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Who would ever think that they could find a pearl of wisdom in a recipe book or watching a ‘soap’ on TV, or through all the people and everyday events in our life. When we don’t really understand the ways that truth can be found, many valuable teachings can pass us by.

We can lose sight of the fact that truth is very simple and available to us in every aspect of our lives. This point can become lost in the great burden of intellectual thought, discussion and need for proof. When this occurs, we pass from the simple intuitive knowing of Spirit and into the mind,'

When we see clever things being discussed in a complicated and difficult way, we can get the idea that we aren’t bright enough to grasp it, and give up. Here the difficulty lies not with the teachings, for there are 'many paths' to take. The problem is with our own understanding, in not realising just how simple truth can really be.

Another barrier is a common belief that has probably existed since the first few people on Earth 'got together with an idea'. We find that most groups, religions and sects, all feel that their particular angle of truth is better and more pure than everyone else’s. They believe their truth is ‘the only real truth', or ‘from a higher source’ or that ‘they alone have been ordained to receive this great Divine wisdom’. This doesn't allow for the fact that there are many paths to God, Universal Consciousness (or however you may wish to understand that idea), and that each of these contain different aspects and levels of truth.

We can easily see the confusion that arises after a conglomeration of third dimensional lifetimes, with all the barrage of false education, limitations, rigid patterns, beliefs, fixed ideas, demands and distractions that are dumped upon mind and ego. As well as dealing with our conscious mind which is constantly absorbing data - we also have to work out all our ‘buried sub-conscious thought’ that follows its wonderful irrational pattern of ‘everything equalling everything else’.

The difficulty we may experience in trying to sort out the 'wheat from the chaff', perhaps shows us that the way to reach a real understanding and truth, is probably not through the mind. As long as we go on demanding rationalisation of everything through the mind, we will never rise above the dictates of our lower personality, with all its criticisms, judgements, heavy emotions and negative thought and actions. Pure truth has to lay above the contamination of our daily life with all its emotions and chaos. To reach it, we need to let go of the ‘lower areas of ourselves’ and trust in our spiritual side. Our mind and emotions need to be put into the correct perspective, which means they are no longer dictating our every move - Spirit is.

For those who wish to apply logic to this subject, then surely even logic shows that there has to be another way. If we can agree that there is some form of Divine Order to our world (just look at nature!) then it stands to reason that this Order must cater for all humanity and all life forms. No-one could be left out of such a perfect plan. This means that the answers that will lead us to greater wisdom, love and understanding, must be simple and easy for us to find.

So, because not everyone on Earth is an 'intellectual', it stands to reason that there must be a path that wouldn't require intellect or intelligence. So if we put aside the idea that 'the mind' is the optimum route (with its minefield of mis-programming and misinformation) what else do we all have?

The answer is something that is available to everyone. It doesn’t require a University degree in physics and science. We don’t have to be of a particular race, religion, nationality, creed, status, gender, age or IQ and we don’t even need to have had any education at all.

The answer lies in love, a harmony that everyone can understand and desire.

It is through Love that we can find our true Self. Every single individual on Earth is capable of experiencing love, and through this can reach their own intuitive, spiritual understanding of the highest universal truths. There is nothing that cannot be known. All anyone has to do is to reach within themselves for their own deep knowing. This is always available. It is the connection to the source of all things. It costs nothing and doesn’t have to take years but can be obtained in an instant.

The world is a classroom and we are here to learn unconditional love. Not the sort of love that has strings attached to it. Not the sort that says ‘if you behave in a way that is acceptable to me, I will love you’ kind of love.

Pure love is the kind that says - I love you - no matter your religion or nationality; whether you are clever or have never learned to read and write; whatever sort of job you have; whatever your actions or words; whether you are in my life or I never meet you’.

We as Spiritual Beings resonate with Truth. We need no proof, we need no analytical weighing up of one against the other. We simply need to seek that which resonates as truth to us, from wherever or whomever it may come - past or present. We could dismiss everything else.

Through the depths of love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and tolerance, we discover in stillness the Holy Grail that lies within us.

Simple?  The Truth - Always - IS.


With Unconditional Love.

Sandy Stevenson

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          AND WHAT WAS

             AND WILL BE

             IS NOW


I Am that I Am                       

                   I Am All That Exists            

I Am the Way the Truth         

I Am the Power of All Life      

I Am The Eternal Moment  of Pure Creation

                 I Am The Universe of Matter, Space and Time is an illusion 

         Your Goal is Unconditional Love for All Life            

                 All  for One and One for All    

         All is One and One is All   

          I Am the Creator   

          I Am the One Breath and the Light of All Existence

          I Am Infinite, Eternal and  Immortal        


               YOU ARE

               WE ARE

               ALL ONE  



God is incomplete without me.

Anger cannot occur unless you believe that you have been attacked, that your attack is justified in return, and that you are in no way responsible for it.

You cannot be totally committed sometimes.

 Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time.

 Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated.

 No one can be unjust to you, unless you have decided first to be unjust.

 All anger is nothing more than an attempt to make someone feel guilty.

You are not really capable of being tired, but you are very capable of wearying  yourself. The strain of constant judgement is virtually intolerable.

There is no strain in doing God’s Will as soon as you recognise that is also your own.

 In everyone, you see but the reflection of what you choose to have them be to you.

What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself.

Let us ascend in peace together, by giving ascendance in our minds.

The Grace of God rests gently on forgiving eyes. God sees no evil, nothing in the world to fear, and no-one who is different from him/her self.

You are altogether irreplaceable in the Mind of God. No one else can fill your part of it, and while you leave your part of it empty, your eternal place waits for you to return.

When you meet anyone remember it is a Holy encounter. As you see them, you will see yourself. As you treat them, you will treat yourself. As you think of them, you will think of yourself. Never forget this - for in others, you will find yourself or lose yourself.

 You are Spirit

 The life you are living Is an illusion for your evolution.

 To define is to limit

                   Power is in compassion, not pity

 Judgement of others is judgement of self

 Your physical life is an illusion, created for learning

Safety and security comes in knowing who you are

                   Within 24 hours, nature reflects the truth of all existence.

 Discipline and responsibility leads to not needing either.





©Copyright Sandy Stevenson