We all see the world differently. Everyone has their own perspective on what life is about. We often don’t realize how incredibly varied people’s realities are. Some make the mistake of assuming everyone sees life as they do. So, it is important to establish the reality of strangers we speak to. Usually we can discover in general conversation how someone views life, including whether they have a conscious understanding of spiritual matters. When meeting new people it seems sensible to establish if they on the same wave length and establish their interests. We all have passions we love to talk about but not everyone has the same interests. So, we need to find out what page they are on, so we can respect their views. We can assume people are interested and may even be convinced (often ego) they need your exciting information and will be better off for it. Perhaps it’s a good idea to ask if people are interested instead of backing them into a corner to force them to listen to things they have no interest in. Watch for the signs. If they give a reluctant or mild yes, forget it. They are being polite. If they are enthusiastic, by all means say something. But remember, conversations are two way. Say a couple of sentences, ascertain their level of interest, give them time to comment or ask them if they have a question. Don’t assume from their initial interest, they want a complete download of your years of experience in the field, even if you think it is incredible information and vital everyone knows it. If at any point someone looks vacant, yawns or looks around the room, don’t be so engrossed in your own story and information, that you miss it. It comes back to different reality and us seeing life differently. It is like us asking a neighbour how they are doing. We don’t really want a storyline about every minute of their recent illness, along with details of all the tests and hospital treatments. But because it is interesting to them, they will give it to you anyway, assuming you must find it fascinating. Don’t make the same mistake.


Still on the subject of reality, but a slightly different aspect. I work from an understanding it is common sense to approach any conversation with a person unknown to us, with some reservation and respect. So, I have been very surprised when hearing a spiritually aware person make a comment or statement to a stranger that requires a high spiritual understanding. I am not talking about times when you are in an area where there’s at least a chance of similar reality. I am talking about the off the cuff comments made to strangers in a supermarket queue, to people we are newly introduced to, when ordering coffee, running into a neighbour out with her friends, the cashier at the post office or the guy you just booked to mow your lawn. Example. Someone overhears a couple of people discussing the recent fire devastation in Maui and adds their bit to the conversation with a comment such as, “Well, the Q codes reckon it was a deliberate target using high energy weapons by the WEF, so they can get a foothold in Maui to start creating the 15 minute cities we are going to all be forced to live in. That is if anyone is left alive, with so many millions dying from vaccine they created to reduce the population to 500 million.”  Now, you may think that is an exaggeration and no-one would say that. You are wrong. They do, all the time!!! I’ve heard it many times. It’s a lack of awareness of differing realities. Maybe they are living in a space where they think people need to know. Or maybe they assume everyone will be enlightened by being told.  They obviously think it will be understood. I don’t imagine any part of that comment would be comprehensible. Those poor people. Not sure where they would even start. Most would write it off as insane or shake their heads muttering what is a Q and a WEF!


Of course, we know people can say things intuitively and that works. That is when someone tunes in to truth and delivers it perfectly because it is resonating to do so. I am talking of comments delivered that are off the planet. The confusion is instantaneous and the stranger is left considering they encountered a weirdo and need to escape. And that would seem a fair response. Interestingly this area can also be karmic. When we don’t act intuitively with what we say, we are in our mind or ego, so what we are saying is not right in that instance. If our words turn someone away from their spiritual path because what is said was so far out of their reality it sounded insane and turns them off the whole subject, it can be karmic for us. I have tried for many years to understand this behaviour and have failed. Perhaps I will never get it. To this day I don’t know how it can even happen. And the person making the comment goes on their way, never noticing it wasn’t duplicated. They think they helped and so they do it again.


Now we get to another area of reality and here I am wholeheartedly guilty. I am talking about people who got the jab rather than lose their job. At the time that was all happening, my view was about their integrity to themselves and the fact they were placing their life at risk seemed a poor choice. I believed then that they had a choice. Many were thinking they should have walked away. I was wrong. I now see it quite differently. I was viewing their situation from my reality. I knew I could walk away from such a threat because I have trust in the universe and I know I could get another job or whatever was needed. I finally realized just because it was easy for me to do, I had assumed others could. Pretty similar to the area addressed in paragraph one. It is interesting, because generally I don’t automatically expect others to be able do what I can do or expect myself to do what others achieve effortlessly. I know we each have our skills. But obviously this was an area where I had not thought though at all. I guess I was not viewing it from the perspective of it being an ability. I was thinking all that was needed was to say no. Circumstances and choices bring each of us to where we are in life, and some are lacking self confidence with fears about not being able to pay the rent or mortgage or to care for family. The same applied to those who got jabbed in order to see family in nursing or aged care homes. No choice. How ignorant I was. Of course, there were people who got jabbed so they could go to their local club or restaurant or could travel ourselves planned the next year! And that is OK too. That was their reality. Maybe not the same pressure but it was important to them.


I have no-one around me who took the jab rather than lose their job, so I have no-one immediate to apologize to. But I do apologize to everyone else who felt that pressure and had to give in, and let’s face it, the pressure was very full on. I am sorry I expected more than you could possibly give. I am sorry you went through this without the support and understanding you should have had from all of us and I unreservedly apologize for my part in that unawareness of your reality and position. The unjabbed at the time were being vilified as being uncaring and we didn't think about how you were feeling. And while I am at it, I am sorry if I ever expected more from anyone than they were able to give. We think we are being encouraging and want to help people succeed. But there is a point in time when people need to go it alone to fully discover their own power and create their future.We can step back with all our love. Such understanding might be much needed in our current times with a world divided in different understanding and realities. 


There are many ways to see this world and we all see it differently. Each view must be respected and not judged if we ever hope to live together in harmony and love.



Sandy Stevenson