The signs in Lithuania    


I was in Lithuania presenting a weekend Ascension workshop with Sally Brown the composer of the beautiful Twin Flame music. After we arrived, our organiser, an active Lithuanian lightworker, suggested we visit several places she felt had special spiritual significance. I am going to mention two of those places, one that I think shows that special things are happening in countries everywhere, and the other to show the perfection of divine timing.  

Autumn in Vilnius 

Our organiser told us there was a special man who lived on a property out of the city. He had a collection of rocks he had found there with faces on them. Sally and I both wanted to meet him. He doesn't have many visitors as he likes to keep this area pristine in its energy. Our organiser contacted him and he agreed we could visit. When we arrived, an elderly man with snow white hair and beard came out of a small house and walked toward us. I felt unconditional love. Sally described an overwhelming feeling of  previous connections simply knowing him from another time. This man was wonderful. I later realised he was an old master from Sirius who many of us (thousands of lightworkers) knew. He knew he was the guardian of this place. Sally and I hugged him lots, not wanting to let him go. He accepted this behaviour as a grandfather would a child. Although we didn't speak each others language, it didn't matter. We also had a great translator in our organiser if it was needed.

   Sandy hugging!    

He led us over streams and his land, pointing out the many hundreds of rocks he had found on his property. They had all sorts of images on them, of people, whales and animals. Later, he showed us some special rocks in his house including a 2kg green rock he treasured. It was unique in its brilliance and colour, although was not glass or resin. He had it professionally examined and its origin and structure was said to be unknown.

   The Green stone          A rock face  

I noticed  an area of energy not far from the house. I am not into imagining UFO's but I realised it was a current space landing strip (not one of the older strip that are no longer used.)  

I will never forget our time spent with this special being. We have since returned to Lithuania and visited him again. The energy of the place and this wise old soul were just as we remembered.  

Driving home later, we stopped and bought postcards. I have found postcards to be very useful signs. Our organiser mentioned a special burial ground at Kernave she wanted us to visit, which was quite a drive. We'd already done so much travelling with the flight and visiting locations including lovely Trakai. Sally and I felt we'd done enough visiting and needed to rest and prepare for the workshop. My mind was rejecting the idea of still more travelling! Our organiser, being more in tune at that moment than I was, suggested we sleep on it.  


                                                                                                  Vilnius - Capital city of Lithuania  



                                                        Trakai - 30ks from Vilnius    

A friend of our organiser graciously offered us her own home in St Michaels Street for our stay. It was opposite the 14th century St. Michaels church, the oldest Catholic church in Vilnius. It was a lovely space for us. Sally and I had beds at each end of a room that was more the length of a ballroom than a bedroom. This produced lots of laughs as we called down the room. This happened in the middle of the night when I asked Sally what was the clinking noise I could hear! She said she was counting the quartz crystals in preparation for her medicine wheel!  


Sally preparing a medicine wheel with quartz crystals she collected from a special cave in the cliffs of Cornwall in the UK.  Sally gave everyone a crystal from the wheel to take home with them.    

Sally had composed some beautiful songs for this event, including a special song for Lithuania called A New Beginning, with very moving words that would connect with people's hearts. With her incredible voice, the attendees were in for a treat. Our organiser told me she had known that Sally would one day sing there ever since she'd heard her sing the opening song at the Wembley event (OM) in 1994. The bulk of the material was translated into Lithuanian prior to the workshop, including the wonderful lyrics of Sally's songs, so that attendees could take home materials and words to the songs. The rest of the workshop was being expertly translated on the day by three bi-lingual lightworkers which included our organiser.  

That evening, Sally and I were separately preparing for the workshop. I started idly looking through the postcards I had bought that day. Apparently Sally was doing the same thing. Together we both said 'This looks interesting.' We headed down the room to see what we both had. There it was, we had the same postcard. It was the green burial mound at Kernave that our organiser had said we should see. She was right - we needed to go there. Well, I had been tired! So, 'out of the head and into the heart'!! I rang the organiser and said we would love to go.

     Burial mound at Kernave

Kernave had existed since the age of Lithuanian dawn but was completely destroyed by the Teutonic order in the 14th century. So what we can see today is only a number of large mounds - still unexcavated - where underneath lies the remains of hill forts, settlements and numerous burial sites looking out over a stunningly beautiful landscape. From its forested hills down to the river in the valley made you realise that whoever choose this location thousands of years ago realised both the strategic, esoteric and aesthetic value of Kernave.    


The organiser arranged for us to be driven to Kernave. We all set off the next day by car. One of our party planned for us to see sunset from the mound. Then things started happening to delay us, including the driver twice getting lost. It got later and later. Someone expressed annoyance that we would now miss seeing sunset from the mound.  

The driver was told she should have said she didn't know the way there and someone else could have been found who did!  

Isn't it interesting how it can seem that things are going wrong when the universe doesn't conform with the picture we have in our mind of what we think is supposed to happen. Sally and I were laughing, trying to dissipate the energy and convince everyone it was all perfect. Our driver seemed fine about getting lost and was staying balanced about it.

