This is only an idea of what we may consider as a possibility when considering China in relation to the overall plan for the awakening of humanity in the evolution now taking place.


It would appear that a dark agenda for China was put in place long ago, probably well before President Xi Jinping came to power in 2013, putting into play the full control of the Chinese population and establishing a blueprint to use on the rest of the world.


Although we are currently seeing what seems to be that dark plan playing out, it is possible the goal may be different now. It could be we have a new version of Xi Jinping (double?) continuing the agenda – but now it is still being used, in moderation, to wake up the Chinese people who have been controlled for a long time (whether aware of it or not) and now need to be pushed into their own power to increase their personal vibration. We can see it could take a major push to anger them enough to break through their conditioning of submission dictated by their government.


It is hard for us to gauge what is really happening in China. We are told and shown unpleasant things but we are aware we are shown what they want us to see. So, we have no idea what is real, staged or faked. The media plays a key role in this process. It suppresses news of people rising up globally against corrupt authority and spreads lots of fear about things that never happen, such as Monkey Pox. But there are two sides to the effect of the media. The fear tactics can also help push people to act. And as much as it seems all the media is still being run by the cabal, it might turn out a lot of it is now controlled by the white hats who are using it to stir people out of their slumber and into their own resilience. The whole world is being shown if they don’t act early on and stand up for their rights, it gets a lot harder to fight once you are totally controlled by a regime. 


If we are only looking at a limited picture, it is hard to understand why the white hats would ever allow any pain and suffering to continue. But if we shift our thinking to a much bigger picture and look at a world in a sort of deep hypnosis having been conditioned, brainwashed and drugged into submission, then we could agree it might take a major kick to trigger sleeping souls into thinking for themselves and question events. Whatever is going on in China, or what we think is going on, it is clearly showing the rest of the world what can happen when we hand over our power to others to act for us in most areas of life. That is what we have done.  There may be no area of life that is not dictated in some way by society’s conditioning and rules. And if we look at the even bigger picture of the evolution of a planet and a race called humanity? Then, despite how awful it may be, we know there is a great deal on Earth that needs to be shifted, not only the corruption but the millions of deeply embedded beliefs and emotions held by humanity that need releasing. It is a huge task and is bound to include things we wish did not have to happen.


We have seen some seriously bad images and heard stories of great suffering in China. But as we don’t physically see it ourselves and what we do see are very few images, it is hard to tell what is true and the extent of it. At the same time, we hear via alternate media that China is one of the alliance countries supporting the new monetary system and assisting set the world to rights. So much conflicting information! We hear of an intended invasion of Taiwan by China but the real reason for it is to remove major corruption, similar to the Ukraine’s tunnel dumbs, laboratories and child trafficking. Of course, the mere threat of invading Taiwan may have in itself, driven the cabal out. A lot of news has a hidden agenda and is never intended to physically happen.


Then we get to the Chinese army. It is stated its combined forces number 2.8 million. I am suspicious about the numbers of Chinese forces. I think there is a good chance the vast majority might be clones (i.e. no soul). Regarding clone, basically they are robots with no life force/soul. But it has to be established there is no soul present; there is no remaining physical/spiritual connection to a living human original; and it is not the offspring of interbreeding (a human mates with a clone) - who then holds the same rights as a human. If these things apply, then a clone can be disposed of. I think the removal of clones can and will happen where it is permitted - and it is quite likely the Chinese army clones are being disintegrated. This can easily be achieved by satellite frequencies and does not violate Universal Law, of course. We don’t know how many clones are out there, maybe a lot as this technology has been going a long time. If the clones can be removed (where it does not violate protocol) it could make quite a difference to the light plan as they would be programmed to actively prevent the awakening of humanity. We are sadly expecting and experiencing a reduction in population from the adverse effects of the jab, but we may also see a reduction in population from clones being dismantled. Incidentally, soul contracts often include the person choosing a way to leave their body that will assist humanity.


Over the last couple of weeks we have seen videos of a big uprising by the Chinese people against the Covid lockdowns they are experiencing, rules which are aimed at zero cases of Covid. This would be impossible. We are told they forcing people to have 3 Covid tests. As we know with these faulty tests, they show up all sorts of flu, so it could go on forever. It is wonderful to see these people stand up and we know the courage it took for them to rise against their oppressors. Last week Canada had a demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy to add their voice to the Chinese people’s protest. Let us hope the whole world follows. The world has to come together globally, standing side by side for the rights of all. Where we go one, we go all.


Whatever the story about China, it obviously holds a key role in the evolution of Earth, now in a major shift into greater frequencies of light.




Sandy Stevenson

2nd December 2022