The Soul’s Evolution

Archangel Metatron


To encourage mastery of the soul, we often stand back, allowing what will be as we continue to offer opportunities to encourage the soul to recognise the signs being presented. It is in this way the soul is offered its greatest learning. Souls are naturally not complex. In a pure state they are loving and trusting, seeing simplicity in everything - which is indeed the truth. But there are complexities in the mind and they are many and varied. The mind is full of old patterns and a myriad of solutions that were given to old problems the soul encountered along its journey.

If a soul steps out of perfect alignment with Divine intent in the moment, it can either recognise this and realign, or seek something to show it its next step. The most available and easiest place reached is within the bodies of ego and mind. Thus satisfied it now has an answer; the soul steps forward on that path. At this point, the universe begins sending signs (initially subtle) - quietly encouraging the soul to recognise it has stepped from the free flowing divine path of surrender to one containing effort and restrictions for the soul.

The further one proceeds along the new path chosen by the soul, the heavier the energy will become that surrounds it. Universal signs are often delivered in the form of incidents occurring in life and hold their own level of discomfort. If the soul does not see or chooses to ignore the lessons offered, that begins to take its toll on the light quotient inherent in the soul. The soul begins to descend into an energy closer to that of matter. The inherent gift of the soul to reflect light, happiness, harmony and a willingness to communicate with joy is seriously affected and the soul’s love begins to evaporate. Even this is still a sign being offered to the soul to recognise the loss of light in their being.

The universe will continue on its ever diligent path of trying to recover the soul, and will take it to whatever state is required by the soul to obtain the learning needed, even to death. The soul’s true desire is that it continues to evolve. If it is noted that this primary goal of the soul is in jeopardy, it may happen that a review is needed by the soul from a higher vantage point. The soul has total control of the process.

The time to stand still and listen to the universe whisper to the soul to take heed is available to the soul in each moment. The ability to hear becomes increasingly difficult as the soul decreases in light vibration by fixating more into guidance from their mental or ego bodies.

It is wise for each soul to pause now and again and ensure the stillness, harmony, peace and love is present within their being. If upon examination and honest appraisal, it is seen by the soul that these qualities are diminished in any way and have been replaced by any degree of disharmony, fear, unhappiness, obsession, rigidity and a lessening of love than the soul knows it is capable of and is needed for its own progress as well as by Earth, it is then highly beneficial to the soul and to the planet that this is addressed without delay.

For a soul who has invested time and energy and dedication into a particular path dictated by complex patterns within the mind, it takes true essence and might of the being to pull itself out of the entrapment it has created for itself. It needs honesty of self and humility of soul to truly examine all factors, devoid of the need to be right and the many seemingly justified reasons offered by mind and ego so as to maintain its own existence as it attempts to negate the many signs the universe delivered and instead clutches at straws trying to make them seem valid to help it continue unhindered.

All Lightworkers presently on Earth are on their own path of self mastery. The state of mastery is acquired through self examination; self spiritual awareness; the ability to act beyond the dictates of one’s lower energy bodies; gratitude; humility; recognising and releasing negative rigid, old and fixed belief patterns; non judgment; allowing fluidity and surrender in each moment; recognition of the goal to learn and grow; going beyond ego rightness; placing spiritual goals beyond human needs; willingness to change; creating harmony in interactions with others; spiritual honesty and integrity to self and all life; finding the silence within; aligning with higher light frequencies and maintaining a vibration emanating peace and love.

Each is the master of their soul and own evolution in the universe. It may be beneficial to often take a moment to conduct an honest appraisal of every aspect of your life. Be still and Know.

Archangel Metatron


through Sandy Stevenson