The main goal for everything occurring on Earth is to wake people up. From the moment a person wakes, their awareness and consciousness begins to change and they start to break free of limitations. They become more who they really are and their light frequency begins increasing in preparation for a higher dimensional existence. Their raising of personal frequency also adds to the overall light of the human collective, and everything in and upon Earth.

The process involved in this planetary awakening is the key to everything. Most people made their choice some time ago as to whether to continue in 3D learning or move to 5D. These choices are now becoming apparent. People continuing in 3D will need to leave Earth. There are two reasons for this. 1. The future Earth will not have a 3rd dimension, so would be unable to provide the lessons needed. 2. People who are choosing to continue in 3D tend to have denser levels of energy in their subtle bodies. Although this is perfect while learning in a 3D plane, it reduces the potential of light the planet needs to make her ascension. So, we see the current global process is composed of providing circumstances to accommodate people who are leaving, as well as creating events to wake others up so they can proceed with their choice. 

This is a major point to understand. When you realize people with dense energy would hold back Earth increasing her frequency, then it is easier to understand the need to continue providing a means for the people who wish to leave. And remember, everyone is choosing what they perceive as the right action for their personal evolution in this universe. Choosing to continue in 3D is not a backward or sideways movement. It is an upward movement. Just the same as people who feel they are ready to journey toward 5D is an upward movement for them. For this reason, it helps for us to be in an intuitive space so we can ascertain correctly which people to offer some insight into vaccinations to give a more informed choice, and when to remain silent to respect and allow the choice being made. If you think about this, once someone has decided their path (and most have already done so) it can be  annoying and even insulting if people try to convince you are wrong and have no idea what you are doing. Just because people appear to be asleep, does not mean they are. It can mean they are following their own path, and have no desire to hear anything trying to move them from that path. It is no different than an awakened individual being told they are wrong for wanting to increase their light. If a person is meant to continue with 3D life and you were successful in persuading them otherwise, it is possible such an action could have a karmic repercussion as it may be classed as interfering in that individual’s evolution and in the Divine Plan for Earth.

There is a major ‘white hat’ (Light Force) initiative across the Earth and this is aligned with, and supported by, the energy of the incarnated light force.

Australia is under the control of the ‘white hats’. There was no point in proceeding with a so called dark headquarters still flourishing in Australia. Australia has a large group of very tough, awakened lightworkers who are pushing others to awaken. Because of the inherent strength of many Australians, it was not so easy for foreign entities to subdue them. Lightworkers in Australia number in the millions and will continue to do as planned and this should happen soon.

The recent resignations, plus some to come, have been orchestrated by the white hats. In fact, mostly these people were contracted and agreed to a specific time frame of work as a chance to partly redeem themselves. Contracts are ending now and cases will be reviewed and tried in court. Most of the resignations in Australia are from actual dark hat individuals, meaning they are not replacements or clones. If during their contracted period, they stuck to the agreements made with white hats, that will be taken into account in their forthcoming trials. The people who will replace them in these positions are generally following similar contracts for a specific period of time. All who have resigned, or are about to, have more or less complied, with a few slip ups which will all be viewed and assessed.

The Light alliance have taken out hundreds of underground tunnels (dumbs = deep underground military bases) being used for illicit purposes all over the world and still have six full dumbs to completely demolish after removing the remainder of what is left in them, which includes some unwanted life and all the paraphernalia used down there to support life.

There are still three dumbs to be handled in Australia and they are key ones. There are two in NZ and one elsewhere.

The children and adults have been removed from all dumbs. Many did not survive the outer world but were given every form of healing assistance to help them make that transition. Some are unable to continue as deformities etc. are beyond repair. These were usually those who were being prepared for organ transplants.

Re the governments. Most, but not all, governments are under white hat control and those who are not, are having a major last ditch attempt at survival. They refuse to believe their overlords are gone, but indeed they are gone. There are only some of the smaller species left, generally located in the tunnels and these tunnels are being handled (demolished) by flooding or explosives.

New Zealand is a slight problem area and still some further handling and that began two days ago as a big clean up there begins.

Most of the world officials are doing as they have agreed. Many are surprised they have been permitted to continue with their plans, but as they are not of a conscious level to understand, the higher overview has not been explained to them. However, they are well aware of who is controlling them and what they have to do, and except for a bit of rebellion when egos kick in, it is all under control. There are some renegade groups in different countries who undertake their own actions and are rounded up at any opportunity.

There are actions taking place beyond the visible plane of Earth. The 4th dimension is also being cleared. When you are caught up with the handlings taking place in your immediate environment, there is little time to pay attention or be concerned with matters occurring on higher levels that are part of the Earth’s current plan of evolution. And there is no real need to know of these other events. I will simply say that what is occurring here is of the broadest nature imaginable when other realms participation is taken into account. There are many major light forces combined from many planetary systems and galaxies, all coming together to assist at this time. Some, from other galactic areas, who were not destined to be a part of this transition of Earth, have come on board. A sort of neighbourly gesture. There is indeed a blaze of light hovering above, around and in Earth.

We understand that generally you do not see what we see. And we know that can make it difficult to maintain a level of trust that all is well. And especially so, when we have a situation where apparent dark events are being enacted all over - originally to expose and now more to wake people up. And when many white hat actions taking place in most countries are being done in secret so as not to interfere with the awakening process. And it is to your credit that, regardless of all this, even where it can seem at times things may be lost, you maintain your incredible strength and hold the levels of light needed to get this planet through its process of birthing into a new period of light.

We know pride is not a function of higher evolution, but if I could use that word none-the-less, as no other seems to suffice, you, the lightworkers of Earth are going to be so incredibly proud of your ability to hold the entire Earth in magnificent levels of light while the old illusionary reality is being cleared. What a feat! Yes, you have all received instruction during your sleep time of all that was to take place, but you are in human  form with emotions to contend with, so are subject to all the usual interplay 3D has of causing doubt and overriding your deeper conscious knowing. But the strength of the rainbow warriors has come forth, pushing aside the doubts and standing strong in the face of adversity.

Millions of you are actively holding portions of light, substantial amounts held within your energetic fields and carried in your blueprints. Codes are being carried through huge storms across the globe which maintains the energy and power of higher level codes and mathematical structures. In this way, they are taken safely and intact to all parts of the Earth and distributed where they are meant to be placed as anchors ready for a major frequency shift, thus keeping everything stable.

The intent at this time is for the light force on Earth to sustain the frequency required to allow the remaining functions to take place. This means to act in a way you know it right for you, holding integrity, remaining silent when necessary, speaking out when it is demanded to ensure right action, always holding true to yourself and this and this alone will hold you suspended from lower vibrations as the remainder of corruption on Earth leaves this plane, transmuted into higher particles of light to be assimilated into the whole of the universe, to become part of All That is, having done its work.

You are destined to be an immense part of the future of this galaxy. What is occurring is not limited to Earth and light reigns throughout all parts of the galaxy. World’s blaze into full light, some the first time for a long time, and we watch it unfold, knowing this event will be something recorded in universal annals beyond time. You will become aligned with this event, always known for the stance you took in coming to Earth and for being here during this time, just as you have special groups on Earth who are regarded as heroes for their actions during special events in history. For you, it was simply an act of great love and a challenge you were sure you could implement.

You became the Light for many Worlds.

Saint Germain

channelled by Sandy Stevenson

15th October 2021

Note:  The term ‘white hats’ refers to the Light Force/lightworkers and is being used due to its current use on many platforms.