the same excitement as comes from the superficial levels of our mind and ego. So, we need to recognise the difference. When you feel excited about something, review its source. You’ll soon get to see the difference between the two.  

I’ll give you an obvious example of the sort of excitement that’s probably not leading us on our highest spiritual path (although it could happen!) A young man in my workshop once laughingly said ‘Ha, I know what really excites me – sex, eating a Mac burger, going to footy and having a beer with the mates.’ It brought a lot of laughter in the audience because we’ve all experienced excitement that comes from our ego. In this example, the ego is in control, not spirit. Ego usually isn’t overjoyed about doing boring stuff, like housework or mowing the lawn.

We’ve all heard many times ‘it doesn’t excite me’ being used as an excuse to fob off people and tasks they don’t like. It’s an attempt to override others objections by justifying their reasoning as being spiritual. They may also believe it themselves because they don’t feel excited about doing it. It is possible to be so often in their head or lower self (ego) they’ve lost track of the excitement of spirit. And if you’re listening to people use this excuse and you don’t fully understand how this ‘excitement’ thing works, you’re liable to accept their pattern of excuses. You may think ‘Oh well, if it doesn’t excite them, it mustn’t be right for them. Even when you feel they’re wrong, you may not like to say so, in case you’re being judgmental and not ‘spiritual.’ It’s not judgemental to help someone on their spiritual path. Perhaps you could gently explain excitement can also come from our ego and emotions, so we need to be sure where it’s coming from or we can be led off our path.

The things the guy mentioned in the workshop probably do FEEL exciting to him, but it’s more than likely stemming from his ego or emotions. The real deal is quite an interesting feeling. It sort of reaches the person like an inner frequency; an inner knowing with a buzz to it. You could easily describe it as excitement. In its lesser form (but just as valid) it’s a small bubbling inside. In its strongest form it sweeps us away in joy and anticipation. It is actually showing you TRUTH. What is wonderful, is when you are totally living in the flow of divine order, that feeling is present all the time. That’s really useful, because the second you step out of the flow, that feeling stops. How useful is that! Spiritual excitement is the signal we are precisely in the flow of divine order. We arrive in this space by being in a very aware conscious space. We can only feel it when we’re aware and centred, quiet and ‘in the zone’. As you can imagine, if we’re busy thinking and planning and rushing through each moment of the day, relentlessly following our own agenda and not the universe’s, it is not easy to sense it.

Don’t start doubting yourself and wondering if you ever experience spiritual excitement. Of course you have, many times. How often you notice it is up to you.

The ego, mind and emotional excitement have been leading people astray for millions of years. It’s easy to feel ‘excited’ about all sorts of weird things when living life in our head/thoughts or ego desires. For example, we all know the sort of cravings we get from the body, such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, chemically laden food, chocolate or sugar. This form of excitement is usually from body addictions (not always) and it’s the body in control here. We can feel excited about a certain action or taking particular path for ego reasons alone, such as the ego pushing to be noticed; be seen as successful or special or as a hero or wanting to impress or be liked or admired or famous or get money. The list is endless. In these cases, ideas ‘coming from the ego’ create excitement. It does feel exciting, but it’s not the excitement we’re looking for to show us our true path.

Sometimes our mind or ego is so much in control of us it resists surrendering at the time to divine order and we start to live in our thoughts and emotions. This can go on so long it’s entrenched in us and becomes so familiar and correct that we think we’ve got right. It’s possible to completely lose track of what ‘inner spiritual excitement’ even feels like.

To move out of a fixed place of mind, ego and body in control, first we need to recognise the signs we’re doing that. Ask yourself if you keep getting blocked at every turn? Is your life running easily and smoothly? If, not, ask why? It’s useful to go back to the point in life where something truly resonated deep within you that it was right on all levels. Then scan through from then to now, checking points where you may have gone off your true path. It’s a good idea to do this regularly anyway. Get in a really quiet space and review life, looking for real spiritual knowing and excitement points in it. Some people go on retreats to do this - to take stock to make sure they’re on exactly the right path.

Even spiritual excitement can be hidden by fears, ego and fixed thought patterns. For example, a friend may ask you to accompany them on a weekend break to do some surfing at a beach resort. The excitement will definitely be there but you may not notice it as it’s swamped by an intense fear of the water. So, you say you’re not going but that may be exactly where you were meant to be that weekend. We rarely need to know why. Perhaps you were meant to assist someone in particular; meant to deliver codes into that area; perhaps you were destined to meet the love of your life on that beach that weekend! But you let the fear rule you and you blew it. So, wherever you did end up that weekend, it was surely not divine order. Such a situation can also be karmic if you broke a spiritual agreement by not going there. The solution when we feel emotions or a fixed thought pattern kick in (such as ‘I’m a hopeless surfer and I’ll look stupid’) you need to set them aside and check for an underlying feeling of rightness and spiritual excitement.

The feeling of spiritual excitement is available to all of us all the time - without exception. It’s up to us to stay in a space of sufficient surrender to the natural flow of life, so we can feel and see the signs the universe is sending us. Life becomes so much easier, especially when you reach a point where you are so much in the flow you immediately notice when you step out of it. That’s how life is meant to be. If only we looked for the signs, which are ever present - showing us clearly our next right move in each moment. And no, you didn’t somehow miss out on getting this inherent help when you incarnated here. You may just not be listening or looking. If you’re too spaced out, too grounded, living too much in the ego or lower body fields - you will miss the signs. It’s guaranteed! 

Respect the universe and its flow. Be grateful for our great gift of life and breath. Many people help each of us along this road. Don’t abuse it by not taking the time to find your true path. It may require a little discipline to eat right, live right, let go of judgments, check where you could improve and act on it, be more loving or gentle or kind and be more helpful. But you will achieve all that when you take notice of the never ceasing flow of signs the universe sends us, as it continues in its ever expanding brilliance and perfect wisdom.

Be at one with the flow of Divine Order and live the blissful existence it so graciously offers us.

Love and Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

1st June 2018 (9)