You may recall a song from West Side Story that says ‘There's a time for us, some day a time for us’. Well, it’s time for us!  Time to play – to relax – to be at peace – to be free in the moment to wander where we want, doing what we want. Freedom. After all those lifetimes, we’ve finally reached the point we knew would come but often doubted. A time when our work was finished; when all our self discipline releasing our own stuff would pay off - and when creating the blueprint to free humanity from their judgments and ego - freed ourselves as well.  

Handing over the reins 

With most of the original Light Force having virtually completed their contracts here - with so many now returning home - how wonderful for us to know the next stage of Earth’s evolution is being placed in the capable hands of the new planetary team of equally evolved Lightworkers.  As arranged long ago, they have indeed stepped forth en masse and picked up the reins to carry Earth through the last stages. We see their wonderful enthusiasm, their knowing connection to source and we know they are of the calibre to easily achieve the steps ahead of them. They don’t need to adopt the 3D patterns of Earth that the original team did, and so they are mainly baggage free. Even though the original Starseeds and Lightworkers had some tough times along the way, it’s paid off a million fold in the benefit gained by this planet and the universe. We did it all, as agreed - and then some! The new team has the benefit of all our work that will ensure their success. 

Finished or not? 

This message is not saying to everyone - ‘Well that’s it, I’m finished. I can forget it all now’. Instead it’s a message to each of us to be intuitive and search deep within to see if you are finished - or not. If you have real interest in a particular area, that can indicate you still have work in that area. If  you’re truly tremendously excited and animated about the role you’ll play in the future of Earth and have no thoughts of leaving and are enthusiastic about living every moment to the fullest, then it’s pretty certain you’re part of the new light team and this message is not for you. 

The message is for the original Light Force team, to double check whether they’ve finished or almost finished their work. Of course, it can ‘seem’ you still have work to do, if you’re still stuck in a fixed pattern of plodding ever onwards - and are mustering up a show of enthusiasm with a smile just to show all is well in your life. If you think you might be doing that (faking it) then it’s time to be honest with ‘you’.  

Remember, in order for us to stay in the Divine Flow - we only do what resonates with us intuitively as right for us on all levels. Not what our head dictates as right! Not what our ego convinces us is right! Not what we think we ‘should’ do. Not what our charged emotions push us toward! But what we KNOW is right.

 Time to detach from all outcomes 

For all those who’ve wrapped up their work, it’s time now to enjoy yourself - to take time for you. Now that we’ve released the 3D stuff we took on board (to help humanity) we can adopt our higher spiritual truth of ‘detaching from all outcomes’ allowing divine order to occur. That means acting intuitively and then detaching from the outcome of it. In other words - having no expectation about what we think should now happen. Just let it go. Hand over to Divine Order. As we know, it’s very common for us to help someone and then hang on to it wondering how that help is going to play out in their life. If you’re still attracting situations that cause ANY negative emotion or reaction in you, then you’re not detached as yet. So, keep on letting go until you are!! When your reactions are gone - you’ll finally have a hassle free life - as you step into mastery, detachment, truth and pure joy. 

Letting go of negative emotions 

Think about this for a minute. Can you imagine how many times we’ve heard or read that we attract situations into our life to show us our own reactions that need releasing? 10, 100, 1000 times? You’d have to agree it’s hard to miss this information along our light path. OK, so when an unpleasant situation occurs and we react to it, we immediately flood ourselves with light to release it. Right? Do we do that? Well, for some reason, we often don’t! It appears to be more the norm to remain in old patterns and look at everything but our reactions! Instead we complain to someone - or everyone - about how mean/bad/terrible the person is who apparently caused this situation. I’m continually told of situations people are in and asked what they should do about it, with never a thought from them that the feelings they are expressing need to go!!  Their emotions it stirred up are usually obvious. Even when people notice the feelings it triggered, they still don’t seem to handle them.

A recent example of this was someone saying to me: “I appreciate life so much but seeing all the pain is a struggle. I’ve been feeling deep sorrow seeing the mess around. How can I help people? What do you suggest?” The answer is, of course, first let go of the emotions and reactions. Once we handle that, we’re in a better space to check if there’s anything else we’re meant to do regarding that situation or whether the only reason we came across it (saw it, heard of it, played a part in it, etc.) was to show us our reactions. People say, ‘Well I was upset about 9.11 but it didn’t just happen to show me my upset’. Quite right, but the fact you heard about it, was to show you that.


Believe it or not, whole major events can occur and pass us by, unless there is a reason for us to see/hear them. I was with some people when one person made a comment about ‘a recent happening in Paris’. Someone else said ‘Oh did something happen in Paris?  The person making the comment was taken aback, to say the least - and said ‘Don’t you read the papers or watch the news? The reply was ‘Actually, no. Don’t even own a TV’! They obviously had nothing to gain from hearing about ‘Paris.’ They had no interest in it, and didn’t even say ‘well, what did happen there’? If you don’t understand the universal process of attracting only what we need, then discovering someone else is not equally involved with a drama can seem unreal to you. But even that could  be a sign for you - to wonder why others are not upset about traumatic events.  It’s common to assume they are cold or not compassionate, and that is also possible. But with Lightworkers especially, it is far more likely they have no need to attract it as they have no reaction to release that this type of event could trigger.

