With the current planetary situation, there is bound to be much distorted or completely incorrect information out there. So, it is rather vital that we use our own inner truth barometer and become more discerning and intuitive! It’s too easy to become absorbed into the drama and get too busy or lazy to check and research things. This is especially easy to happen when we are desperate for something big to happen or feel we have to rush out the latest intel. That is no excuse to be slack and perhaps cause damage. We are finished with blindly believing whatever is thrown at us. Millions of people are working hard to expose all the lies on Earth, so it’s not clever for us to add more. At the very least we could add a statement - ‘This has not been verified.’ 

Even some key alternative channels and websites, who have done a great job helping so many people stay on track, can also become weary at times and fail to detach from the emotions and drama. We all need to stay above the 3D story line. When we let doubts creep in and we don’t take the time to check our facts (as best we can) before passing things on, we may inadvertently be helping the other side.

If any of us, including channel and website hosts, are beginning to find the negative aspects of 3D stories overwhelming and they can’t remain detached from it, then maybe it is time to stop and take a break. Take some time off to review it all; detach from all negatives; refresh; let go of doubts; transmute any negative news that has been adopted as truth; tune in to what the heart and gut is saying; re-centre and put faith, love, trust and discernment back into the equation. Anyone carrying on because they feel they have a responsibly and ‘must’ continue to hold the line, might like to look at whether showing weariness, apathy, frustration and jaded beliefs - is ‘holding the line’! Responsibility is to bring truth and light.

May be an idea to stop for a while, head off and camp by a river, sitting in silence and aligning with who we really are. Become ONE with the water and the trees, until peace and harmony is restored. Once we know we are back, REALLY back, and have aligned fully with the light and the higher picture again, we can carry on with renewed energy, patience, compassion and the understanding needed to deliver Truth with Integrity.


Sandy Stevenson

8th November 2021 (edited)