A view about dates for events that don’t happen.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all in the process of detaching, mentally and emotionally, from the third dimensional reality as we move toward 5D. When we are given dates of events that don’t happen, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Actually, WE are happening!!


Logic tells us it would not be clever for white hats to divulge real dates for events and thereby alert the dark hats. But because we so much want something big to happen, we push logic aside and pin our hopes on the dates. Totally understandable. We want it all to happen - now!


Remember when we were first given dates for events and we got excited and attached ourselves to the outcomes, with great expectation (and popcorn) we duly counted the days to events that might bring an end to it all. When they did not eventuate, we were disappointed, upset, apathetic and maybe began to doubt the plan. Whatever we experienced individually, there is no doubt a range of thoughts and emotions surfaced throughout the light force. Was that a gift? Let us see.


I wonder if we realize how much we have grown because of those dates that led us month by month, offering hope and helping to keep us going. We have worked our way past many dates now and I believe have reached a place of understanding of a bigger picture and are trusting Divine Order. We have detached from expectations we held that had the power to undermine us when they didn’t happen.


In addition, we have been letting go of ideas things have to happen and now! We began hearing a couple of important dates in a month and were impatient with that long length of time. Now we are able to think months ahead with some acceptance. We are letting go of TIME!


The reactions we saw in ourselves of feeling let down, has shown us we were giving our power to ideas that made us vulnerable and could throw us into dense energy, lower emotions and thought patterns, causing us to roller coaster and reduced our light until we managed to get ourselves back on track.


It has taught us discernment and that not everything we hear is true, regardless of who says it!!


It has also helped us learn the need to get truth from within and stop requiring answers from others. Regardless of how much we love or trust someone, blindly believing what they say does not help our personal mastery or increase our vibrational frequency. Imagine if all external sources of information suddenly disappeared and we had to rely solely on our inner knowing. Would we be able to remain calm, centred and balanced, holding the light and relying on our inner knowing.


We are currently learning to let go of the third dimension and all its attached parts; its history, stories, fake, superficiality, distortions and lies. We are even learning to let go of loved ones and allowing their choice and the path they wish to walk. We are releasing everything and starting to live in the flow of the moment, doing what feels right and trusting Divine Order.


For most of us who have run the gauntlet of dates, when we are now told a date, we are able to stay in a detached place with a good balance of light. We can still get excited and anticipate. We can still add our energy and light to proposed events we feel are good for Earth. They raise our vibration and help the planet. But now we are detached from it! A big difference than where we were before. Now, we won’t plummet emotionally when something does not come about. We are way more chilled and laid back, willing for it to happen but equally able to allow it not to happen, if that is best in Divine Order. We are learning to trust.  Dates will come and go, but now we are more in our own mastery and power. We can stand strong and not be drawn down into story lines, fears and old patterns.


We are now holding the light at a stable high frequency across the Earth as people awake. We are trusting the Divine Plan and that it will give the best outcome for the whole world.


Love and blessings,


Sandy Stevenson

15th November 2021