It’s never easy to let go of all the patterns we’ve adopted around us in life to make us fit in; to feel comfortable; to make things easier; to keep family happy; to stay in control and to keep us feeling safe and free. We generally just go along agreeing to things around us that appear ‘normal’ and scarcely realise we’ve taken on so many patterns. Even when we feel we’re so different now that we have graduated beyond such things, there are still patterns there to release. You’ll find that generally (with exceptions) we’re still agreeing to the ‘way things are’ in the world. We have formed patterns about EVERYTHING and have attached ourselves to, and invested, in huge chunks of it. 


‘Wisdom comes from letting go of what you think you know’. This is possibly one of the trickiest areas of all, because it’s easy to drop into a comfortable space where we feel we’ve got it all sewn up. It’s especially common to feel we have worked it all out after we’ve had a big shift in our awareness and understanding. We can easily think we have all the answers. For myself, I’ve found whenever I’ve started thinking ‘I have this worked out’ – the universe comes along quick smart and pushes me out of that fixed place – sometimes in an unpleasant earth shattering way. But ultimately I appreciate it, as I know I can’t evolve when I’ve fixed myself in rigid thinking.


I try my best to stay fluid and open, allowing higher truths to enter. Just holding lightly to concepts of truth seems to work for me, keeping truth as free and flowing as possible and not attaching myself to the idea that it’s the only truth. This allows existing truth to be easily replaced when a higher concept of truth embraces me. If I don’t attach to something or to its outcome, then it’s easy to surrender the current idea I have which allows a new depth of understanding enter. And also the universe doesn’t then need to push me out of my comfort zone (thank heavens!).


By the way, there are millions of ways we can ‘attach to an outcome’. It could be something as simple as giving someone a book to read/a cake you baked/a moisturizer cream to try - and then expecting them to use it - and expecting them to tell you if they liked it. In such cases you’ve attached two outcomes. Another example would be after giving healing to someone - and then attaching to it an idea that ‘the healing will work and they will improve’. You could be in a relationship with someone - and attach an outcome of where you want that relationship to go. And of course there are also the simple things of ‘expecting’ to receive replies to our texts and emails. Until you’ve grasped this area and go beyond forming attachments to outcomes, just check it out. When you do something, see whether you’ve let go of it or if  you’ve attached a future to it and are hanging on to some particular result to come from it. Failing to surrender our actions once we’ve completed them, is a sure way to tie up our future attention and to set ourselves up for a possible loss. We have decided what ‘should’ happen. But that may not be what the universe has decided is optimum. Best to respond intuitively in our actions and then detach and surrender the action to the universe for the most optimum result in divine order.


I try not to be fixed with any of it - and I mean any of it. I can talk about aspects of ascension and planetary evolution but am not fixed to any of it.  I know it’s truth but I also know it’s only one level or perspective of truth. There will be many other possible truths, both ‘lower and higher’ - all are only aspects of an overall myriad of expansive possibilities. We all have to start somewhere. We start by accepting what seems to be a truth we can resonate with. That is how it works. It is not necessary for us to grasp ‘the highest truth in existence!’ We aren’t dumb just because we can’t manage to get our head around the concept of linear time and no time. We just start somewhere. We accept a level of simple truth we can grasp. We assimilate that and it becomes our stepping stone leading us along a path of seeking, that brings higher and higher truth, enlightenment and greater wisdom  - giving us a broader understanding of how it all fits together. Step by step, we make it. And we experience the joy of each step, as we sense we are making progress. Spiritual truths may be ultimately simple but they are mind blowing. Everyone that grasps even the basic concepts of life should already be giving themselves a pat on the back.


I was with some people the other day and a gentleman was musing over what possible past life trauma he’d triggered that had created his current emotional situation. Someone else in the group said ‘they didn’t believe in past lives because there is only ‘now; and we are not individual identities’, etc.


I’m so grateful to be in a place now where I can glimpse a bit wider picture to the universe (about time, I reckon, after all the years of working at it!). Still a million miles to go, but isn’t it a relief when we see we’ve gained a bit better understanding than we once had. I must be progressing. Ha!! The angels up there are probably having a good laugh at that comment – ‘progressing backwards maybe’!


I realised how differently I may have answered her had it been 25 years ago, with the reality I had then. I’d have probably tried to give evidence to sustain the idea of past lives! But instead, I said to the girl - ‘You are totally right. There IS only One; there IS only Now; there IS no such thing as past lives - when seen from a higher perspective. But until we’re able to fully grasp that concept, it can help to be offered a simpler way to look at something which can help us make more sense of something. It is irrelevant whether we perceive it as being a ‘past life’ or not. It is energy to be perceived and released, that’s all. Put any title you wish on it. One truth does not exclude all the others. We can totally KNOW to the core of our being (not just on a mental level) there is only ONE; there is no time; we are Creators; etc. - but we can also be aware there are a myriad of other levels of truth and realities that have been created in the universe. All are relevant to the vibrational perspective of the person viewing them. Every single person in this universe started at the same place. Even those sitting in their ego, thinking they’re brilliant, also started at a basic level of understanding. Keeping in mind this fact, can assist us to be non judgmental of others on their path. Each of us looks from where we are currently comfortable. Even when, as an individual, we’ve grasped higher concepts that give us some further insight and broader understanding of life, we’re still quite able to teach or speak about other concepts of truth or perspectives within the reality of others. What matters is that it is a truth that offers an easier understanding for people with that reality. At some point in the future, they may see there is another way to view it. Meanwhile, they’re able to use what they can to grow.


It is all so perfect. I love it. I love the mathematical perfection of the entire spectrum of this game of life and its eternal creations – all created out of nothing! I love that we can conceive of us and the Ascended Realms as ‘individuals’ with names – and play the games of life in whatever dimension – while all the while knowing it is merely one aspect of truth – and  to have the ability to let go of the ‘seriousness’ or of having to ‘be right’ or ‘looking good’ – or needing to have a structure to feel safe - or attaching ourselves to how things ‘should or shouldn’t’ be – and reaching a place of not caring a hoot if no-one ever recognises us or our gifts or understands us EVER! That was a big leap for me years ago. As part of my path, I used to try and spot and handle patterns that arose. I noticed I had a thought that a particular friend of mine couldn’t understand ‘where I was coming from’. That set me off looking for the maximum release I could achieve in that area. I decided I could cover that area extremely well by fully accepting the idea (and absorbing it completely into my being) that ‘no-one in the universe would ever, in all eternity, understand me’. So that is what I did. It actually produced a quite profound release, which if you think about it, it would do as it would wipe out a lot of the needs of the ego.


If we don’t sit back and expect it all to be done for us, but put in the discipline to help ourselves, we can make leaps in our progress. It’s in our own hands. All that is needed is to choose. We decide whether to act, be positive, handle our reactions, seek understanding, stop judging and to trust and love.


What a gift we inherently have to be able to choose in each moment who we wish to ‘be’.




Sandy Stevenson


26th January 2016