We discovered a world we didn’t know existed. We got past the shock and accepted the possibility of a completely different reality. We drew on our inner strength, with wisdom and mastery we aligned to the vibration of love and the source of all creation.


We assimilated and assessed the information and we passed it through the etheric to the collective consciousness of humanity to assist their awakening journey.


Somehow, somewhere in our heart we know we are meant to be here and came to create a world of light. We know we are in the midst of one of the greatest events in the history of the universe.


Without hesitation we answered the call to right action and held the light to illuminate a new path for humanity.


We listen to soothsayers speak words of wisdom but find our own knowing of its acceptance or dismissal.


We act intuitively, knowing there is nothing we ‘should’ do, but only what feels right.


We understand the need to release the matrix and the shadow of all negative energy from ourselves, Earth and humanity.


We step beyond the opinions of experts and seek our own truth. We do not comply.


We understand humanity’s need to experience it all personally so they can attain awareness strong enough to break a lifetime of programming. Listening to words is not enough.


Some of our views have been dismissed by loved ones. It created sadness and frustration. But we let that go and accepted each individual’s right to choose their path.


We release wanting or expecting friends, family or the world to recognise we speak the truth.


We stand back and allow others to choose their own timing to seek inner and outer truth.


We grasp the magnitude and depth of the global infiltration. We are not overcome.


We let go and understand divine timing has it all in hand.


We know each soul has an ongoing universal journey that needs the wisdom that comes from experiencing the outcomes of actions and failures to be responsible.


We observe many anticipated event dates do not happen. This is Divine Order helping us release the ‘illusion of time,’ an apparency in 3D and 4D that assists learning.


The entire Earth is evolving to a new higher dimensional frequency. One evolved human race. One Earth. One Timeline.


We continually increase our higher light vibration. We send love to the souls choosing to continue on other 3D planets as the right path for their own evolution and highest good.


With love and no judgement, we support the move for all other world species on Earth to a universal location to serve them in Divine order.


Without realizing it, we began our personal journey of letting go of Earth’s 3D reality.


Each day we are presented with things in 3D we are still attached to. Food, clothing, rules, people, products, systems, technology, places, goals, ideas, thought patterns - anything that prevents us reaching the frequency band of the 5th dimension.


The old now dissolves globally and makes way for the new, as we create a bridge of inter-dimensional expansion and love for humanity and all her life forms.


We align with Source to visualize a world of harmony, creativity and love.


We are in harmony with Highest Light and anticipate a future world that offers respect and rights for all living creatures, born from wisdom of higher knowledge and inherent creative ability.


We become still, surrendered, musing, trusting, patient, discerning, perceptive, intuitive and detached. We know from a place deep within we are watching the birth of a new world with a natural divine rhythm that encompasses higher frequencies of light.


Steeped in the silence of joy and truth, we stand poised on the brink of a new global world of mutual harmony, understanding and love.


Unconditional Love,


Sandy Stevenson


1st October 2022