Be yourself. Let go of everything that is not truly you.


That is all we really need to do. That comes about by letting go of other people’s ideas we’ve accepted about how things ‘should be’; how we ‘should respond’; what we ‘need to do’; how we ‘have to behave’; how we ‘have to think’;  what we ‘must believe’…i.e. all indoctrinations and patterns and fears/ concerns/ worries. All these things are just patterns and are not who we true are. Getting home at the end of this incarnation is not so much a striving to ‘go someplace higher’. It’s much more a case of letting go of everything you’re holding that’s stopping you really being yourself.

Be in the moment, balanced between heaven and Earth, (i.e. not too grounded, not spaced out. This is so you can observe what’s in front of you), responding intuitively to what feels right for you to do/say in the moment. Do your best, holding a space of love, without judgement or criticism of yourself or others. Remember, we all offer each other lessons to learn and grow from. If we were all perfect, this could not occur.

Best not to create/fix any mental patterns of what you think you ‘should and shouldn’t do….. e.g. don’t drink; must meditate, must not judge, etc. Generally, no one action fits ‘every time,’ so it’s best to be intuitive in the moment. Live free, intuitively responding in each moment to what feels right. In that way, you don’t fix yourself in a concrete block by adopting a load of mental patterns you are ‘trying’ to adhere to.

Example. There are a row of beggars along the footpath. Instead of creating (or hanging onto) a fixed idea that you ‘never give beggars money’ or you ‘always give beggars money’ or ‘we have to be compassionate and help people in need’ – responding intuitively in each moment may well see you do something  like give the first beggar some coins, bypass the next two, go and buy some food for the 4th and maybe walk past the rest  - perhaps smiling at one of them or giving encouraging word to others. However it pans out, it will come from an intuitive response and therefore your action will be in highest order for each of those individuals, as well as for you. You will be responding ‘in the flow of Divine order’ and not acting from programmed thoughts or emotional patterns.


EARTH is a 3rd dimensional (3D) planet in the process of transitioning (releasing) her 4th dimensional subtle energy body (the emotional band) that surrounds her and is moving into the frequency of light required for ascension into the 5th dimension. It is the goal of all planets to continue evolving to reach higher dimensional levels. Just as we do, they also achieve this by increasing their light frequency.

Co-existing on Earth are:- humans; the whales/dolphins (from Sirius); the elemental kingdom (fairies, elves, nature spirits, etc.) and individual evolved elemental beings who have taken on human form.

In addition to these groups, at the moment we also have an incarnated Light Force of millions who are here to assist Earth  birth to a higher dimension.

HUMANITY   The human race on Earth consists of spiritual beings who come to Earth from spirit realms and incarnate into physical bodies to learn from the experiences that can be had from life in a 3D world. They begin their lifetimes with small goals for their spiritual growth such as learning how to take care of themselves. All steps and goals help learn Unconditional Love. A person may have many incarnations, the amount of these is dependent on their capacity to learn quickly. Some may have incarnated on other 3D planets before coming to Earth. Some may alternate incarnations between Earth and other 3D planets.

THE LIGHT FORCE consists of millions of evolved spiritual beings of varying evolutionary levels,  who came from many different planetary systems and dimensions from the 4th to the 6th dimension to help the Earth move forward on her evolutionary cycle. They each heard the call the Earth Mother (Gaia) sent out for assistance to address the accumulation of negative energy that had begun in Atlantis. All the Lightworkers who came had previously graduated past 3D learning, and many had reached a very high level of evolution.  

The Light Force began coming at the time of Atlantis and there are some still arriving. You’ll see babies and very young children who look incredibly light and very angelic. They have arrived here for just a brief time to help the Earth by adding an immense amount of light. They are evolved Lightworkers.

The lightworkers needed to physically incarnate, rather than send energy from afar,  as only the incarnated population of any planet can choose what happens on that planet.

Different groups fit within the term ‘Lightworkers.’ It includes a range of highly evolved beings, i.e. – the Starseeds (144,000 old souls – often called the Rainbow Warriors) and Lightworkers and Cosmic Beings from many galaxies. Then we have another unique group - individual evolved Elemental Kingdom beings (fairies and elves, etc.) who have graduated to higher dimensions of light within their angelic world evolutionary line and have then chosen to incarnate into human form with the intention to assist the Divine Plan for Earth. The density of Earth can be difficult for them as they have only previously ever experienced higher vibrations of subtle energy. Even in their early stages of evolution in the elemental kingdom, they were still only involved in a finer subtle energy world.

In addition to these highly evolved groups, there are some lightworkers who have come from bands within the 4th and 5th dimensions. The same applies to the Space Beings (including many from the Ashtar Command), who range in evolution from the 4th to 6th dimension – so are all at different levels.

Overall, the term lightworkers applies to all those who are here to help the Earth.

THE ASCENDED REALMS  Millions of non-incarnated highly evolved beings are assisting the Divine Plan for Earth. These include the White Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Archangels from the 7th dimension and above; the Ashtar Command and many being from planetary systems such as Sirius and Arcturus. Lots of help given by committed loving evolved ascended Masters, but none of it could work without the incredible dedication of those/ evolved Masters on Earth – the Light Force.