 Eventually we arrived in the car park at Kernave. Sunset was over by then and the light was fading. Then something special happened that I don't ever recall ever experiencing before. As Sally and I got out of the car, we saw the large trees in the field wrapped in a magnificent soft pastel light embracing its many branches. We both felt the entire scene of the trees, complete with the softness of colour and the special feeling it created, imprinted straight onto our hearts. We mentioned what we had experienced to the others. To this day I have no idea what the significance of that imprint was, other than it was important. I'm not curious about it either. I find if there's a reason I need to know the why of something then the universe will show me.


The image of the trees at Kernave that imprinted on our heart. 

See the Orb (photos not taken with a digital camera).    

I walked to one of the mounds, apparently it was called Mindaugas Throne after the first Lithuanian King. I was drawn to a specific spot in the mound and put my Atlantean crystal into the earth. Codes began downloading through the crystal. I then asked our lovely driver to hold the crystal because she had the next set of codes. She did so and downloaded her section. Then Sally held the crystal and her section was downloaded. It was finished off with a golden infinity seal, bringing it all to completion. At that moment, a huge energy which had been stored long ago deep inside the mound was released. Sally then used her own crystal to do work on another mound. The blueprint was complete and released to the world. It was pretty amazing watching the energy pouring out in a wide band for miles across the landscape.  

It was obvious by this stage that not only had we arrived at exactly the right moment but also that our driver had been essential to the completion of the plan. Not only did she make sure we got there at the right time, she was also carrying part of the vital codes needed to complete the blueprint. We all carry codes in our etheric bodies and distribute them as needed to people, animals and places, often unconsciously.



                                                  Arch Cathedral Basilica - Vilnius                  Lithianian Church







Shrine to Virgin mary


The Lithuanian plan  

It is my understanding that all countries have their own special role to play in the Divine Ascension Plan. I believe Lithuania's key role was to create a blueprint to allow other countries living under a suppressive regime, to go free.  

There were two parts to establishing the blueprint.  

1. People living under suppressive conditions needed to be true to themselves and stay in a space of unconditional love.  

2. Once freedom was regained, they needed to rebuild their lives and establish their country as a successful economy.  

Lithuania was under Soviet control for about 50 years all told, the last Soviets finally withdrawing about 1990/91. During this period, most churches were forcibly closed down and many buildings were allowed to crumble and decay. When the Lithuanians regained their independence, they set about rebuilding prosperity in their country. This whole cycle was necessary to create the blueprint - of both staying true to oneself under such conditions and learning how to rebuild society when it's over. What an amazing feat that was. Imagine the stamina of staying in your heart while your country is occupied.  

To give all their energy to ensuring the blueprint was successful, the Lithuanian people put their own personal Ascension on hold. They also cleverly knew exactly when the blueprint was completed and it was time for them to move on their personal ascension. The workshop was on the 10th anniversary of them regaining their independence from the Soviet regime - and it was the day after the completion of the blueprint. The two day workshop allowed us to get out as much ascension information as was needed.



                                               Some of the wonderful Lithuanian lightworkers at the workshop, with their candles.    

A special moment for me in the workshop came when a couple of hundred people in the room all suddenly stood up. That surprised me. I wondered for a minute if they had really speeded up their ascension process and were all leaving right then and there! But no, they lit candles and began singing Happy Birthday in Lithuanian. It was one of the most moving moments of my life. It was my birthday but only the organiser knew that. I often do workshops on my birthday but rarely mention it. Without my knowing, the organiser had told the attendees as they arrived on the Sunday and handed out candles.  

I'm grateful I was a part of their Ascension process. Sally and I loved our time in this special country that has given so much to the world. Sally had opened the workshop with her beautiful song for Lithuania and the power of it united the audience as One.  The organiser said it was the best start to a seminar she'd ever witnessed. I know that song will live forever in their hearts, as in ours, as will our time spent with these remarkable people.

See ahead  - the song for Lithuanian 'A New Beginning'.   

Sandy Stevenson

Written in 2009


Although the song for Lithuania was composed and written weeks before our visit there, it is breathtaking in its references, including mention of the sacred stones and trees. Sally has worked with Archangel Michael for many years.



A New Beginning

Words and Music by Sally Brown  

There is a new beginning you can sense it everywhere,

To walk another path - to climb another stair.


The beauty all around you is whispering through the breeze,

Remember the wisdom of the sacred stones and trees.

The sacred stones and trees.


The phoenix is rising - rising from the fire.

Eternal flame ignited - never to expire.


This land of Lithuania - this jewel in the crown,

Your heart is beating once again for freedom you have found.

You feel this - you see this all around.


The dreams of tomorrow are now of today.

The vision of the future is here to have her say.


Itís time for sacred knowledge to awaken - reappear,

Release the doubts and fears of all those yesteryears.


The phoenix is rising - rising from the fire,

Eternal flame ignited never to expire.


This land of Lithuania - this jewel in the crown,

Your heart is beating once again for freedom you have found.

You feel this - you see this all around.


The spirit of this land is stirring from the past.

Her inner voice is singing her soul song at last.


Lithuania this is your melody,

For you have sown the seeds,

the seeds of liberty - the seeds of liberty.  


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