A note re discernment



As we see, there are a spate of recent channelings being passed on through Lightworkers, covering subjects such as currency devaluations, mass UFO revealing plans and now the missing Malaysian Airways flight.


Regardless of any aspects that may be true, many of these channelings are being originated from the dark zone. They tend to play on existing pieces of truth known to lightworkers in order to give credence to material that is completely fabricated.


The intent behind this is to cause a lessening a light among the light force on Earth. Several things usually occur:-


1. With every channelled prediction that a Lightworkers fails to discern the true energy of – but decides to believe, they add their energy to that creation. That adds power to the dark force.


2. Light is lessened in individuals if their hopes are dashed regarding ...... redistribution of wealth; wanting something big to happen to humanity to cause a sudden shift of consciousness., etc. And then we have the ego's fascination for a good mystery (a plane seemingly disappears!) and conspiracy/UFO theories pour forth. This often causes our discernment goes out the window.


3. When one passes on predictions that don’t occur, the light worker who spread it around can then be discredited.


4. When one believes channelled predictions that don’t then occur, it’s quite on the cards that doubt, skepticism and lack of trust can creep in to individual lightworkers. This can have the effect of limiting or damaging ones trust in the universal process and the divine plan. This, in turn, can decrease the Lightworker’s level of light and their willingness to undertake tasks at hand and their capability to do their work at 100%.


5. Karma can be created when one passes on material that is detrimental to others and the Divine Plan. The karma then needs handling to keep our energy in balance, thus taking us away from our own light work.


We also get situations where a channel starts off delivering truth but it then goes awry. These can be genuine people doing their best, but then:-


1. the ego gets in the way.


2. they fail to sufficiently discern the material or the source.


3. they buy into a particular scenario they’ve read/heard elsewhere and start accepting that scenario as their own reality – at which point the channelling they receive now has to be filtered through that belief they now hold. That is universal law.


All of the above have one outcome – that individual begins to disseminate disinformation.


We also have the situation where people claim to be lightworkers but are, in fact, dark workers. The material often starts with truth (or enough of it to be convincing) and slowly alters. They hope that because earlier material was acceptable and passed the ‘does it feel true for me’ test, then new material will no longer be examined closely.


All in all, we just need to be DISCERNING of everything that passes in front us. Ask ourselves -  IS IT TRUE FOR US ON EVERY LEVEL? If it’s not feeling right on every level, maybe best not to buy into it. Ask the universe for more clarity. Don’t just send it on and hope it’s OK. That doesn’t help anything or anyone. We are all inherently capable of knowing truth – no exceptions. We ALWAYS KNOW. We need to be able to put aside any personal desires for ‘something to happen’ that will wake up humanity.


For most, the intention is pure – much of the channelling is pure Light. We do still need to understand that different channels receive material from different dimensions, depending on their own vibrational level and whether they made an original agreement with the highest realms to do that particular channel work - and were therefore prepared and trained for it. We want to help and we want to get the truth out there. We just need to make sure it is the truth we are getting out there!


I suggest we tune in to everything that comes our way - before we decide to accept it as true. Scan the whole email. Does every part of it resonate within as true in every part of your being - not just a bit of the material, but all of it. Maybe it’s a bit of a nuisance to take the time to feel whether this information is resonating as truth, but better to take those few minutes than lessen the light on the planet.


We can continue to make a huge difference by just getting our lower self out of the way and operate as the wonderful Light Masters we are. We have such gifts to discern energy, we only need to use that ability all the time. We are the clever team on this planet. There is no doubt of that, so let’s act in wisdom. It doesn’t take ‘thought’. We just need to set in play ‘discerning energy’ as a permanent part of our awareness.


Golden Light,

Sandy Stevenson