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January 1st 2016


Life-change Networking & Resourcing ~ Whole Earth Environment & Gardens





The planetary pioneering work peaked with the ascension of the Goddess Earth Spirit. Now the new energies continue to flow through into the material world and the natural environment, and within the population. The global systems must now be reinvented or replaced with sustainable new models for the future. This process can be prompted by a more aware and empowered population. So there is much good news ahead, but there are also some side-effects.

The original pioneering individuals and groups have a broad understanding of what is happening in the world now, and why. They understand it is not a plunge into total chaos as what some appearances may reflect, and projected by the mass media. They realise it is about major change and transition into something more holistic and sustainable. They also know that within the current change-dynamics, everything is now very fluid and not set in concrete, or to be viewed from fixed mind-sets

It is an evolutionary change of major proportions. It is also the ending of the illusion created by deception and mass control by national and global power structures. Yet in the process, many issues can still be resolved with some clear thinking, goodwill, and perhaps good negotiating skills.

It is the sheer unsustainability and volatility of the present systems that creates fear within the general public, combined with the “bad news” on TV, including the brutal methods of certain groups in handling the challenges confronting them in their world.

Maintaining balance through 2016 can best be achieved by projecting a sense of stability, confidence and awareness of a higher purpose. This is from understanding that change is a process and not a sentence. The destruction of the old should be seen as making way for the new. It is evolutionary cause and effect in action. Where we can maintain a strong inner focus of reality we can help stabilise the effects of change in the outer reality. The world of appearances is simply a reflection of ongoing change.

So it is with the inherent conviction that we are all creators; empowered individuals both spiritually and practically, that we have the collective skills to present a sense of stability to other people through the challenges of these change-dynamics.

We have come to an understanding that it is not up to us to change the world, but to oversee the transition to a better world. This is about creating what is good, from a perspective of wholeness, rather than trying to "fix" what we may consider bad . We can be supportive of willing individuals within our sphere of influence; or help steer them through any confusion or temporary road blocks that are presented. This may also be applicable to family members and/or friends who respond to our offer of help.

It is from an understanding of the Law of Attraction as to why things are happening in the external world. It requires a reassessment of the true function of money, and the fair trading and distribution of goods and resources. It is also in knowing how spiritual energy can be channelled productively and be reflected in a healthy environment, in natural health and abundance, progressive education systems, and in respectful relationships.

We may not have the answers to everything, but we do know from our personal experience how to navigate the challenges of life. So it is relevant to each networker whether or how they choose to be involved in any action on the ground. Alternatively we can choose to direct or refer people to those networkers who are more focussed in practical community activities and service. We do not need to join the fight in order to offer assistance.

The big test of 2016 will be of practicality and good sense, when others may feel they are losing their mojo or grip on reality, or their sense of security.

The focus may shift more to Life-changing options and response mechanisms. This may require shining a light to guide people into more dependable and stable waters. Certainly “stabilising our inner and outer realities” is most required during this Paradigm shift.

Of course you can “lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”, and so it is with people also. We can only help those who are willing to accept love, help or advice, and who are willing to make changes and adapt to situations in their lives.

Otherwise, allow things to be, and accept that the God-force is the Prime Creator Consciousness that oversees the lives of all people, in all Universes.

This is the test of the times. It can become a time of great bonding together where nobody should feel unloved, alone or disempowered if they connect with Universal Consciousness. Love is the saviour of us all, as we move out of separation.

Take time to enjoy the journey, and maintain a sense of humour.

Best wishes,

Edward <<O>>


Edward Romano

Queensland, Australia

Email: spiral.gardens@yahoo.com