Awakening the world


We know we are witnessing the breakdown of the old corrupt world, so as to birth a new one. We are seeing freedom and rights being removed across the world and we see this process is helping many to wake up, as intended. We also see a lot of people still asleep, those who seem to need to be pushed to the brink in order to unstick themselves from fixed patterns. This is understandable as 3D life is very good at creating a world that consists of illusional realities that help people learn and grow.

As I wrote recently... This planet now moving steadily into a 5D vibration, being achieved by exposing and ridding itself of all that is dense and negative. EVERYTHING that has been hidden from the masses is rising to be seen now and is waking people up. They will experience for themselves how it all really is and how it has been and as they let of what they had believed to be reality, a new awareness and new life is born.

We are about to enter a new world; the sort of world we have all wished for, one of freedom, harmony, creativity and love. We are stepping into a world of light where people have rights; are respected for their individual values and nationalities; where work is rewarded, fulfilling and appreciated; where spiritual understanding replaces ignorance and intolerance; where we are not struggling day after day saddled with debt from inflated prices, interest charges and taxes that create pressure in our lives and rifts in relationships; where honesty and integrity matter and count for something; where children are safe and we can all look forward to a world of sharing in mutual harmony, understanding and love.

I have been looking at the following points.

1. We know Divine Order is taking place on Earth and it will have its own timing including a tipping point where things reverse to a visible light outcome.

2. We also know Divine Order is an ever flowing entity that changes when circumstances change and when another parallel universe reality shifts to the forefront. And people do influence that Divine Order through their free will choice, as the universe is all about learning.

3. I know the outcome of what is happening here is part of our Lightworker role and its successful outcome has always depended on our actions, particularly in maintaining a steady level of light while all this unfolds. And as we lightworkers are also inhabitants of Earth, we have the right to speak on behalf of our human soul families here. We can ask for them.

4. We are aware that the whole vaccine gig is a key area to awaken people - and is actually one of the few areas that address all of humanity at once. And perhaps it will just have to continue getting worse before the very sleepy wake up.

5. Not everyone will wake up and nor did we ever expect them all to wake up. Some will choose to continue 3D life.

6. I know there are lightworkers all over the world asking now for this to end. Whether they are asking because they feel there has been enough suffering and want it to end ....or whether they just want to see people happy now, enjoying life with the weight of a corrupt world.

7. There are also huge numbers of Earth’s population asking for it to end.

8. We know many people are brainwashed by mainstream media. What it says, they believe.

It is time for us to FULLY step into our own mastery and do whatever we feel called to do. And unfailingly hold the light.


Sandy Stevenson

4th May 2021