And now I’ll shock a few people no doubt, as I am only vaguely aware there was a shooting in Paris. If you paid me a million dollars, I couldn’t give you more detail than that. And I do own a TV (although I don’t watch the news). But that’s not the point. It’s not that we cut ourselves off from these things. You can try all you like to block out everything ‘bad’ and it will still find you if you’ll benefit from hearing or seeing it. It’s all about only attracting what we need. If it’s unlikely to help us learn or grow in some way, we won’t hear about it, whatever it is. But then a different event may occur and we’re right in the thick of it, because the content of that particular one will help us by triggering other emotions or reactions we do have. I hope this is making sense. By the way, one of the higher reasons for many such events includes agreement by all the beings involved - to assist humanity learn ‘people power’ so they come to see that wen united, they can demand what they prefer.  It can also be to assist pull people into their heart with love and compassion.

So why, don’t we all immediately handle these triggered emotions when it’s going to help create a trauma free and fun life? I haven’t the faintest idea! Not a clue. Especially when we know if we handle our reaction, we won’t need to attract more similar yucky situations. No need to, as it’s not there anymore. The more we grab hold of each negative emotion when it’s triggered and let it go (really let it go!) the less any unpleasant experiences happen to us. When we handle ALL our buried emotions, thoughts and reactions - then no more unpleasant situations happen to us.

It’s been a long strange journey  

Been a long haul, eh! I have a sticker on my car window that says ‘It’s been a long strange journey’. Some people nod in agreement. 

True or fake enthusiasm 

Some of us still have work left to do. How can we tell if that applies to us? Do you have true enthusiasm about doing something? There’s your answer. By enthusiasm, I don’t mean the fake kind displayed to others (or to oneself even!) in a desire to be seen to be doing the right thing and trying to convince everyone it’s all fine, when it actually isn’t and won’t be if it is not genuine. I mean the depth of knowing and enthusiasm that comes from the soul when it is excited about something. The difference between the two is like chalk and cheese. True enthusiasm for a particular function or task indicates you still have work left to do. 

Unfixing long held patterns 

Most of us have been here a very long time and have worked hard at ‘unfixing’ ourselves from long held patterns. It’s easy to become so used to work, work, work - lifetime after lifetime, seemingly never ending - that it’s a big leap to let go of fixed thoughts it will be like that forever.  But everything does have an end point. We need to recognize it when it arrives. All parts of life, not only work but relationships too - have an end sometime.  

Why do we go on when it’s time to stop? 

There are so many reasons we keep on doing things that no longer serve us or anyone else (and deep inside we know it). Maybe we think we’d be bored if we stop and won’t have a game to play anymore. If so, that indicates a lack of trust in the universal process, which always provides our next evolutionary step. As long as we stay out of our ‘head’ we can see it.  If we stay in our head and fixed patterns or ideas, we never see the curve that may direct us off onto an entirely different path.  

Or maybe we aren’t really sure what we’re supposed to be doing so we’re making sure we do ‘something’ to help. Maybe we’re afraid of what lies ahead in our life or afraid of ‘going home’ and aren’t sure what that actually involves. Maybe we think if we keep acting as though we’re vital here and have all this work to do and the planet can’t survive without us, then we won’t have to confront our fears. Trust me - you will have to eventually - so you may as well do it now and enjoy the rest of your time here. 


I’ve had a great deal of proof in my life that it’s a very good idea to stay surrendered in the moment, to keep fluid enough to spot what we’re being shown. Back in 1994, I’d been presenting workshops for a few years and each new year I’d get a new workshop programme. It would’ve been easy to ‘assume’ I’d be doing the same thing that year. Luckily, I stayed free of preconceived ideas (I wish I could say I’d always done that!!), and allowed what was to be. There’s no doubt in my mind that if I had not left a vacuum for the universe to drop in a new concept, there’s no way in the world I’d have grasped something as ‘left field’ as hiring Wembley Arena and doing an OM around the world or organizing a concert around it. There was nothing about any part of that I was familiar with. If I’d been in my head wondering what my next workshop programme was, then such an unusual idea could not have taken hold. If we sit in what ‘should’ happen, the universe has no space to create what is meant to happen. That applies to all parts of our life.  

Choosing to stay or go 

Finishing your work here doesn’t mean you then leave. For starters, you also need to release any dense energy accumulated during your lifetimes on Earth. Not hard but does need some discipline. Then you need to get everything in your life balanced including your subtle energy bodies. The more heart based we are (loving) the easier we come into balance. It’s at this point you’ll definitely have to release any fears about leaving, because your willingness to stay or go has to be balanced too. You’ll need to be in a space of love without judgement - trusting and allowing everything to be ‘as it is’ in Divine Order. You’ll need to detach, allowing whatever outcome is right for the highest good to occur - for each person, situation, country, the planet, etc.  

And when you’ve done all that - you still decide whether to stay or go. Free Will and Choice. You can stay just as long as you like - it’s totally up to you. Time for you.


With love and blessings, 

Sandy Stevenson